Saturday, September 2, 2017

Homestead Pickers

By Praguefrank
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Homestead Pickers ? Hillbilly Wrap: (details unknown)
Homestead Pickers ? Homeschooler’s Folksong Collection:  The Three Ravens;  The Battle Of Otterburn;  Scarborough Fair; Barbara Allen; I'm Seventeen Come Sunday;  Cherry Ripe; Turkey In The Straw; My Grandfather's Clock; I've Been Working On The Railroad;  Blow The Man Down; The Fish Of The Sea;  Rhyme Of The Chivalrous Shark;  The Outlandish Knight;  English Country Garden; The Riddle Song; Cockles And Mussels; The Minstrel Boy; Star Of The County Down;  Go Get The AX;  Arkansas Traveler;  An Emmigrant's Daughter;  The Drinking Gourd;  The Cruel War;  The Old Oaken Bucket;  The Jam On Gerry's Rock;  Land Of The Silver Birch;  Farewell To Nova Scotia; Waltzing Matilda; Tall Men Riding;  Botany Bay; The Aiken Drum; Carrickfergus; A Man's A Man For A'That;  Gypsy Rover;  All Through The Night;  The Wild Colonial Boy  - 03 (double)
Homestead Pickers ? Can You Hear Me Now?: Can You Hear Me, Now?;  Judy Bear ; Ashokan Farewell;  Rights Of Man / Galway's Hornpipe; Shenandoah;  Butterfly;  P. I. G.; Larry O'gaff / Lark In The Mornin';  Rubber Pacifier;  Lickin' The Butter; The Water Is Wide; Little Bit 'o' Thunder; The Years Go Rolling By; The Orange Blossom Special;  I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap - 03
Homestead Pickers ? Hung Out To Dry: Homestead Pickers;  Top of Cork Road/Bobbin' For Eels; Calico Cat;  Suupertime;  Mason's Apron/Dance of the Fairy Kings;  A Mule Named Sam;  The Berry Shuffle;  King of the Cannibal Islands;  Get Up Mule;  Mississippi River Waltz;  Some Little Bug;  Flying Cloud Cotillion - 06
Homestead Pickers ? Outta Dough: Washington County; Ain't Gonna Rain No More; Grey Cat on a Tennesse Farm; Ole Blue; Wabash Cannonball; Whiskey Before Breakfast; Beulahland; Ghost Chickens in the Sky; The Cod Fish Ball; My Missouri Mule; The Barnyard Dance; Four Wet Pigs; Good News; Tennesse Waltz – 06?
Homestead Pickers ? After All These Years: Shootin' Creek / Red Fox (Featuring banjo by Dave Krusell); Off She Goes / Haste To The Wedding; Isom Waltz; Southern (D&A) Schottisch (Featuring fiddle by Anne Engelbrecht); Quince Dillon's High D / Mississippi Sawyer (Featuring banjo by Dave Krusell); Off To California / Midnight On The Water; Hey (What!) Polka; Cuckoo Waltz; Temperance Reel / Pretty Little Dog; Dulcimer Reel / Dancing Bear; My Own Home Waltz; The Sweeps Hornpipe; Flying Cloud Cotillion; Flowers Of The Forest; Bundle and Go / Drops of Brandy – 06 Greg Becker and The Homesetad Pickers
Homestead Pickers ? On My Father’s Side: (tracks unknown) - 09
Homestead Pickers ? (UPC 885767545205) Extra Crispy: Ghost Chickens In The Sky (All Sing); Dooley (Greg Bailey Sings); House Of Gold (Dwight Murdy Sings); Bib Overalls (Danny Eakin Sings); Free Born Man ( Dwight Murdy Sings); Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room (Greg Becker Sings); Salty Dog (Greg Bailey Sings); On My Father's Side (Danny Eakin Sings); Saint Anne's Reel (Instrumental By Greg Becker On Hammered Dulcimer); Dixie Darlin' (Greg Becker Sings); Deputy Dalton (Instrumental); Gospel Medley (All Sing): I'll Fly Away / When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder /While I Was Praying / Swing Low Sweet Chariot) - 09
Homestead Pickers ? Christmas In The Cabin: (tracks unknown) – 10-10
Homestead Pickers ? (UPC 885767740853) Porch Sittin’ Songs: Howdy, Neighbor, Howdy; Big Tom; Build Me A Cabin; Uncle Jesse; Mama Ain't Dead; Get Up, Mule; Nail A Catfish To The Tree; Far Side Banks Of Jordan; I'm My Own Grandpa; P.I.G.; Three Men On A Mountain; Grandpa's Easy Chair – 06-11-10
Homestead Pickers ? Greatest Hits: Family Bible; It's Good We Had It Bad; Christmas In The Holler; Autumn Rose Waltz; Old Brush Arbors; The Hillbilly Wrap; Calico Cat; Suppertime; A Mule Named Sam; King Of The Cannibal Islands; Mississippi River Waltz; Some Little Bug; Washington County; Grey Cat On A Tennessee Farm; Ole Blue; Whiskey Before Breadfast; Beulahland; The Codfish Ball; My Missouri Mule; The Barnyard Dance; Judy Bear; Ashokan Farewell; Rights Of Man; Gallway's Hornpipe; Shenandoah; The Butterfly; Larry O'Gaff / Lark In The Morning; Lickin' The Butter; Orange Blossom Special; I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap; Land Where No Cabins Fall; He Touched Me; Hallelujah, I'm Ready; Vacation In Heaven; Land Beyond The Blue; Behind The Sun; O Holy Night; Let It Snow – 1- (sampler, double)
Homestead Pickers ? (UPC888174833569) Life On An Ozark Farm: Life On An Ozark Farm; Matthew; Home Grown Tomatoes; Gravy On A Bucket Lid; Good Enough For Now; The Cat Came Back; Paradise; The Years Go Rolling By; Uncle Watt's; Arlington; Blues Stay Away From Me; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; The Westphalia Waltz; The Billboard Song - 14

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