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Brian McComas

By Praguefrank
2001 Nashville, TN – Brian McComas
001 NIGHT DISAPPEAR WITH YOU   Lyric Street 65025-2   [ed. 3:16] PRCD-11389
Mercury recording
2002 Nashville, TN – Brian McComas
002 I COULD NEVER LOVE YOU ENOUGH   Lyric Street PRCD-11481/65025-2   [edited] PRCD-11481
Mercury recording
Btw 2001/2003 Emerald - Studio 6, Nashville, TN/Ocean Way Nashville, Nashville, TN/Omni Sound, Nashville, TN/Sound Mountain, Nashville, TN/Vital Recordings, Nashville, TN – Brian McComas (Leigh Reynolds [ac gt/banjo], Biff Watson [ac gt], David Grissom [el gt], Jerry McPherson [el gt], Dan Dugmore [slide gt/steel/dobro], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/fiddle], Steve Brewster [drums/percussion], Lonnie Wilson [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Tim Akers/Steve Nathan [keyboards] + Gene Miller, John Wesley Ryles, Russell Terrell [bck vcl]. Producer: Leigh Reynolds, Leon Medica)                                    
003 99,9 % SURE Lyric Street 65025-2                        
004 COME WITH ME Lyric Street 65025-2                       
005 YOU'D HAVE NEVER SAY GOODBYE Lyric Street 65025-2        
006 SIXTEEN AGAIN Lyric Street 65025-2                      
007 YOU'RE IN MY HEAD Lyric Street 65025-2                  
008 BABY LET ME BE YOUR MAN Lyric Street 65025-2            
009 NEVER MEANT A THING Lyric Street 65025-2                
010 STRAIGHT TO YOU Lyric Street 65025-2                    
011 I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU Lyric Street 65025-2 
Some of tracks above may have been recorded for Mercury
2004 [sessions for Southern Rock: Country Style] Nashville, TN – Brian McComas
012 AMIE Bulletproof/WSM 79006
2005 unknown – Brian McComas
2005 unknown – Brian McComas
014 BACK UP AGAIN Katapult 842568 
015 BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT Katapult 842568 
016 OFF MY MIND Katapult 842568 
017 GOOD, GOOD LOVIN' Katapult 842568 
018 LET LOVE LEAD Katapult 842568 
019 WHEN IT ALL COMES FLOODIN' DOWN Katapult 842568 
020 IT'LL BE ALRIGHT Katapult 842568 
021 WON'T EVER CHANGE Katapult 842568 
022 WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE Katapult 842568 
023 TOO FAR GONE Katapult 842568 
024 ADDICTED TO YOU Katapult 842568   

Lyric Street 2061-65025-2 Brian McComas:  99,9 % Sure; Come With Me; Night Disappear With You; You'd Have Never Say Goodbye;Sixteen Again;You're In My Head; Baby Let Me Be Your Man; Never Meant A Thing; Straight To You; I Could Never Love You Enough; I'll Always Be There For You – 07-03      
Katapult 842568 Back up Again: Back up Again; Believe It When I See It; Off My Mind; Good, Good Lovin'; Let Love Lead; When It All Comes Floodin' Down; It'll Be Alright; Won't Ever Change; Wake up Little Susie; Too Far Gone; Addicted to You – 29-08-06

Mercury/Lyric Street (2001-2002)
PRCD-11389 Night Disappear With You [ed.]  (Promo CD single, issued on Lyric Street)
164062-2 Night Disappear With You – 20-11-01 (CD single)
PRCD-11481 I Could Never Lie Enough / I Could Never Lie Enough [ed.] (Promo CD single, issued on Lyric Street)

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