Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Brian Sklar

*13-06-1950 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, CAN
By Praguefrank, Vaclav Zpatecka
SESSIONS also member of Western Senators and other polka bands (not included)
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Canada West [CAN] 1459 C.C. On The Rocks: Good Hearted Woman; Fugitive; Montego Bay; Lincoln Road; Leavin' Honey; Easy Lovin'; Diggi Diggi Lo; Kiss An Angel Goodmorning; Swinging Doors; Wine Me Up; Maple Sugar; Amos Moses – 72 And The Canadian Club Entertainers (recorded at Project 70 Studios" Edmonton, May 14, 1972, two songs recorded at E.K. Studios, Calgary)
Royalty [CAN] R-20004 Proudly Canadian, Proudly Country: Alberta Land; Country Rain; Super Service Marge; R.R. #2; Louisiana Swampman;  Momma Highway; Whiskey River; Momma's Voice; Mr. Highway; Face In The Mirror – 74 (Recorded At Project 70 Studios, Edmonton, AB)
Condor [CAN] A-977-1453 Reflections Of A Fool: Good Ol Country Music; Saskatchewan Sunday; Back Home; Countryfied; French Song; Sandy Sends Her Best; Reflections Of A Fool; Self Supportin Mama; Playboy; Hard As I Try – 75 (Recorded At Ripcord Recorders, Vancouver)
World [CAN] WRC1-1672 Captain Canada And The Legendary Sons Of The Golden West: Orange Blossom Special; Colinda; Jole Blon; Skiffle Fiddle; Panhandle Rag; Gold Bar Breakdown; Butterfly; Cajun Fiddle; Cottoneyed Joe; Alabama Jubilee; Wild Side Of Life; Back Up And Push; Big Mammau; Golden Slippers; Lesterville Rag; Centennial Two Step; Cottoneyed Joe; Schottische; Ridin' Old Paint; Faded Love; Flight Of The Horsefly; Bandura; Down Yonder; Fireball Mail – 82 As Captain Canada And The Sons Of Golden West
Brylen BN 4493 It’s In A Country Song: Cheap Whiskey And Cheap Women; Back To Georgia; Great Filling Station Holdup; Holiday Hotel; Magic Of A Country Song; South's Gonna Do It Again; Listen To A Country Song; Calgary May 25th - 82
Sunshine [CAN] SSLP-4077 Brian Sklar And The Prairie Fire Band: Papa Was A Fiddlin' Man; Someone To Hold On To; Red River Jig; Long Black Veil; Undo The Right; Sittin' And Thinkin'; Shortcut; Fiddlin' Of Jacques Pierre Bordeaux; Daddy On The Radio; What A Way To Live; Cotton-Eyed Joe – 85
Uptown [CAN] UT 13750 The Last Radio Cowboy: Big Mammou; Last Radio Cowboy; Calgary, May; You Done Me Wrong; Taking Part; I Wanna Be A Cowboy; The Kroog; Crazy People; Broken Cowboy; She Delivers; You're The Reason; Willie Sings The Blues; Uncle Joe – 89? And The Prairie Fire (recorded at Smooth Rock Studio, Calgary And Liberty Sound, Lethbridge)
All Around Country [SUI] ? Brian Sklar: In the Movies; Columbus Station; It Won't Be Long; Candy Kisses; Hell Or Huston; '57; Forever Amber; Not Tonight; Ain't No Fun To Be Alone In San Antone; Old Friends; Big Mammou; Countryfied; Cotton-Eyed Joe; Daddy On the Radio; I Wanna Be a Cowboy; The Fiddlin' of Jacques Pierre Bordeaux; Someone To Hold Onto; Red River Jig; Crazy People; Long Black Veil- 91
All Around Country [SUI] ? Live And Smokin‘: Bob Wills Medley; West Coast Flyer; Devil Went Down To Georgia; I've Been Everywher; William Tell Overture; Guitar Boogie Shuffle; Listen To The Mockingbird; Sons Of Pioneers Medley; Brian's Orange Blossom; Ghost riders in the sky – 93 and The Prairie Fire
All Around Country [SUI] AAC 8888 Not Suitable For Airplay: Barmaid In The Honky-Tonk Downstairs; Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard; I Don't Hurt Anymore; Cheap Talk; Choo-Choo Boogie; Crazy World; Shuffle-Itis; Two-Timing Daddy; Bayou Degradable; It Keeps Right On Hurtin'; Leaving On Your Mind; Little Heart; Something I Don't Need; Rodeo Red's; More Than You Deserve; The Fan – 98 And The Tex Pistols
Tex Pistoles [CAN] ? Aaiiee!! Big Mammou;  Diggy Liggy Lo;  Smoke that Cigarette -Wayne Kuntz on vocals;  Uncle Pen; . What If -Aaron Sklar on vocals;  Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me;  Old Slewfoot;  These Crazy Arms of Mine;  Big Yellow Taxi -Aaron Sklar on vocals;  Colinda;  Alligator Man;  Lone Star State of Mind;  What a Liar I am ;  12 Bucks [bonus] – 25-01-04  
Tex Pistols [CAN] ? Buck U-Class Of ’60: I'm Gonna Have Love; The Key's in the Mailbox; Achin' Breakin' Heart; Darlin' You're Stronger than me; Big Big Love; Face to the Wall; Somewhere Between; Cajun Fiddle/Toomaray Tomaray; Heart Over Mind; I'm Looking for my Mind; Second Fiddle; I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today; Playboy; I Never Go Around Mirrors; You're Still on my Mind; I Don't Care; A Letter From My Kid- 07-06 w. the Tex Pistols
Tex Pistols [CAN] Daddy On The Radio: Daddy On the Radio; Gone Gone Gone; Daddy On the Radio; If I Ever Need a Lady; Farewell Party; What a Way To Live; Sittin' and Thinkin'; Saginaw Michigan; Odds and Ends; Secret Love; You Never Really Mattered; Calgary May 5th 1972; Lucky Lips; Different Kind of Flower; Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes - 13

Royalty [CAN]
R-1000-4 Alberta Land / Louisianna Swampman - 74
Condro [CAN]
97103  Reflections Of A Fool / Saskachewan - 75
Prince Albert 75th Anniver-city [CAN]
No # [Brian Sklar And J.J. Cennon:] I'll Take Prince Albert / [Brian Sklar:]  I'll Take Prince Albert - 80
Big Mama [CAN]
BMP-1061 Doreen / Magic Of A Country Song – 80
Uptown [CAN]
UT/015/83 Crazy People / You're The Reason – 83
UT/016/83 The Last Radio Cowboy /  Willie Sings The Blues - 83
UT/017/83 Talking Part / Broken Cowboy – 83
WRC3-4887Natividad / That Year – 86
UT-111-88 ‘57/ ’57 – 88
UT-112-89 It Won’t Be Long / It Won’t Be Long - 89
UT-113-89 Hell Or Houston / Hell Or Houston – 89
Sunshine [CAN]
SS-141 Long Black Veil / Someone To Hold Onto - 88

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