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Cross Canadian Ragweed

2nd version
By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
1998 Cimarron Sound Lab, Tahlequah, OK - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/gt/harmonica], Grady Cross [gt], Jeremy Plato [bass/bck vcl], Randy Ragsdale [drums/percussion])
001 CARNEY MAN  Undeground 8007
002 HEY HEY  Undeground 8007
003 HELP ME (GET OVER THIS MOUNTAIN)  Undeground 8007
004 JENNY  Undeground 8007
005 ALRIGHT  Undeground 8007
006 HEADED SOUTH  Undeground 8007
007 LEAVE YOUR LEAVING  Undeground 8007
008 APRIL'S GIRLFRIEND  Undeground 8007
009 SWEET TERESA  Undeground 8007
010 GO ON AND LIE  Undeground 8007
011 ON YOUR OWN  Undeground 8007
012 PROUD SOULS Undeground 8007
1999 [live] Wormy Dog, Stillwater, OK - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/gt/harmonica], Grady Cross [rh gt],  Jeremy Plato [bass gt/bck vcl], Randy Ragsdale [drums/percussion/ld gt]. Producer: Mike McClure and J.J. Lester)
01201AMOS MOSES  Underground Sounds 3035
01202 BANG MY HEAD  Underground Sounds 3035
01203 THE PRESIDENT SONG  Underground Sounds 3035
01204 HEADED SOUTH  Underground Sounds 3035
01205 WORKIN ON OK  Underground Sounds 3035
01206 HEY, HEY, MY, MY  Underground Sounds 3035
01207DOWN AT THE HARBOR  Underground Sounds 3035
01208 MUCH BETTER NOW  Underground Sounds 3035
01209 BOYS FROM OKLAHOMA  Underground Sounds 3035
01210 RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 + 35  Underground Sounds 3035
01211 NOWHERE, TEXAS Underground Sounds 3035
*hidden track on some issues
2000 Reeltime Audio, Denton, TX – Cross Canadian Ragweed (Mike McClure [vcl/gt], Cody Canada [vcl/gt/harmonica] + more unknown members)
013 LOOK AT ME  Undeground UGS 0377
014 42 MILES  Undeground UGS 0377
015 ONE OF THESE DAYS  Undeground UGS 0377
016 BACK AROUND  Undeground UGS 0377
017 BANG MY HEAD  Undeground UGS 0377
018 JIMMY AND ANNIE  Undeground UGS 0377
019 HIGHWAY 377  Undeground UGS 0377
020 TIME TO MOVE ON  Undeground UGS 0377
021 LONG WAY HOME  Undeground UGS 0377
022 RUN TO ME  Undeground UGS 0377
023 ALABAMA  Undeground UGS 0377
024 JOHNNY'S SONG - DADDY'S AT HOME    Undeground UGS 0377
2001 Reeltime Audio, Denton, TX - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/gt/baritone gt/harmonica], Grady Cross [gt], Jeremy Plato [bass/bck bcl], Randy Ragsdale [low end piano/drums/percussion] + Mike McClure [ac gt], Doug Moreland [fiddle], Walt Bowers [Hammond B-3 organ])
025 ANYWHERE BUT HERE  Universal 064414
026 17  Universal B0001373-21 UNSR 02374-2/064414
027 BROOKLYN KID  Universal 064414
028 DON'T NEED YOU  Universal UNSR 02374-2/064414
029 WALLS OF HUNTSVILLE  Universal 064414
030 BROKEN  Universal 064414
031 CONSTANTLY  Universal B0001373-21/064414
032 SUICIDE BLUES  Universal UNSR 02374-2/064414
033 OTHER SIDE  Universal 064414
034 ON A CLOUD  Universal 064414
035 CARRY YOU HOME  Universal 064414
036 FREEDOM Universal 064414
2002 [live] Billy Bob’s, 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, TX - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Producer: Rick Smith)
03601 LONG WAY HOME Smith Music Group 5016
03602 42 MILES Smith Music Group 5016
03603 HEY HEY Smith Music Group 5016
03604 ON YOUR OWN Smith Music Group 5016
03605 RUN TO ME Smith Music Group 5016
03606 LOOK AT ME Smith Music Group 5016
03607 TIME TO MOVE ON Smith Music Group 5016
03608 CRAZY EDDIE'S LAST HURRAH Smith Music Group 5016
03609 MEXICAN SKY Smith Music Group 5016
03610 PRESIDENT SONG Smith Music Group 5016
03611 ALRIGHT Smith Music Group 5016
03612 JOHNNY'S SONG Smith Music Group 5016
03613 CARNEY MAN Smith Music Group 5016
03614 BOYS FROM OKLAHOMA Smith Music Group 5016
03615 BANG MY HEAD Smith Music Group 5016
2003 Awesome Works, Beltron, TX - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/gt], Grady Cross [gt], Jeremy Plato [bass/bck vcl], Randy Ragsdale [drums/percussion] + Steve Palousek [dobro], Lee Ann Womack [duet vcl-1/bck vcl]. Producers: Mike McClure, Cross Canadian Ragweed)
037 NUMBER  Universal South B0001888-02
038 AGAIN  Universal South B0001888-02
039 LONELY GIRL  Universal South B0001888-02
040 COLD HEARTED WOMAN  Universal South B0001888-02
041 SICK AND TIRED -1 Universal South B0001888-02
042 HAMMER DOWN  Universal South B0001888-02
043 FLOWERS  Universal South B0001888-02
044 LEAVE ME ALONE  Universal South B0001888-02
045 DOWN  Universal South B0001888-02
046 WANNA ROCK AND ROLL  Universal South B0001888-02
047 ALABAMA  Universal South B0001888-02
048  PAY  Universal South B0001888-02
049 TOO FAR GONE Universal South B0001888-02
2005 Cedar Creek Recording, 5012 Brighton Road, Austin, TX - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/ac/el gt/harmonica], Grady Cross [ac/el  gt], Jeremy Plato [double bass/bass gt/bck vcll]. + Randy Ragsdale [drums/percussion] + John Inman [sitar-1], Mike McClure [gt/piano], Wade Bowen [bck vcl-2]. Producer: Mike McClure and Cross Canadian Ragweed)
050 FIGHTIN' FOR  Universal B0003818-02
051 AFTER ALL  Universal B0003818-02
052 DIMEBAG  Universal B0003818-02
053 BREAKDOWN  Universal B0003818-02
054 SISTER  Universal B0003818-02
055 WHEN IT ALL GOES DOWN  -1-2 Universal B0003818-02
056 FINAL CURTAIN  Universal B0003818-02
057 LATE LAST NIGHT  Universal B0003818-02
058 BLUES FOR YOU  Universal B0003818-02
059 SS #10  Universal B0003818-02
060 LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER  Universal B0003818-02
061 THIS TIME AROUND  Universal B0003818-02
062 WHO DO YOU LOVE  Universal B0003818-02
063 BAD HABIT Universal B0003818-02
14/15 July 2006 Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, OK - Cross Canadian Ragweed Cody Canada [vcl/ac/el gt/harmonica], Grady Cross [ac/el  gt], Jeremy Plato [double bass/bass gt/bck vcll] + Stoney LaRue [vcl-1/bck vcl], Wade Bowen [vcl-2])
06301 DIMEBAG Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06302 NUMBER Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06303 LONELY GIRL Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06304 LATE LAST NIGHT Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06305 FINAL CURTAIN Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06306 SISTER Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06307 CONSTANTLY Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06308 DON'T NEED YOU Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06309 FIGHTIN' FOR Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06310 WHEN IT ALL GOES DOWN -2 Universal B007018-02
06311 ANYWHERE BUT HERE Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06312 DADDY'S AT HOME Universal B007018-02
06313 THE NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE Universal B007018-02
06314 WHEN WILL IT END -1 Universal B007018-02
06315 BACK AROUND Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06316 BROOKLYN KID  Universal B007018-02
06317 COLD HEARTED WOMAN Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06318 JIMMY AND ANNIE Universal B007018-02
06319 WANNA ROCK AND ROLL Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06320 17 Universal B007018-02
06321 HAMMER DOWN Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06322 ALABAMA Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06323 BLUES FOR YOU Universal B007018-02 B007018-09 [dvd]
06324 LONELY FEELING  Universal B007018-02
2007 State Sound, San Diego, CA - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/gt/slide gt/harmonica], Jeremy Plato [vcl/cello/bass gt], Mike McClure [gt/bck vcl], Grady Cross [ac gt], Randy Ragsdale [drums/percussion], Adam Odor [accordion] + Lee Ann Womack [background vcl])
064 RECORD EXEC  Universal B0008889-02
065 DEAD MAN  Universal B0008889-02
066 DEAL  Universal B0008889-02
067 LAWRENCE  Universal B0008889-02
068 IN OKLAHOMA  Universal B0008889-02
069 CRY LONELY  Universal B0008889-02
070 SMOKE ANOTHER  Universal B0008889-02
071 SOUL AGENT  Universal B0008889-02
072 WALLS TO CLIMB  Universal B0008889-02
073 THE YEARS  Universal B0008889-02
074 JENNY  Universal B0008889-02
075 I BELIEVE YOU  Universal B0008889-02
076 NYCG Universal B0008889-02
2009 Sonikwire Studios, Irvine, CA - Cross Canadian Ragweed (Cody Canada [vcl/ac/el gt/baritone gt], Mike McClure [vcl/el gt, baritone gt], Jeremy Plato [vcl/6-string bass/fretless bass], Joe Hardy [gt/harmonium/Hammond b-3 organ], Grady Cross [ac/el gt/baritone gt], Lloyd Maines [steel/dobro], Randy Ragsdale [drums, percussion], Stephanie Briggs [piano/Hammond b-3 organ])
077 51 PIECES Universal B0013231-02
078 BLUEBONNETS Universal B0013231-02 
079 BURN LIKE THE SUN Universal B0013231-02
080 TO FIND MY LOVE Universal B0013231-02
081 DRAG Universal B0013231-02 
082 KICK IN THE HEAD Universal B0013231-02 
083 OVERTABLE Universal B0013231-02 
084 OVERTABLE INTERLUDE Universal B0013231-02 
085 PRETTY LADY Universal B0013231-02 
086 TOMORROW Universal B0013231-02 
087 CONFIDENT Universal B0013231-02 
088 MY CHANCES Universal B0013231-02
2009 [live]The Windjammer, Isle Of The Palms, SC/ WorkPlay, Birmingham, AL - Cross Canadian Ragweed
08801 ANGEL FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE GROUND Universal B0013231-02 
08802 SOUL AGENT  Universal B0013231-02 
08803 TRAIN TO BIRMINGHAM  Universal B0013231-02   
26 October 2010 [live] Joe’s, Weed St., Chicago, IL – Cross Canadian Ragweed, with Lee Ann Womack [-1], Stoney LaRue [-2], Seth James [-3]
08807 DEAL
08809  SICK AND TIRED -1
08818 NUMBER
08820 ON A CLOUD
08821 TRAVLIN' KIND -2
08822 BLIND MEN -2
08823 BROKEN
08825 DEAD MAN
08830. CHANGES -3
Tracks above issued on album Time To Move On

Underground Sounds 8007 Carney: Carney Man; Hey Hey; Help Me (Get Over This Mountain); Jenny; Alright; Headed South; Leave Your Leaving; April's Girlfriend; Sweet Teresa; Go On And Lie; On Your Own; Proud Souls – 17-07-98 (also on broken BRK 0008; reissued on Smith Music Group 7013 in 2004)
Underground Sounds 3035 Live And Loud At The Wormy Dog: Amos Moses; Bang My Head; The President Song; Headed South; Workin On Ok; Hey, Hey, My, My; Down At The Harbor; Much Better Now; Boys From Oklahoma; Rainy Day Women #12 & 35; Nowhere, Texas – 29-10-99 (also on Broken CRCAN 9901; reissued in 2004 on Broken 7014)
Underground Sounds UGS 0377 Highway 377: Look At Me; 42 Miles; One Of These Days; Back Around; Bang My Head; Jimmy And Annie; Highway 377; Time To Move On; Long Way Home; Run To Me; Alabama; Johnny's Song - Daddy's At Home – 02-01 (reissued on Smith Music Group 7015 in 2004)
Smith Music Group 5016 Live And Loud At Billy Bob's Texas: Long Way Home; 42 Miles; Hey Hey; On Your Own; Run To Me; Look At Me; Time To Move On; Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah; Mexican Sky; President Song; Alright; Johnny's Song; Carney Man; Boys From Oklahoma; Bang My Head – 09-07-02
Universal South 440 064 414-2 Cross Canadian Ragweed: Anywhere But Here; 17; Brooklyn Kid; Don't Need You; Walls Of Huntsville; Broken; Constantly; Suicide Blues; Other Side; On A Cloud; Carry You Home; Freedom – 10-09-02
Universal South B0001888-02 Soul Gravy: Number; Again; Lonely Girl; Cold Hearted Woman; Sick And Tired (With Lee Ann Womack); Hammer Down; Flowers; Leave Me Alone; Down; Wanna Rock And Roll; Alabama [New Version]; Pay; Too Far Gone – 09-03-04
Universal South B0003818-02 Garage: Fightin' For; After All; Dimebag; Breakdown; Sister; When It All Goes Down; Final Curtain; Late Last Night; Blues For You; Ss #10; Lighthouse Keeper; This Time Around; Who Do You Love; Bad Habit - 04-10-05
Universal South B0007018-02 Back To Tulsa - Live And Loud At Cain's Ballroom:  Dimebag; Number; Lonely Girl; Late Last Night; Final Curtain; Sister; Constantly; Don't Need You; Fightin' For; When It All Goes Down (With Wade Bowen); Anywhere But Here; Daddy's At Home; The Needle And The Damage Done; When Will It End (With Stoney Larue); Back Around; Brooklyn Kid;  Cold Hearted Woman; Jimmy And Annie; Wanna Rock and Roll; 17; Hammer Down; Alabama; Blues For You; Lonely Feeling – 31-10-06 (double)
Universal South B0008889-02 Mission California: Record Exec; Dead Man; Deal; Lawrence; In Oklahoma; Cry Lonely; Smoke Another; Soul Agent; Walls To Climb; The Years; Jenny; I Believe You; Nycg – 02-10-07
Universal South B0013231-02 Happiness And All Other Things:  51 Pieces;  Bluebonnets;  Burn Like the Sun;  To Find My Love; Drag;  Kick in the Head;  Overtable;  Overtable Interlude;  Pretty Lady;  Tomorrow;  Confident;  My Chances;  Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground - (live);  Soul Agent - (live);  Train to Birmingham - (live) – 31-08-09
? [bootleg?]  Time To Move On/Finale At The Joe’s Bar:  Introduction;  Mexican Sky;  Cold Hearted Woman;  Deal;  Dimebag;  Sick and Tired (With Lee Ann Womack);  To Find My Love;  Lonely Girl;  Constantly;  Hammer Down;  Soul Agent;  Anywhere But Here; . In Oklahoma (With Stoney LaRue);  Drum Solo;  Number;  Daddy's At Home;  On A Cloud;  Travlin' Kind (Stoney LaRue);  Blind Men (Stoney LaRue); Broken;  Bluebonnets;  Dead Man;  Brooklyn Kid;  Don't Need You;  Time To Move On;  Boys From Oklahoma;  Changes (Seth James);  Late Last Night;  Carney Man;  Rockin' In The Free World  – 10 (double)
Show Dog B0016146-00 Box Of Weed: 5 CD + DVD box contains Cross Canadian Ragweed / Soul Gravy / Garage / Mission California / Happiness and All The Other Things + DVD Back To Tulsa – 15-11-11

Universal South B0003818-10 Garage: Fightin' For; After All; Dimebag; Breakdown; Sister; When It All Goes Down; Final Curtain; Late Last Night; Blues For You; Ss #10; Lighthouse Keeper; This Time Around; Who Do You Love; Bad Habit - 04-10-05
Universal South B0007018-09 Back To Tulsa - Live And Loud At Cain's Ballroom:  Late Last Night; Fightin' For; Don't Need You; Number; Dimebag; Final Curtain; Lonely Girl; Constantly; Sister; Anywhere But There; Back Around; Cold Hearted Woman; Blues For You; Alabama; Hammer Down; Wanna Rock And Roll - 06

Universal South UNS 02374-2 Cross Canadian Ragweed (Three Song Sampler): Don’t Need You; 17; Suicide Blues – 02 (promo, CD)

Universal South
B0001373-21 17 / Constantly - 02

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