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Tom Jones (country only)

Sir Thomas John Woodward, *07-06-1940 Treforest, Pontypridd, Wales, UK
By Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank
SESSIONS (only 1980-85 Mercury period when TJ recorded mainly country music  listed)
February 1981 Sound Emporium, 3102 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN – Tom Jones (Tom Jones [vcl], Harold Bradley [gt], Billy Sanford [gt], Pete Bordonali [gt], Jimmy Capps [gt], Jerry Shook [gt], Mike Morgan [gt], Bob Moore/ Tim Smith [bass], Jerry Carrigan/ Kenneth Buttrey [drums], Farrell Morris [percussion], David Briggs/ Hargus Pig Robbins/ Tony Migliore/ Roger Morris [keyboards], Charlie McCoy [harmonica], Norman Ray, Dennis Solee, Phil Forrest [sax], Bill Joor, Don Sheffield [trumpet], Henry Sigismonte, Jim Deker [French horn], Charley Loper, Lou McCreary, Roger Bissell, Dennis Good [trombone], The Jordanaires, The Lea Jane Singers; The Sheldon Kurland Strings. Producer: Steve Popovich,& Bill Justis)
2-56332 DARLIN'  Mercury  76100/SRM-1-4010                                                      
2-56333 BUT I DO       SRM-1-4010                                                        
2-56334 LADY LAY DOWN   76125/SRM-1-4010                                                       
2-56335 NO GUARANTEE           SRM-1-4010                                                
2-56336 WHAT IN THE WORLD'S COME OVER YOU  76115/SRM-1-4010                                
2-56337 ONE NIGHT         SRM-1-4010                                                      
2-56338 A DAUGHTER'S QUESTION    76125/SRM-1-4010                                           
2-56339 I DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU THAT WELL  76100/ SRM-1-4010                           
2-56340 DIME QUEEN OF NEVADA         SRM-1-4010                                           
2-56341 THE THINGS THAT MATTER MOST TO ME   76115/SRM-1-4010                                    
2-56342 COME HOME HONDA BOY      SRM-1-4010                                             
July 1982 Sound Emporium, 3102 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN/Britannia Studio, North Hollywood, CA – Tom Jones (orch arr. by Dennis McCarthy, Gene Page and Tony Migliore)
2-56716  A WOMAN'S TOUCH  76172/ SRM-1-4062
2-56717 IF I EVER HAD TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOU 812631-2/SRM-1-4062
2-56718 WE’RE WASTING OUR TIME 810445-7/SRM-1-4062
2-56719 SOMEBODY’S CRYIN‘SRM-1-4062
2-56720 MARIE, DON’T EAIT UP FOR ME SRM-1-4062
2-56721 MY LAST GOODBYE 814282-2/SRM-1-4062
2-56722 TOUCH ME (I’LL BE YOUR FOOL ONCE MORE) 810445-7/SRM-1-4062
2-56724 IT’LL BE ME 812631-2/SRM-1-4062
2-56725 I’LL NEVER GET OVER YOU 76142
Summer 1983 Britannia Studio, North Hollywood, CA  – Tom Jones (Producer: Gordon Mills)
2-57232 THAT OLD PIANO  Mercury 814 820-7/814 448-1M-1
2-57233 THIS TIME  Mercury 818 801-7/814 448-1M-1
YOU’VE GOT A RIGHT  Mercury 814 448-1M-1
THE ONE I SING MY LOVE SONGS TO  Mercury 814 448-1M-1
YOU ARE NO ANGEL  Mercury 880 173-7/814 448-1M-1
DON’T LET OUR DREAMS DIE YOUNG  Mercury 814 448-1M-1
LOVING ARMS OF TENNESSEE  Mercury 814 448-1M-1 YOU LAY A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE ON ME  Mercury 814 448-1M-1  
2-57241 I’VE BEEN RAINED ON TOO  Mercury 814 820-7/814 448-1M-1
Mid 1984 Britannia Studio, North Hollywood, CA  – Tom Jones (Producer: Gordon Mills)
2-57331 GIVE HER ALL THE ROSES (DON'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW)  Mercury 880 569-7/822 701-1M-1 
MY KIND OF GIRL  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
ALL THE LOVE ON THE RADIO  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
THAT RUNAWAY WOMAN OF MINE  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
BAD LOVE  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
A PICTURE OF YOU  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
THE MOONLIGHT HOURS  Mercury 822 701-1M-1
2-57338  I‘M AN OLD ROCK AND ROLLER (DANCIN‘ TO A DIFFERENT BEAT) 880 402-7/822 701-1M-1
STILL A FRIEND OF MINE  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
ONLY MY HEART KNOWS  Mercury 822 701-1M-1 
ca May 1985 Britannia Studio, North Hollywood, CA  – Tom Jones (Tom Jones [vcl], Fred Tackett [ac gt], George Doering [gt], Billy Joe Walker Jr. [el gt], Dennis Belfield [bass], Ed Greene [drums], Alan Estes [percussion], John Hobbs [piano/keyboards], Joel Peskin [sax],  The Jimmy Getzof String Section [strings], Darlene Koldenhoven, Edie Lehmann, Linda Harmon, Gene Morford, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Jerry Whitman [bck vcl])
NOT ANOTHER HEART SONG  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
2-58247 IT’S FOUR IN THE MORNING  Mercury 884 282-7/826 140-1M-1
DALLAS DARLIN’  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
TLC  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
I CAN HELP  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
A MILLION TIMES TODAY  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
STILL ENOUGH OF US  Mercury 826 140-1M-1
HOLD ME TO IT  Mercury 826 140-1M-1  
1987 Hollywood, CA – Tom Jones
2-59464 LOVER TO LOVER 886 911-7

Mercury SRM-1-4010 Darlin': Darlin’; But I Do; Lady Lay Down; No Guarantee; What In The World’s Come Over You; One Night; A Daughter’s Question; I Don’t Want To Know You That Well; Dime Queen Of Nevada; The Things That Matter Most To Me; Come Home Rhondda Boy – 13-04-81
Mercury SRM-1-4062 Tom Jones Country: I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight; A Woman's Touch; If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You; We're Wasting Our Time; Somebody's Cryin'; Marie; My Last Goodbye; Touch Me (I'll Be Your Fool Once More); We Could Be The Closest Of Friends; It'll Be Me – 19-08-82
Mercury 422 814 448-1M-1 Don't Let Our Dreams Die Young: You’ve Got A Right; The One I Sing My Love Songs To; This Ain’t Tennessee And She Ain’t You; I’ve Been Rained On Too; You Are No Angel; Don’t Let Our Dreams Die Young; This Time; That Old Piano; Loving Arms Of Tennessee; You Lay A Whole Lot Of Love On Me – 07-10-83
Mercury 422 822 701-1M-1 Love Is on the Radio: My Kind Of Girl; All The Love On The Radio; That Runaway Woman Of Mine; Give Her All The Roses (Don't Wait Until Tomorrow); Bad Love; A Picture Of You; The Moonlight Hours;Still A Friend Of Mine; Only My Heart Knows; I'm An Old Rock And Roller (Dancin' To A Different Beat) – 29-09-84
Mercury 422 826 140-1M-1 Tender Loving Care: Not Another Heart Song; That’s All That Matters; It’s Four In The Morning; Dallas Darlin’; TLC; I Can Help; A Million Times Today; Love Burned A Hole In The Night; Still Enough Of Us; Hold Me To It – 15-10-85

Mercury (1981-85)
76100  Darlin‘ / I Don’t Want To Know You That Way – 81
76115 What In The World's Come Over You / The Things That Matter Most To Me – 81
76125 Lady Lay Down / A Daughter's Question – 11-81 
76172  A Woman’s Touch / I’ll Never Get Over You – 07-82
810 445-7 We’re Wasting Our Time / Touch Me (I'll Be Your Fool Once More) - 82
812 631-7 If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye To You / It’ll Be Me - 82
814 282-7  I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is / My Last Goodbye - 83
814 820-7 I’ve Been Rained On Too / That Old Piano – 83
818 801-7 This Time / Memphis, Tennessee -83
880 173-7 All The Love Is On The Radio / You Are No Angel - 83
880 402-7 I’m An Old Rock and Roller / My Kind Of Girl - 84
880 569-7 Give Her All The Roses / A Picture Of You - 84
884 029-7 Not Another Heart Song  / Only My heart Knows - 85
884 282-7 It’s Four In The Morning / I’ll Never Get Over You – 85
886 911-7 Lover To Lover / A Daughter‘s Question - 87

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