Thursday, August 24, 2017

Daryl Keith Norman

By Praguefrank

2015 and sooner Nashville, TN – Daryl Keith Norman (Daryl Keith Norman [vcl], Bart Weilburg [gt], Denny Hemingson [gt/dobro/steel]; Bob Babbitt [bass], John McTeague [drums], Chris Carmichael [fiddle], Spooner Oldham  [Hammond  B3], Walt Cunningham [piano],)
001 MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN  Love brought Us There
002 DESTINATION MEXICO  Love brought Us There
003 S.O.L.  Love brought Us There
004 LITTLE PIECE OF COUNTRY  Love brought Us There
005 IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO THE SONG  Love brought Us There
006 DON'T FORGET MY LOVE  Love brought Us There
007 LICKETYSPLIT  Love brought Us There
008 EVERY DAY I RISE AND FALL  Love brought Us There
009 FOR ALL THE TIMES  Love brought Us There
010 THIS AIN'T NO HONEYMOON  Love brought Us There
011 100% (MAYBE MORE)  Love brought Us There
012 LOVE BROUGHT US HERE  Love brought Us There
013 ART OF IMPERFECTION  Art Of Imperfection
014 SOMEBODY'S GONNA FALL IN LOVE  Art Of Imperfection
015 GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER  Art Of Imperfection
016 I JUST KEEP FALLIN'  Art Of Imperfection
017 HARMONY  Art Of Imperfection
019 FLATLINE  Art Of Imperfection
020 LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD  Art Of Imperfection
021 ROOM WITH A VIEW  Art Of Imperfection
022 LOVE GAMES  Art Of Imperfection
023 HANKERIN' FOR HANK  Art Of Imperfection
024 WHAT DO YOU SAY TO AN ANGEL  Art Of Imperfection

Abnorman Music Group ? (UPC889211849925) Love Brought Us Here: Match Made in Heaven; Destination Mexico; S.O.L.; Little Piece of Country; It Always Comes Back to the Song; Don't Forget My Love; Licketysplit; Every Day I Rise and Fall; For All the Times;
This Ain't No Honeymoon; 100% (Maybe More); Love Brought Us Here – 01-09-15
Abnorman Music Group ? (UPC889211849932) Art of Imperfection: Art of Imperfection;
Somebody's Gonna Fall in Love; Grass Is Always Greener; I Just Keep Fallin'; Harmony; Everything's Starting to Change; Flatline; Luckiest Guy in the World; Room With a View;
Love Games; Hankerin' for Hank; What Do You Say to an Angel – 01-09-15

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