Friday, August 18, 2017

Doyle Lawson, part 2

6th version
by Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst, Mario Manciotti

County 766 Tennessee Dream:
Georgia Cracker; Reminiscing; Five Miles To Winchester; Happy Go Lucky; Old Virginia Waltz; Monroe Medley; Lover's Concerto; Picking Wild Cherries; Silver Bird; Tennessee Dream; Sunny; New River Ride – 02-77
Sugar Hill SH-3708 Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver: Mighty Mississippi; How Long Have I Been Waiting; Happy On My Way; Thinking About You; I'll Be With You; On And On; He Put A Rainbow In The Clouds For Me; I'd Rather Die Young; A Touch Of Pennsylavania; Don't Cross The River; Shady Grove – 23-12-79 (reissued in February 1990 on SH-CD-2210 The Original Band)
Sugar Hill SH-3717 Rock My Soul: On The Sea Of Life; Rock My Soul; Just Over Yonder; Sweet Chariot; I'll Have A New Life; Angel Band; Jesus Gave Me Water; The Redeemed Are Coming Home; I've Got A Lot Of Heaven; Just Any Day Now; River Of Death; Jesus, I'll Never Forget; A Beautiful Life – 20-04-81
Sugar Hill SH-3727 Doyle Lawson Rides Again: Misery River; Georgia Girl; 'Til The Rivers Run Dry; Rocking On The Waves; Yellow River; Poet With Wings; Kentucky Song; Calm The Storm; I'll Be Around Somewhere; Heart Of A Little Mountain Girl; Lonesome River – 02-06-82 (reissued in February 1990 on SH-CD-2210 The Original Band)
Sugar Hill SH-3735 Heavenly Treasures: I Dreamed Of A Great Judgment Morning; Gone Away; Too Much To Gain To Lose; I'm Afraid I Can't Make It Alone; I Was, I Am, I Will; Lover Of The Lord; Lay Your Burdens At His Feet; My Rock; Jesus Walked On The Water; God Sent An Angel; Jezebel; I'm Gonna Be Movin' – 01-07-83
Sugar Hill SH-3744 Once And For Always: Traveling Down The Blue Road; Once And For Always; Lover Of The Lord; Speak Softly (You're Talking To My Heart); Old Timers Waltz; Come Back To Me In My Dreams; Carolina In The Pines; Stone Cold Heart; Julie Ann; You Only Have To Say You've Changed Your Mind; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down – 01-03-85 (reissued on SH-2211)
Sugar Hill SH-3753 Beyond The Shadow: When We Meet To Part No More; By The Side Of The Road; Babylon's Falling; Every Time I Feel The Spirit; Beyond The Shadows; When The World's On Fire; When Life Is Over; Hiding From The Storm Outside; The Wings Of Faith; The Long, Long Journey; We'll Sing In Gloryland; My Lord Delivered Me – 01-07-86
Sugar Hill SH-3757 The News Is Out: Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong; This Dream In’ In; I’ve Heard These Words Before; A Vision Of Jesus; Up On The Blue Ridge, I’ll Be True, The Grass That I’m Playing Is Really Blue; Have I Loved You Too Late, Let The Best Man Win; She’s Walking Through My Memory; Wonderful Beautiful Place - 87 (reissued on SH-2211)
Sugar Hill SH-3760 Heaven Joy Awaits: Lord I've Been A Hard Working Pilgrim; I Know I'll Feel At Home; Climbing Up The Mountain; Heaven's Joy Awaits; Will Someone Be Waiting; Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone; Help Me Lord To Stand; Ezekiel Saw The Wheel; Beyond The Sunset For Me; Won't It Be A Happy Meeting; Let Me Go Home; How Long – 19-06-87
Sugar Hill SH-3765 Hymn Time In The Country: Sail On Toward Home; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; Paradise Is Waiting; John The Revelator; O'ershadowed By His Love; Lord, I Want To Go To Heaven; Hallelujah; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; I'm Winging My Way Back Home; He Will Pilot Me; Lord To Know I Have You; I Can See The Lights Of Home – 22-06-88
Sugar Hill SH-3769 I'll Wander Back Someday: A White Rose; Trust Each Other; One Way Train; Dreaming; I'll Wander Back Someday; Let Us Travel On; Out On The Ocean; Too Late; That's How I Can Count On You; Devil's Little Angel; Our Last Goodbye; What A Wonderful Savior Is He – 27-07-88
Sugar Hill SH-3774 I Heard The Angels Singing: The Holy City; Stormy Waters; The Little Mountain Church House; In The Shelter Of His Arms; I Heard The Angels Singing; He's My Guide; The Little White Church; The City Where Comes No Strife; Rock Of Ages, Hide Thou Me; I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone; That New Jerusalem; That Home Far Away – 10-07-89
Sugar Hill SH-CD 9104 The Gospel Collection, Vol. 1: My Lord Delivered Me; He Put A Rainbow In The Clouds For Me; God Sent An Angel; Calm The Storm; Touch The Hem Of His Garment; A Vision Of Jesus; Happy On My Way; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down; Lay The Burdens At His Feet; Where No One Stands Alone; Hiding From The Storm Outside; Rocking The Waves; What A Wonderful, Beautiful Place; A Lover Of The Lord; Let Us Travel On – 07-05-90
Sugar Hill SH-CD 3782 My Heart Is Yours: All In My Love For You; Still Got A Crush On You; Move To The Top Of The Mountain; I Don't Care; My Heart Is Yours; Dreaming Of You; Look For Me And I'll Be There; A Date With An Angel; Now There's You; Between Us; I'm Satisfied With You; We Were Made For Each Other - 27-08-90
SSK SSK-CD-001 Only God: Only God; It Took Your Blood; Mighty Number; Coming To Carry Me Home; We Need More Love; Do A Little More For Him; Give Them A Lift; Love Of God; Nearing The Shore; Shepherd Of The Hills; Church At Hickory Grove; God Is Love – 28-06-91
SSK SSK-CD-002 Merry Christmas From Our House To: Back To Tennessee;When Was My Jesus Born; I Wish We Could Keep Christmas Every Day; Mary's Christmas; Born Again Christmas; Merry Christmas From Our House To Your House; Christmas Lullaby; Christmas Letter; I Feel The Christmas Spirit; Bethlehem Star; Medley – 12-91
Brentwood CD-5303J Treasures Money Can't Buy: You've Been An Inspiration To Me; Treasures That Money Can't Buy; Journey To The Son; No Other Fountain; He Must Have Loved Me A Lot; Buckle Of The Bible Belt; Angel Unaware; It's Alright; Praising The Risen Lamb; He Satisfies; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Somewhere In Heaven - 92 (reissued on Music Mill 71011 in 08-03)
Brentwood CD-5304J Pressing On Regardless: Trouble Keeps Hanging 'Round My Door; I Will Grow In Love With You; I'm So Blue I Could Cry; Love Me Right To The End; Write Me, Sweetheart; Ship Of Love; Let Me Borrow Your Heart; For Love's Sake; I Can't Stop Me From Loving You; It's Raining, It's Pouring; I'm Really Gone; Tennessee Banjo Man – 12-92
Rebel REB-CD-1713 Grandpa's Mandolin:  I've Waited As Long As I Can; Count Every Teardrop I Cry; Heaven Seemed So Near; Walkin' Runnin' Flyin'; My Heart Can't Stop Loving You; Steel Guitar Rag; Dixie Train; I Can't Stay Here Anymore; Someday You'll Call My Name; Little Black Train; Silence And Pain; Grandpa's Mandolin – 29-10-93 w. IIIrd Tyme Out
Brentwood CD-5398J Hallelujah In My Heart - Bluegrass Gospel: Hallelujah In My Heart; Always There; The Cross Road; I Wasn't There; Someday, Somewhere; Highway To Heaven; Power In His Name; The Golden Hills Ahead; I Want To Live So I'll Be Ready; The Hills Of Glory; Show Me The Way; Just A Few More Days; On The Other Side – 01-05-94 (reissued on Music Mill 71013 in 2003)
Sugar Hill SH-CD 3842 Never Walk Away: Sweet Rosie Jones; I've Kissed You My Last Time; Jealous; I Can't Be Your Fool; Let Me Live Again; I Never Once Stopped Loving You; In The Gravel Yard; I Could Never Walk Away (From You Darlin'); I'll Never Complain; Faling, Falling, Falling; Back In My Baby's Arms Again; Ancient History; Senses; Your Crazy Heart – 22-08-95
Sugar Hill SH-CD 3845 There's A Light Guiding Me: Since Jesus Came Into My Heart; Let Me Tell You About Jesus; There Is A God; I'm A Weary Pilgrim; I'm Going To Heaven; The Beautiful Altar Of Prayer; Who'll Be A Witness; There's A Light Guiding Me; Earth's Greatest Loss; I Need My Savior All The Time; The Arm Of God; The Life Boat; Calling To That Other Shore; There's Fire Down Yonder – 20-02-96
Sugar Hill SH-CD 3867 Kept And Protected: I Have Found The Way; Did You Think To Pray; I'll Trade The Old Cross (For A Crown); My Lord Is Writing All The Time; I'm Not Afraid Of Tomorrow; Kept And Protected By God's Love; The Glory-Land Way; Let My Life Be A Light; Lord I'm Ready To Go; The Vision; Heaven's My Next Exit; The New Jerusalem; You Are My Hiding Place; We'll Go Home Together On The Cloud - 20-05-97
Sugar Hill SH-CD 3879 Gospel Radio Gems: I'm Riding High On Wings Of Love; 'Til The Last Leaf Shall Fall; We Should Walk Together; Peace Like A River; Just A Veil Between; Things Invisible; Dreamboat; I'm Finding Joy In My Savior's Love; Home Of The Soul; Never Leave Me; When The Good Lord Cares; I Am So Glad; I Hold His Hand; Better Farther On– 16-06-98
Sugar Hill SH-CD 3886 Winding Through Life: Gladness, Peace And Love; River Of Tears; Do Right And Come Smiling Thru; Lord, It's Just Another Hill; Endless Day; Up Above The World So High; Heaven Alone Will Satisfy Me; The Lord Will Answer Thee; Just Let Me Fly; If Jesus Is There; Nothing Can Touch Me; Seek Ye Out The Old Path; Closer I Must Be; The Bible Told Me So – 27-07-99
Sugar Hill SHCD-3911 Just Over In Heaven: I'll Keep On Sailing; The Only Thing That Matters; The Man Upstairs; God Is Watching Over Me; Listen To The Bells; The Right Hand Of Fellowship; Safe With You At Home; We Need The Light; Gonna Row My Boat; Is That The Bells Of Heaven; Heaven's Not So Far Away; I Am Glad; Great White Angel; Just Over In Heaven – 20-06-00
Sugar Hill SUGCD-3936 Gospel Parade: Be Living; The Best Is Yet To Come; Gloryland Boogie; I Heard Zion Moan; Movin' Up; I Have A Desire; Some Of These Days; He Is Risen; The Heavenly Parade; My Heavenly Home; He Knows How Much You Can Bear; Have You Met My Friend - 09-10-01
Sugar Hill SUGCD-3949 The Hard Game Of Love: Blue Train (Of The Heartbreak Line); The Hard Game Of Love; Oak Ridge Rendezvous; We Missed You; Nightingale; Standing Room Only; Poor Boy Working Blues; In My Dreams; A Thing Of The Past; My Trust In You; The Hand Made Cross; As Long As The World Stands – 07-05-02
Crossroads CR 04972 Thank God: Calling From Heaven; That's All He's Asking Of Me; Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus; In God's Eyes; Savior's Love; I Drink From The Fountain; Lord's Last Supper; Thank God; Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me; I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime; God Moved In; Some Beautiful Day – 02-12-03
Crossroads CR 05472 School Of Bluegrass: Mississippi Queen; Come On Over; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; Prince Of My Peace; Little Community Church; Train '45; On The Sea Of Life; Carolina In The Pines; Jezebel; You'll Never Be The Same; I'll Take The Blame; Sally Goodin'; Every Time I Feel The Spirit; Leather Britches; Come Back To Me In My Dreams; My Walking Shoes; Til The End; Stormy Waters; Up On The Blue Ridge; I Know The Way To You By Heart; Ezekiel Saw The Wheel; Northern Lights; Polka On The Banjo; If You See My Saviour; Little Black Moustache; Florida Blues; Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong; Move To The Top Of The Mountain; North Carolina Breakdown; Little Mountain Church House; Tennessee Banjo Man; Mighty Number; Careless Love; Lay Your Burdens At His Feet; Big Country; Your Crazy Heart; Write Me Sweetheart; Rock Of Ages Keep My Soul; Heartbreak Insurance; Praise His Name; Prayer Is A Wonderful Gift From God; Far Above The Starry Sky; I Feel Happy In My Soul Today; Peace In My Savior's Love; Amber Tresses; Twinkle Little Star; Go Rest High; Julie Ann Come On Home; Dailey's Reel; Girl From West Virginia – 06-04-04 (double)
Rounder 11661-0557-2 You Gotta Dig A Little Deeper: Heartbreak Number Nine; Four Walls; The Girl In The Valley; You Gotta Dig A Little Deeper; Saving Grace; Rosine; Girl From West Virginia; Blues For My Darling; Love Me As You’d Love The Rain; What Ain’t To Be, Just Might Happen; Oak Valley Girl; When I’m Knee Deep In Bluegrass – 29-03-05
Horizon HR1075-2 He Lives In Me: He Lives In Me; In His Presence; I Am On My Journey Home; Remember My Name In Your Prayers; Help Me Lord; 'Til I See You Face To Face; There's A Treasure In Heaven; The End Of The Road; Will You Meet Me Over Yonder; We Shall Inherit; Far Better Than This; When He Welcomes Me – 21-02-06
Rounder 11661-0588-2 More Behind The Picture Than The Wall: Sadie's Got Her New Dress On; The Phone Call; The Selfishness In Man; Mississippi River Let Your Water Flow; Tulsa Turn-A-Round; Whatever Happened To Us; Just Loving You; When The Blues Are Movin' In; Ocean Of Teardrops; Can You Hear Me Now; Can You Hear Me Now (Retro 1938) – 27-03-07
Sugar Hill SUGCD-4027 Best Of The Sugar Hill Years: He Put A Rainbow In The Clouds For Me; On The Sea Of Life; Calm The Storm; Gone Away; When The Sun Of My Life Goes Down; When Life Is Over; A Vision Of Jesus; Climbing Up The Mountain; Paradise Is Waiting; Let Us Travel On; The Little Mountain Church House; Move To The Top Of The Mountain; There's A Light Guiding Me; I Have Found The Way; Peace Like A River; Up Above The World So High; I'll Keep On Sailing; My Heavenly Home – 10-07-07 (sampler)
Horizon HR1155-2 Help Is On The Way: I Know, I Know; Help Is On The Way; Eternity Has Two; One Of These Days; God Is Love; Land Of The Dying; I Won't Have To Worry Anymore; When The Hand Of God Comes Down; The Black Sheep Returned To The Fold; I'm The Clay In Your Hands; Press On 'O Pilgrim, There Is Joy Ahead; What Shall I Do With Jesus; He Made It All Right; Keep Your Eyes On Jesus – 08-04-08
Rounder 11661-0635-2 Lonely Street: Monroe's Mandolin; Lonely Street; Ain't A Woman Somebody When She's Gone; Big Wind; Oh Heart, Look What You've Done; The Human Race; Call Me Up And I'll Come Callin' On You; Yesterday's Songs; Down Around Bear Cove; Johnny And Sally; My Real World Of Make Believe; When The Last Of Our Days Shall Come – 05-05-09
Horizon HR1276-2 Light On My Feet, Ready To Fly: Light on My Feet, Ready to Fly; In Your Arms; Teddy Bear Revival; He Will Remember Me; Mountain View Missionary Baptist Church; My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race; Oh Heaven; It's a Mighty Hard Road to Travel; I Live for Him, Cause He Died for Me; The Hammer of Sin; Zion Medley: Ship of Zion/Is That the Old Ship of Zion – 20-04-10
Mountain Home MH 1292-2 Old Friends Get Together: Prayer Bells of Heaven; Goodbye; Little White Church; Stormy Waters; Pray the Clouds Away; When The Savior Reached Down For Me; This World Is Not My Home; Voice of My Savior; Lord I'm Coming Home; Give Me Your Hand; Shake Hands With Mother Again; Who'll Sing For Me – 22-06-10 John D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Paul Williams
Mountain Home MH1345-2 Drive Time: Gone at Last; Country Store; Leavin' and Lovin' You; Love on Arrival; Greenbrier Hop; Precious Memories; Gone Long Gone – 29-03-11
Mountain Home MH1393-2 Sing Me A Song About Jesus: Little Star; The Rich Man; It Took a Man Like That; I Saw Him Walk Out of the Sky; Never Shall Run Dry; The Greatest Creator; God Can; Be Not Afraid; Jack of all Trades; Going On Home; Sing Me a Song About Jesus – 03-04-12
Mountain Home MH1461-2 Roads Well Traveled: Dixie Road;  How Do You Say Goodbye To Sixty Years; One Small Miracle;  It's Hard To Be Forgotten;  When Love Is All You Want;  Dobro Joe;  Say Hello To Heaven;  By The Waters Of Clinch;  King;  I'm That Country; Fiddlin' Will – 16-04-13
Mountain Home MH1565-2 Open Carefully, Message Inside:  Coming Soon;  It's Done; Thank You Dear God; Get On Board;  He Made the Tree; Lead Me To That Fountain;  He's In Control;  Will You Go?; O Far Country; Climbing Upward;  I Sailed Back – 15-07-14
Mountain Home MH 1502-2 Standing Tall And Tough: My Walking Shoes; Blue Memories; Do You Live What You Preach; The Hills Of Roane County; Don't Laugh; Little Angel In Heaven; Standing Tall and Tough; Insured Beyond The Grave; Fraulein; Pretending I Don't Care; Once A Day; Those Gone and Left Me Blues – 19-08-14 D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Paul Williams
Mountain Home MH1573-2 In Session: Roll Big River; Wilma Walker; Calling All Her Children Home;  Weep and Cry;  I'd Just Be Fool Enough; Big Eight Wheeler;  You, You, You; Evening Prayer Blues;  Reasons Why;  I Told Them All About You;  Captain; Americana – 20-01-15
Mountain Home MH1669-2 Burden Bearer-Bluegrass Gospel And A Cappella Favorites: Burden Bearer;  Best Friends;  Brother Have You Heard;  He'll Care For You;  No Storms That We Must Fear; You Were Right; Rejoicing All The Way;  Touch Of The Gentle Hand;  Another Day;  He's Everywhere;  Get Right With God;  Past All Sorrow; God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign;  By The Marks In His Hands;  Cross In The Garden;  Sailing On The Waves Of Glory;  Wonderful Day;  Wrastlin' Jacob;  Songs I Heard My Mama Sing; How Great Thou Art – 08-07-16
Mountain Home MH1672-2 Lawson And Williams – Chapter 3: Til Death Do Us Part;  I'll Still Write Your Name In The Sand;  Talk To Me Old Lonesome Heart;  I'm Sorry I Caused You To Cry;  Abigail;  I Want To Be Loved, But Only By You;  I'm Getting Over You;  I'll Make It Through;  What Am I Gonna Do With This Broken Heart;  Big Fool Of The Year;  There's Absolutely Nothing My God Can't Do; I Feel Better Now – 30-03-17
Mountain Home MH 1701-2 Life Is A Story: Kids These Days;  Little Girl;  Life Of A Hard Workin' Man;  Life To My Days;  I See A Heartbreak Comin' ;  Guitar Case;  What Am I Living For;  Bluegrass Blues;  Derailed;  Love Lives Again;  Cry Across Kansas;  Drivin' It Home  - 25-08-17

Billy Blue BBR 1051 Live In Prague, Czech Republic: Driving It Home; Back in My Baby's Arms Again; Jealous; Living Like There's No Tomorrow; I'll Be True While You're Gone; Shenandoah Breakdown; I'm Going to Heaven; On the Sea of Life; Little Girl; Leaving on Her Mind; Out in the Cold World; She's Walking Through My Memory; Clinch Mountain Backstep; Julie Ann  – 30-08-19

Brentwood Music ? Treasures: Thirty Years Of Music And Memories: That's How I Can Count On You;  Trouble Keeps Hanging Around My Door;  Now There's You;  Big Country;  Write Me Sweetheart;  You've Been An Inspiration;  Misery River;  Foggy Mountain Rock;  Treasure Money Can't Buy;  Someday, Somewhere;  Hallelujah In My Heart;  Tennessee Banjo Man - 94 (reissued on Music Mill Ent. MME 72000-9 in 2003]
Mountain Home 1063-9 Through The Years:  On The Sea Of Life; I’ll Be With You; Speak Softly You're Talking To My Heart; Great Judgment Morning; My Lord Delivered Me; Hiding From The Storm Outside; When We Meet To Part No More; Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong; She's Walking Through My Memory; Beyond The Sunset For Me; I Don't Care; That New Jerusalem; A Date With An Angel; Move To The Top Of The Mountain; It Took His Blood; The Mighty Number; Tennessee Banjo Man; Hallelujah In My Heart; Highway To Heaven; Sweet Rosie Jones; There's A Light Guiding Me; There Is A God; Back Up And Push; The Hand Made Cross; As Long As The World Stands; Just Over In Heaven; Do Right And Come Smiling Through; Twinkle Little Star; The Heavenly Parade; Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus; Knee Deep In Bluegrass; Blue Train (Of The Heartbreak Line) - 05

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