Friday, January 12, 2018

Craig Moritz

by Praguefrank
2005 Medicine Hat, AB, CAN/  MR+D Studios, Burnaby, BC, CAN / The Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, BC, CAN – Crag Moritz (Prducer: Tom McKillip)
001 SAY THE WORD Tailgate CM 0024  
002 GOOD RAIN Tailgate CM 0024  
003 LOVE'S HARD Tailgate CM 0024  
004 PLAIN OL' PAIN Tailgate CM 0024  
005 THE WAY I FEEL RIGHT NOW Tailgate CM 0024  
006 REMEMBER ME Tailgate CM 0024  
007 HEAVY METAL Tailgate CM 0024  
008 JUST SOME LOVE Tailgate CM 0024  
009 IT'S ALL OVER NOW Tailgate CM 0024  
010 YOU Tailgate CM 0024  
011 LONELY Tailgate CM 0024
012 untitled  Tailgate CM 0024
2008 poss. Nashville, TN – Craig Moritz (Producer: Dean Sams, Dean Miller)
013 GOOD AT LOVIN' YOU Royalty RCD 0891  
015 HEY Y'ALL Royalty RCD 0891  
016 CLEAR Royalty RCD 0891  
017 GOD ONLY KNOWS Royalty RCD 0891  
018 GIMME LAST NIGHT Royalty RCD 0891  
019 DON'T Royalty RCD 0891
020 DOWN AND DIRTY Royalty RCD 0891  
021 BLAME YOU Royalty RCD 0891  
022 TILL NOW Royalty RCD 0891  
023 FOOL INSIDE OF ME Royalty RCD 0891
2011 Insomnia Studios in Nashville, TN - Craig Moritz (Craig Moritz [vcl], Ethan Ballinger [ac gt], Tyler Cain [ac gt], Johnny Gasparic [ac gt], Jason Chance [el gt], Bob Britt [el gt], Wanda Vic [banjo/fiddle], Ethan Ballinger [mando], Sasha Ortrovsky [dobro], Tommy White/ Mike Johnson [steel], Paul Chapman/  Steve Mackey/  Johnny Gasparic [bass], William Ellis/ Pat McDonald [drums], Andy Leftwich [fiddle], Walt Scott [keyboards], Dennis Wage [Hammond B-3], Matty McKay, Tim Rupport, Sue Levesque [bck vcl]. Producer:Eddie Gore) [overdub sessions: MCC Studios Calgary, AB, CAN]
024 ONLY WHEN YOU'RE LONELY  On Ramp 21351   
025 WORK FOR BEER  On Ramp 21351  
026 BETTER THAN THAT  On Ramp 21351  
027 GIRL IN THE CHECK OUT LINE  On Ramp 21351  
029 IF I WERE A PIRATE  On Ramp 21351   
030 I'M YOUR MAN  On Ramp 21351  
031 WITH YOU  On Ramp 21351  
032 STAGE FIVE CLINGER  On Ramp 21351
033 DRINKIN' AND DIALIN'  On Ramp 21351   
034 NO FUN HATERS  On Ramp 21351  
035 TAMBOURINE  On Ramp 21351
036 STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU  On Ramp 21351   
037 ON THE 8TH DAY  On Ramp 21351  
038 WRONG, RIGHT?  On Ramp 21351   
039 BLAME YOU  On Ramp 21351  
2014 unknown – Craig Moritz
040 READY TO ROLL digital single [rel. May 29]
2014 unknown – Craig Moritz
041 CHRISTMAS DOWN IN MEXICO digital single [rel. Dec. 8]
2014 unknown – Craig Moritz
042 GOOD TIME COMIN‘  ON digital single [rel. Apr. 27, 2015]
2015 unknown – Craig Moritz
043 THE CHRISTMAS PARTY digital single [rel. Dec. 3]
2016 [sessions for Hurt All Over]  unknown – Curtis Grambo and Craig Moritz

Tailgate Music/Royalty CM 0024 The Way I Feel: Say The Word; Good Rain; Love's Hard; Plain Ol' Pain; The Way I Feel Right Now; Remember Me; Heavy Metal; Just Some Love; It's All Over Now; You; Lonely; untitled song – 18-10-05
Royalty [CAN] RCD 0891 Down And Dirty: Good At Lovin' You; They Don't Make Them Like You; Hey Y'all; Clear; God Only Knows; Gimme Last Night; Don't;Down And Dirty; Blame You; Till Now; Fool Inside Of Me – 02-09-08
On Ramp [CAN] R 21351 Only When You’re Lonely:  Only When You're Lonely;  Work for Beer;  Better Than That;  Girl in the Check Out Line;  You Shoulda Seen Her This Morning;  If I Were a Pirate;  I'm Your Man;  With You;  Stage Five Clinger;  Drinkin' and Dialin';  No Fun Haters;  Tambourine; Still in Love With You;  On the 8th Day;  Wrong, Right?;  Blame You – 07-11

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