Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Overland Express

By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

1983  Webco Recording Studio, 8705 Deanna Drive, Gaithersburg, MD – Overland Express (Dave Burford [baritone vcl-1/gt],   Lenny Whitehead [ld vcl/baritone vcl-2/mandolin], Terry Wittenberg [rnr vcl/banjo], Mike Jenkins [baritone vcl/ld vcl-3/bass]. Producer: WEBCO and Overland Express)

001 GOING BACK TO STAY Webco WLPS-0111                  
002 LAST CALL Webco WLPS-0111                             
003 HANDSOME MOLLY -2-3  Webco WLPS-0111                        
004 MY DARLIN'S GONE -1 Webco WLPS-0111                      
005 CHASE Webco WLPS-0111 
006 ASHES OF LOVE Webco WLPS-0111                         
007 FIRST STAGE OUT Webco WLPS-0111                       
008 JUST ONE LOOK Webco WLPS-0111                         
009 LOUISE Webco WLPS-0111   
010 WHEN PAYDAY ROLLS AROUND Webco WLPS-0111              
011 RIVER MIGHTY RIVER Webco WLPS-0111                    
012 NO HIDING PLACE -2-3 Webco WLPS-0111 

Webco WLPS-0111 First Stage Out:  Going Back To Stay; Last Call; Handsome Molly; My Darlin's Gone; Chase;Ashes Of Love; First Stage Out; Just One Look; Louise; When Payday Rolls Around; River Mighty River; No Hiding Place – 04-84               

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