Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hugh Moore

August 1985 Star Recording Co., Miller’s Creek, NC – Hugh Moore (Hugh Moore [vcl/banjo], Roby Huffman [tnr vcl/rh gt], Danny Bowers [gt/mandolin/fiddle], Parks Icenhour [vcl/gt], Jeff Huffman [rh gt], David Johnson steel/mandolin.bass],  Dale Lee [bass])
001 HELLO CITY LIMITS  Folkways FTS 31108 
002 ASHES OF LOVE  Folkways FTS 31108
003 THE FAMILY WHO PRAYS  Folkways FTS 31108
004 PAIN IN MY HEART  Folkways FTS 31108
005 LET IT RIDE  Folkways FTS 31108
006 I'LL BREAK OUT AGAIN  Folkways FTS 31108
007 TONIGHT  Folkways FTS 31108 
008 OLD FLAMES  Folkways FTS 31108  
009 NEVER AGAIN  Folkways FTS 31108  
010 THE CUCKOO BIRD  Folkways FTS 31108
011 MARSHAL'S REEL  Folkways FTS 31108

Folkways FTS-31108 Hello City Limits: Hello City Limits; Ashes Of Love; The Family Who Prays; Pain In My Heart; Let It Ride; I'll Break Out Again;Tonight;  Old Flames;  Never Again;  The Cuckoo Bird; Marshal's Reel - 86

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