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Tom Russell, part 2

3rd version
By Praguefrank, Marc Alesina, Thieu Van De Vorst
Demo H+R 512 Ring Of Bone:
Mojave; Alkali; Zane Grey; Beneath Canyon Walls; The 27th Parable; Old Women Suite: a) Mrs Zeelsdorf's Garden (P. Hardin and T. Russell); b) Old Lady Blues (P. Hardin and T. Russell); c) Coffins on the Brazos; Look At Us Now; Denver Wind; Ring of Bone – 76 w. Patricia Hardin (reissued as part od Early Years in 1994)
Demo H+R 513 Wax Museum: House of Wax; Stampede; Tarantula; Wildhorse Annie; Mr. Faulkner in Hollywood; Wind on the Buffalo Grass; The End of the Trail; Who is Franz Rummel?; Joshua Tree; The Phantom of Balance; The Hindenburg – 78 w. Patricia Hardin (reissued as part od Early Years in 1994)
Sweetwater SWR-1001 Tom Russell: Rock; He's My Comfort; Let It Shine; I'll Still Love You; Tower Of Salvation; Cornerstone; Knowing The Lord; Long And Winding Road; Thank You Lord; I Don't Need A Miracle; Just A Little Talk With Jesus - 78
End Of Trail ET-7415 Heart On A Sleeve: One and One; Heart on a Sleeve; Blinded by the Light Of Love; A Touch of Grey; Wild Hearts; St. Olav's Gate; Gallo del Cielo; Mandarin Oranges; Cropduster; Canadian Whisky; Chinese Silver; A Bowl of Red – 84 (reissued on Bear Familz BCD-15243 in 1987 and on Edsel EDCD-641 in 2000 with added tracks The Dance
Mega [NOR] MRLP-3064 Road To Bayamon: Home Before Dark; U.S. Steel; Downtown Train; Love Makes A Fool Of The Wise; The Definition Of A Fool; As The Crow Flies;The Road To Bayamon; Alkali; Wise Blood; Joshua Tree; Mezcal; William Faulkner In Hollywood; Fire – 87 (reissued on Philo PHCD-1116)
Dark Angel CD-800 Poor Man's Dream: Blue Wing; The Heart of the Working Man; Veteran's Day; Walkin' on the Moon; Outbound Plane; Bergenfield; Spanish Burgundy; Gallo del Cielo; La Frontera; Navajo Rug; Under the Gun; The White Trash Song – 90 (reissued on Philo PHCD-1136)
Sonet [NOR] RUSS-3 Hurricane Season: Black Pearl; Lord Of The Trains; Beyond The Blues; Jack Johnson; Chocolate Cigarettes; Winnipeg; The Evangeline Hotel; A Dollar's Worth Of Gasoline; Hurricane Season; Haley's Comet – 91 Tom
Sonet [NED] RUSS-4 Cowboy Real: El Llano Estacado; A Bad Half Hour; The Basque; Claude Dallas; Navajo Rug; Indian Cowboy; Gallo del Cielo; Rayburn Crane; Sonora's Death Row; Zane Grey; Roanie – 92 (reissued on Munich MRCD 161, Philo PHCD-1146)
Round Tower [UK] RTM-40 Beyond The St. Olav's Gate (1979-1992): Cropduster; St. Olav's Gate; the Dance*; Home Before Dark; U.S. Steel; Road To Bayamon; Blue Wing; Gallo Del Cielo; Veteran's Day; Walking On The Moon; Outbound Plane; Greatest Show On Earth*; Navajo Rug; Black Pearl; Beyond The Blues; Haley's Comet – 92 (*previously unissued)
Round Tower [UK] RTM-54 Box Of Visions: The Angel of Lyon; Annette; Heart of Hearts; Purgatory Road; Manzanar; Waterloo; Coney Island Moon; Hong Kong Boy; Wedding Dress Mary (A Place to Hang Your Heart); Blood Oranges; The Extra Mile; Box of Visions – 93 (US issue on Philo PHCD-1158 in June 1993)
East Side Digital ESD-8069-2 Hillbilly Voodoo: Long Black Train; Cuban Sandwich; Jack Johnson; I Just Want To See You So Bad; You Can't Get That Stuff No More; Blind Wille McTell; Ice Water; Definition Of A Fool; Chocolate Cigarettes; What Is The Color Of The Soul Of A Man?; Mississippi You're On My Mind; Cleaning Windows - 15-04-93 w. Barrence Whitfield (also in canada on Stony Plain SPCD 1184 and in Ireland on Round Tower Music RTMCD 55)
East Side Digital ESD-8090-2 Cowboy Mambo: Cowboy Mambo; Little Wind; Daniel And The Sacred Harp; Black Rose; Desert Blues; Devil's Right Hand; Home Before Dark; I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight; Insufficient Sweetie (Tribute To Ukulele Ike); Red Red Run; Brass Buttons; Freedom Highway - 94 w. Barrence Whitfield (alsoin Ireland on Round Tower Music RTMCD 64)
Dark Angel DACD-2 Early Years (1975-1979): Mojave; Alkali; Zane Gray; Beneath Canyon Walls; 27th Parable; Old Women Suite; Denver Wind; Ring Of Bone; House Of Wax; Stampede; Tarantula; Wildhorse Annie; Wind On The Buffalo Grass; End Of The Trail; Who Is Franz Rummel; Joshua Tree; Phantom Of Balance; Hindenburg – 94 w. Patricia Hardin (sampler)
Diversa LA CDCR-83494 Indian Cowboy: Black Pearl; Bergenfield; Evangeline Hotel; Indian Cowboy; Beyond The Blues; Heart Of The Working Man; White Trash Song; Raybum Crane; U.S. Steel; Zane Grey; Love Makes A Fool Of The Wise; Jack Johnson – 01-08-94 (sampler)
Hightone HCD-8066 The Rose Of The San Joaquin: Volver, Volver (Intro); The Rose of the San Joaquin; Hand Carved Heart; Heartaches Are Stealin' (Come Sundown); What Do You Want?; Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son; Out in California; The Sky Above, the Mud Below; The Gardens; Strawberry Moon; Between the Cracks; Tramps and Hawkers; Volver, Volver – 13-09-95
Hightone HCD-8081 The Long Way Around: St. Olav's Gate;Outbound Plane; Big Water; Beyond the Blues; Spanish Burgundy; U.S. Steel; Walking on the Moon; The Angel of Lyon (in St. Louis); Veteran's Day; The Eyes of Roberto Duran; Blue Wing; Haley's Comet; Manzanar; Mineral Wells; Gallo del Cielo; Road to Bayamon; Box of Visions – 06-05-97
Hightone Music Group HMG-2501 Song Of The West - The Cowboy Collection: Rambler Gambler; The Banks of the Musselshell; Dance Hall Girls; The Sky Above, the Mud Below; Hallie Lonnigan; South Coast; Gallo del Cielo; Alkali; The Ballad of William Sycamore; The John Bull Tin; Claude Dallas; Rayburn Crane; El Llano Estacado; Navajo Rug; Prairie in the Sky – 29-09-97
Hightone HCD-8099 The Man From God Knows Where: The Man from God Knows Where; Wayfarin' Stranger; Patrick Russell; Mary Clare Malloy (American Wake); The Outcast; Ambrose Larsen; The Dreamin'; The Old Northern Shore; The Man from God Knows Where;. Anna Olsen; Rider on an Orphan Train; Acres of Corn; The Man from God Knows Where; Sitting Bull in Venice; The Old Rugged Cross; Anna Olsen's Letter Home; Eg Er Framand; When Irish Girls Grow Up; Casey Jones; Chickasaw County Jail; Wayfarin' Stranger (Passage Of Time); Throwin' Horseshoes at the Moon; The Man from God Knows Where; The Outcast (Revisited); Wayfarin' Stranger (Revisited); Love Abides – 16-03-99
Hightone HCD-8132 Borderland: A Touch of Evil; Down the Rio Grande; When Sinatra Played Juarez; Where the Dream Begins; The Hills of Old Juarez; The Santa Fe at Midnight; Let It Go; California Snow; The Next Thing Smokin'; What Work Is; The Road It Gives, The Road It Takes Away – 17-04-01
Dark Angel DACD 3 Museum Of Memories (1973-2002): Strung Out (Like The Tightest Wire On A Frozen Barbed Wire Fence); Shipwreck Kelly; Cross of Guadalupe; La Galué (The Glutton); Shut Out the Light; Can't Keep No Liquor; Chinatown In The Rain; Amelia's Railroad Flat; Mineral Wells; The Heart; Big Fool; Ten Cent Lemonade; Biggest Bordertown; Roddy McCorley; Hank and Audrey; Closin' Sunny's Diner; When Irish Girls Grow Up; Open Pit Mine; The Dogs Bark But The Caravan Moves On; Dark Angel – 10-02
Hightone HCD-8154 Modern Art: The Kid From Spavinaw; The Ballad of Sally Rose; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; Muhammad Ali; American Hotel; Racehorse Haynes; The Dutchman; Modern Art; Isaac Lewis; Bus Station; Crucifix In A Death Hand / Carmelita; Tijuana Bible; Gulf Coast Highway – 22-04-03
Hightone HCD-8165 Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs: Tonight We Ride; Seven Curses; El Paso; All This Way for the Short Ride; Bucking Horse Moon; Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts; No Telling; Bacon Rind/Chief Seattle/The Ballad of Ira Hayes; Old Blue; East Texas Red; The Ballad of Edward Abbey; Little Blue Horse – 24-02-04
Hightone HCD-8177 Hot Walker: Pilgrim Land; Old America; Hotwalker; Border Lights; Beat Folk; Van Ronk; Bakersfield; Grapevine; Woodrow; Benediction: Edward Abbey; Honky Jazz; Swap Meet Jesus; Bukowski #1; Harry Partch, Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce; Bukowski #2 "On the Hustle"; Bukowski #3; Requiem; Coda: Little Jack Horton; America the Beautiful – 08-03-05
Philo 11671-1248-2 Raw Vision: The Tom Russell Band (1984-1994): Waterloo; U.S. Steel; Blue Wing; Home Before Dark; Veteran's Day; Purgatory Road; Heart of Hearts; Navajo Rug (w. Ian Tyson); Gallo del Cielo (w. Ian Tyson); Spanish Burgundy; Hurricane Season; Haley's Comet; Oil Field Girls* (demo); Hong Kong Boy* (demo, featuring Greg Trooper); Denver Wind* - 20-09-05
Hightone HCD-8190 Love And Fear: The Pugilist at 59; Beautiful Trouble; Stealing Electricity; Sound of One Heart; The Breaking; Ash Wednesday; K.C. Violin; Four Chambered Heart; Stolen Children; It Goes Away; All the Fine Young Ladies; Old Heart – 21-03-06
Hightone HCD-8196 Wounded Heart Of America (Tom Russell Songs): Veteran's Day; Blue Wing; Gallo del Cielo; Acres of Corn; The Outcaste; Manzanar; St. Olav's Gate; Outbound Plane; Canadian Whiskey*; Navajo Rug*; The Sky Above and the Mud Below; Haley's Comet; Stealing Electricity; Walking on the Moon; The Cuban Sandwich;. Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?*; Home Before Dark; The Death of Jimmy Martin* – 21-08-07
Shout! Factory 826663-10998 The Tom Russel Anthology – Veteran’s Day: Joshua Tree (featuring Patricia Hardin); Cropduster; One and One (featuring Shawn Colvin); U.S. Steel; Home Before Dark; Navajo Rug; Veteran's Day; Outbound Plane; Gallo del Cielo (featuring Ian Tyson); Haley's Comet; Manzanar; Cleaning Windows; Tulare Dust/They're Tearin' the Labor Camps Down; The Rose of the San Joaquin; Out in California; . St. Olav's Gate (featuring Nanci Griffith); Big Water (featuring Iris DeMent); The Angel of Lyon; Blue Wing (featuring Dave Alvin); Beyond the Blues (featuring Jimmie Dale Gilmore); The Sky Above, The Mud Below;. Throwin' Horseshoes at the Moon; Down the Rio Grande; California Snow; Touch of Evil; Isaac Lewis; Kid from Spavinaw; Tonight We Ride; Grapevine; Van Ronk; The Pugilist at 59; Ash Wednesday; Stealing Electricity; Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?; The Death of Jimmy Martin; Dark Angel*; Roll the Credits* – 28-10-08 (*previously unissued, double)
Scarlet Letter SCARLCD-7 One to the Heart, One to the Head: North Platte; Prairie In The Sky;  Billy 4;  Blue Mountains Of Mexico; These Cowboys Born Out Of Their Time;  Guadalupe;  Sweet And Shiny Eyes;  Wolves;  Snowin' On Raton;  Old Paint;  My Last Go Round;  North Platte (reprise);  If I Had A Gun;  Prairie Melancholy - 01-02-09 w. Gretchen Peters
Shout! Factory 826663-11471 Blood And Candle Smoke: East of Woodstock, West of Viet Nam; Santa Ana Wind; Nina Simone; Criminology; Crosses of San Carlos; Finding You; Mississippi River Runnin' Backwards; The Most Dangerous Woman in American; Don't Look Down; Guadalupe; American Rivers; Darkness Visible – 15-09-09 (UK issue on proper PRPCD 049)
Frontera FR-4 Cowboy’d All To Hell: El Llano Estacado; The Basque; Claude Dallas; Navajo Rug (w. Ian Tyson); Gallo Del Cielo (w, Ian Tyson); Rayburn Crane; Zane Grey [Zane Grey]; Roanie;Hallie Lonnigan; The Banks of the Musselshell; Tonight We Ride; All This Way for the Short Ride; Bucking Horse Moon; The Sky Above, the Mud Below; Heart of a Bucking Horse; Throwin' Horseshoes at the Moon; The Rose of the San Joaquin – 10 (sampler)
Shout! Factory 82663-12775 Mesabi: Mesabi; When the Legends Die (w. Van Dyke Parks); Farewell Never Never Land; Lonesome Death of Ukulele Ike, The; Sterling Hayden; Furious Love; Land Called "Way Out There", A; Roll the Credits, Johnny; Heart Within a Heart; And God Created Border Towns (w. Augie Meyers); Goodnight, Juarez; Jai Alai; Love Abides; Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall (w. Lucinda Williams; Road to Nowhere (From Road to Nowhere) – 06-09-11
Frontera FR-5/113946-2 Aztec Jazz: Love Abides; Nina Simone; East of Woodstock, West of Vietnam; Goodnight Juarez; Criminology; Guadalupe; Stealing Electricity; Finding You;
Mississippi River Running Backwards; St. Olav's Gate; Jai Alai – 11-06-13 (UK issue on Proper PRPCD 113)
Frontera FR-6  Museum Of Memories, vol. 2 (1973-2013): Old Saltillo Road; Trucker’s Farewell; Talking Drum (For Phil Everly); The Heart Can’t Stand It; Valley of the Rio Grande; Homeless Hearts; Dakota; Amish Lullabye; Neighbors (Bill and Joan); Leaving Texas; Business End of the Blues; The Outcast; Fields of Atheny; The Coat Hank Williams Wore; Donkey ShowCancion Mixteca; De Kooning; In the American Grain; Better Left Unsaid; Small Engine Repair; John Doe Mexican; I Hate to Tell You I Told You So – 13
Frontera FR-7 Midway To Bayamon: The Lost Tapes 1985-1987: Wise Blood; As the Crow Flies; The Lady Loves the Gambler; Listen to the Heart; The Dance; Mezcal; Amelia's Railroad Flat; A Cajun Lullaby; Heartland; La Galué (The Glutton); The Road to Bayamon; Home Before Dark; Navajo Rug; Love Makes a Fool of the Wise; Joshua Tree; Juarez, a Polka Town; Common Strangers; The Definition of a Fool; Denver Wind (demo with Nanci Griffith); Follow Your Heartbeat; Whistlin' in the Dark; Lights of Oslo; Honkytonk Heart; U.S. Steel; William Faulkner in Hollywood – 14 (1985-1987)
Frontera FR-8 Western Years: Tonight We Ride;  East Texas Red;  El Paso;  Little Blue Horse;  Hills Of Old Juarez;  Old Blue;  California Snow;  Sitting Bull In Venice;  Bucking Horse Moon;  Seven Curses;  Chickasaw County Jail;  Tramps and Hawkers;  Grapevine;  Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts;  Claude Dallas;  The Ballad of William Sycamore; Dance Hall Girls;  El Llano Estacado;  The Man From God Knows Where Part 1;  Patrick Russell; Down The Rio Grande (aka Rio Grande);  Prairie In the Sky;  Casey Jones;  Stealing Electricity;  Racehorse Haynes;  Gulf Coast Highway;  Bacon Rind, Chief Seattle, The Ballad Of Ira Hayes;  The Santa Fe At Midnight;  The Ballad of Sally Rose;  American Rivers;  1 Santa Ana Wind;  Navajo Rug (Live);  El Gallo Del Cielo (Live);  The Sky Above, The Mud Below (live) – 16-09-14 (double, sampler)
Frontera FR-9 The Rose Of Roscrae: Overture; This Is The Last Frontier; Guilty / Johnny Behind-The-Deuce; Sam Hall; The Rose Of Roscrae; Hair Trigger Heart; He'll Be Dead Before He Hits The Ground; You Gotta Have A Dance / St James Hospital; Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos; The Last Running; Home On The Range / America; Just A Closer Walk; Cowboy Voices Beyond The Campfire; He Wasn't A Bad Kid, When He Was Sober; The Sidekick's Last Testament; Johnny's Campfire Soliloquy #1; The Unfortunate Rake / The Streets Of Laredo; The Hands Of Damien; This Is The Last Frontier / Campfire Soliloquy #2; Carrickfergus / The Water Is Wide; The Fairground Pugilist; Campfire Soliloquy #3; Campfire Ghosts / Cowboy Voices; Crazy Horse / Custer's Luck; Johnny Behind-The-Deuce #2 — Molokai; She Talks To God; Rock Of Ages / Gunpowder Sunset Overture; The Water Is Wide / Overture;  I Talk To God; The Bear; The Railroad Boy; Resurrection Mountain; When The Wolves No Longer Sing; Just A Closer Walk With Thee / The Gospel Of John, Chapter 4; Jesus Met The Woman At The Well; Damien (A Crust Of Bread, A Slice Of Fish, A Cup Of Water); Guadalupe / Valentine De La Sierra; Poor Mother Mexico; Gallo Del Cielo; Soliloquy #1 / Swiss Yodel Choir; En Canadien Errant; He'll Be Dead Before He Hits The Ground #2; Doin' Hard Time In Texas‘;When I Was A Cowboy; West Texas Montage; Old Rattlebag Blues (Soliloquy #2); Midnight Wine; Whiskey In His Blood; Tularosa; Irish Medley / The Stable; Isn't It Grand?; The Rose Of Roscrae – 02-06-15 (double)
Frontera FR-10 Gunpowder Sunsets: The Tom Russell Anthology 2: Honkytonk Heart (Like Mine); Spanish Burgundy; The Road To Bayamon; Love Abides; When Sinatra Played Juarez; Tijuana Bible; East Of Woodstock, West Of Vietnam; Nina Simone; Don't Look Down; Mesabi; Sterling Hayden; Guadalupe; Finding You; The Rose Of Roscrae; Hair Trigger Heart; He Wasn't A Bad Kid, When He Was Sober; Resurrection Mountain; Iron Eyes Cody; Where Do All The Cowboys Go? – 26-04-16
True North [CAN] TNCD 663 Play One More: The Songs of Ian and Sylvia: Wild Geese; Thrown to the Wolves; Rio Grande; The Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down; Play One More; Old Cheyenne;Short Grass; Sam Bonnifield's Saloon;These Friends of Mine; Red Velvet; The Renegade; When the Wolves No Longer Sing;Grey Morning - (Ian and Sylvia demo, previously unreleased);The French Girl (Ian and Sylvia demo, previously unreleased) – 19-05-17
Frontera FR-11 Folk Hotel: Up in the Old Hotel; Leaving El Paso; I'll Never Leave These Old Horses; The Sparrow of Swansea (For Dylan Thomas); All on a Belfast Morning; Rise Again, Handsome Johnny; Harlan Clancy; The Last Time I Saw Hank; The Light Beyond the Coyote Fence; The Dram House Down in Gutter Lane; The Day They Dredged the Liffey / The Banks of Montauk / The Road to Santa Fe-O; The Rooftops of Copenhagen - 08-09-17

Frontera FR-12 Old Songs Yet To Sing:  Alkali;  Gallo Del Cielo;  Canadian Whisky;  Cropduster;  Veteran's Day;  Walkin' On The Moon;  U.S. Steel;  Manzanar;  Angel Of Lyon;  St. Olav's Gate;  Navajo Rug;  Rose Of The San Joaquin;  The Sky Above, The Mud Below;  Throwing Horseshoes At The Moon;  Beyond The Blues;  Blue Wing;  Haley's Comet;  California Snow;  Tonight We Ride;  Biggest Bordertown – 04-05-18  

Hightone HDVD 89901 Hearts On The Line: Angel Of Lyon; Blue Wing; The Next Thing Smokin‘; Gallo De; Cielo; Isaac Lewis; Navajo Rug; Tonight We Ride; Out In California; The Road It Giver, The Road It Takes Away; All The Fine Young Ladies; Hearts On The Line; Ash Wednesday; Where The Dream Begins; Stealing Electricity; It Goes Away; [bonus tracks:] Ash Wednesday; Stealing Electricity - 05 (rec. 2004)

Hightone H-RTCD 9706 Big Water: Big Water; St. Olav‘s Gate; The Day The Whole World Turned Blue; Beyond The Blues - ca 97

End Of The Trail
TR-153 Gallo De Cielo (Rooster From Heaven) / Wise Blood - 82
Sonet [NOR]
RUSS 2 Claude Dallas / St. Olavs Gate – 91
RUSS05 Anette – 93 (promo)

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