Thursday, December 15, 2016


By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography

YeeHaw no #  Rebel Flags And Whiskey: Jim Beam and Me; Andy's Song; Blind Fool; A Soldier's Story; Rebel Flags and Whiskey; Wookiee Pussy; First Love; 9 Clitoris; River of Sin; Blacktooth Grin; Fallen Heroes; Whiskey Dick – 06 (reissued in 2014 on Red Knuckles)
YeeHaw no # First Class White Trash: Barn Burner; Murder Down In Texas; Front Yard BBQ; Devil's Eyes; Hate and Whiskey; 6 Feet In the Ground; First Class White Trash;  Drinkin' Whiskey Free; Soldier Story 2; My Prison State of Mind; Damned Ol' Train; Come On Mother F*cker; Me and the Devil; Fare Thee Long – 09 (reissued in 2014 on Red Knuckles)
YeeHaw no #  Drunk As Hell: Redemption;  Good Buddy Devil; Drunk As Hell; Get It On; You Left The Bottle; Breathin' A New Life;  Train Robbin', Gun Totin', Dope Smokin', Guitar Pickin', Mother F**Kin' Goodtime Band; Evil Bitch; Mountain Town; Gun Totin' Rebel Son; Battle Within – 10 (reissued in 2015 on Red Knuckles)
YeeHaw no # The Wicked Roots: Shootin' Guns;  Murder Love Song;  The Ugly Tree ; Full Of Vigor And Drunk On Ale; Evil's Got A Hold Of Me; The Wicked Roots; Day Of The Dead; Horse Made Of Acid; I've Got A Woman; Hillbilly Toast – 18-05-12
YeeHaw no # 100% Drunk Live Album + It Happens: [100% Drunk Live Album:]
First Love; Blind Fool; Drinkin' Whiskey Free; First Class White Trash;  Folsom Prison Metal Blues; Front Yard BBQ; Jim Beam And Me; Me and The Devil; Rebel Flags And Whiskey; River Of Sin; WhiskeyDick; Wookie Pussy; [It Happens EP:] Hate And Whiskey (Original Version); Molly Loves Her Electric Sex; Blind Fool (Original Version); A Whiskey Daye ( Featuring  Daye Greene) - 15-03-14
YeeHaw no # From The Devil’s Boots: Made In The U.S.A.;  Christina; Is That You This Is Me; Help; 18 Wheels Of Hell; Workin' In The Graveyard; Honky Tonk Zone; YeeHaw; Oklahoma Girl; Far Too Gone; Lonesome Carnie; Hometown – 07-06-14
Rusty Knuckles RKM 031 The Bastard Sons Of Texas: Whoops I Was Drunk; Silver Tongue Devil; Bastard Sons of Texas; The Hanging Tree; Restless, Heartbroke and Stoned; Memories of You; Fast Life; GodDamn I Need Some Whiskey; One More Day; Edna and Earl; Crazy Uncle Blue; Truck Driver Blood; Dead Folks a-Walking; Twenty Nine – 31-07-15

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