Sunday, October 8, 2017

Kevin Collins

by Praguefrank

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ALBUMS (incomplete)
Sawyer Hill prod. [CAN] SHP-1002 My Old Homestead:Back Home Is Where They Want To Be; God Bless You My Darling Wife; Off To Philidelphia; Hip Rubber Gang; Girls From Newfoundland; My Old Homestead; Mary From Dungloe; Mountain Dew; Prison Of Newfoundland; Carol Anderson - 89
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] RDR 176 Heartbroken Heart: Heartbroken Heart; Apartment No. 9; Just Walk On By; I Never Lost My Mind; I Begged Her Not To Leave; When The Grass Grows Over Me; Little Ole Dime; Somewhere East Of West Berlin; Charlie's Shoes; One Drink I Couldn't Get Down - 90
Two Step Prod. [CAN] WRC8-6700 Follow The Wind: I'm Going Back; Follow The Wind; Full Of Feeling Empty Over You; Still Missing You; Treat Me Wrong And Make Me Blue; The Stranger; It's Not Funny How Love Slips Away; Rockin' Hillbilly Stroll; We Wasted The Best Of Our Years; I Begged Her Not To Leave But I Was Glad To See Her Go – 94
Gold Key [CAN] WRC8-6851 Wildfire: Country Tango; Baby I've Fallen; Is Anybody Looking For A Fool ; Old Joes; Till I Close My Eyes; Wildfire; Set Me  Free; Only In Your Eyes; Quittin Time; Rose From The Garden Of Prayer - 95
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] 02 50882 Hills Of Home: Hills Of Home; Tribute To St. Mary's ; Rose Of Newfoundland; Town I Loved So Well; My Old Homestead; That Old Man; Old Fashioned Tune; Staten Island; As Soon As I Can; Rich Man's Garden; These Are My Memories - 00
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP 052401 Farside Banks Of Jordan: Homecoming In Heaven For Me; I Can't Even Walk; Old Old Story; You Don't Count The Cost; Where No One Stands Alone; Rose From The Garden Of Prayer; Farside Banks Of Jordan; Too Old To Die Young; The Best Is Yet To Come; Wine Back Into Water; Dust On Mother's Bible; Family Bible – 01
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] ? Long Gone Are The Days:  Long Gone Are The Days; Silver Unto Gold; Will They Lie There Evermore; Old Irish Song; Long Long Before Your Time;                     Pete's Tune; That's What The World Should Be Living For; Holy Ground; Long Ago And Far Away; A Dance As Old As Tears; From An Island To An Island; Square Dance Medley – 02
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] ? Merry Christmas From Home: Christmas Times a Comin'; Christmas with or Without; Up on a Houetop; White Christmas; Merry Christmas Polka; All I Want for Christmas Is You; Merry Christmas Straight to You; Daddy's Stuff; Frosty the Snowman; Merry Christmas from Home – 07-06-02
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP 070104 Jump In And Swim:  Jump In And Swim; You've Got A Lover; Your Wanting Me Is Gone; Heartstrings; Got A New Life; Share My World With You; Shadow Of The Pines; Set Us Free; No Future For Me In Our Post; Lay Down Sally; Where In The World Are You Crying Tonight; White Line Home; Walk Through This World With Me; Half Of Life That's Gone; He Don't Call Me Anymore; Give My Love To Rose.- 04
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP 091504 This Is My Home: This Is My Home; If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here; Will You Love Me The Way; Clare To Here; Your Wedding Day; You Can't Turn Back The Years; Kingdom Of Kerry; Emigrant's Farewell; Streets Of New York; Be Nice To The People; Cottage By The Sea; No One To Welcome You Home; Tomb Of The Unknown Grave – 04
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP 041806 The Photograph: Take These Chains From My Heart; Golden Years;  Invitation To The Blues; Mockingbird Hill; The Photograph; Diggy Liggy Lo; Only In Your Eyes; I Still Miss Someone; Come With Me Molly; I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again; Don't Take Her She's All I Got; Set Me Free; Six Days On The Road; Just Walk On By; Baby I've Fallen; Road That Never Ends - 06
Rosette [CAN] ROSCD 2065 The Collection: Jump In And Swim; Set Us Free; The Photograph; This Is My Home; Tomb Of The Unknown Grave; Emigrants Farewell;                    From An Island To An Island; My Old Homestead; Long Gone Are The Days; Farside Banks Of Jordan; Gold And Silver Days; Take These Chains; Invitation To The Blues; Mockingbird Hill; Golden Years; I Still Miss Someone; Hard Times Come Again No More; You Can't Turn Back The Years; Six Days On The Road; Road That Never Ends;  [Untitled] - 06
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP 051508 Just Call My Name: Lonesome 77203; Just Call My Name; Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel; Charley Pride Medley; Lights Of Home; Don't Let It Get Away; In My Father's House; Saving Grace; Slippers With Wings; Reality Shows; When A Heart Will Fall; Happy Birthday Baby Mine; The Old Man - 08
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP 071510 Home Again: Ring Of Fire; Galway Girl; One And Only; Green Fields Of Ireland; We're Gonna Be Alright; Big Shoes; Home Again; Old Dungarvan Oak; Honky Tonk Man; Sing The Blues To Daddy; Be My Guest; Time; Just Look Who Came Today; Thank You Lord; Orphan Train – 10-10
Sawyer Hill prod. [CAN] ? Newfoundland/Irish Favourites – Collector’s Edition: Long Long Before Your Time;  A Mother’s Love Is A Blessing;  Kelly From Killane;  Tribute To Newfoundland;  Molly Bawn;  The Huskey Reel (Accordion Tune); Shores Of Amerikay; For Now I’m Sixty Four (Sweet Sixteen);  Holy Ground; Girl From Donegal; The Irish Rover; Spancill Hill; Mary From Dunloe; Prison Of Newfoundland;Carol Anderson; God Bless You My Darling Wife; Girls from Newfoundland; Off To Philadelphia; Long Ago and Far Away – Wayne Taylor/Kevin Collins Square Dance Accordion Medley; – 1-
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] ? 100% Irish: Three Leaf Shamrock;  Tom Tobin’s Dicky Bird;  My Father’s Ole Sou’ Wester;  Colleen Malone;  I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me;  Parting Glass;  Memories Of Ireland;  My Hat’s From Donegal;  Day Of My Return;  You Can Say That I Died Home;  One And Only – 12?
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] ? Forever And A Day: Forever And A Day;  Southern California; Pop A Top;  Vacation; Boogie Queen; There Stand's The Glass; Think Of Me When You're Lonely; Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore; Heartful Of Love; Memories Of My Life - 13
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] ? I Believe:  I Believe;  In My Father's House;   Slippers With Wings;  Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me;  Light's Of Home;  Saving Grace; Time;  Gonna Wake Up Dancin';  Orphan Train; Just Look Who Came Today; Just Call My Name;  Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore; The Old Man  - 14?
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN]  ? I Miss You So: Wagon Wheel; Don't Come Crying To Me; One Woman Man / Why Baby Why; Tribute To George Jones "The Possum"; The American Way; You Can Knock On My Door Anytime; I Miss You So; You're Still On My Mind; A Little Bit Of Luck Goes A Long Long Way; I Will Love You‘; My Julianna -  02-03-15
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] ? Better Than Today: Better Than Today; Country Medley: Once a Day / Send Me the Pillow / Don't Be Angry;  I Wish I Could Have Been There;  This Moment Is Mine;  Hug;  Locklin's Bar;  Borrowed Angel;  Home;  At the End of the Storm the Sun Will Shine;  Make the World Go Away;  I've Had a Good Life;  Picture of Three Children;  Jump in and Swim; - Donegal Danny – 01-04-16
Sawyer Hill Prod. [CAN] SHP121516 Christmas Back Home: Christmas Back Home; A Christmas Letter; Come Home to Ireland for Christmas; Christmas Medley: Holly Jolly Christmas / Jingle Bell Rock / Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree; Across the Miles at Christmas; Home; Put Christmas Back Where It Belongs; We Have Seen Him; Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem; Christmas Is in the Air; Greatest Gift of All – 25-11-16 26th album

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