Saturday, January 13, 2018

JB And The Moonshine Band

By Praguefrank
2009 Donny's House, Bullard, TX – JB And The Moonshine Band (JB Patterson [vcl/gt], Hayden McMullen [el gt], Chis Flores [bass], Gabe Guevara [drums])
001 I'M BROKE Average Joes 223  
002 AIN'T GOIN BACK TO JAIL Average Joes 223  
003 WHISKEY DAYS Average Joes 223  
004 LOVE DON'T LET YOU DECIDE Average Joes 223  
005 DOIN‘ FINE Average Joes 223  
006 GOOD OLD DAYS Average Joes 223  
007 PERFECT GIRL Average Joes 223 [Moonshine remix:] Average Joes 237
008 THROW YOUR LOVE DOWN Average Joes 223  
009 GLAD THAT YOU'RE MINE Average Joes 223  
010 STICKER PECK OUT Average Joes 223  
011 CHASIN RAINBOWS Average Joes 223  
012 MISSIN YOU AGAIN Average Joes 223
013 ROLL WITH ME Average Joes 223
2010 unknown – The LACS, with JB and The Moonshine Band
014 ME AND MY BOYS -3 Backroad 224  288
2010 unknown -  Colt Ford with JB and The Moonshine Band
015 WHAT I CALL HOME Average Joe 226
2011 [sessions for Mud Digger 2] unknown –  JB And The Moonshine Band
016 I’M DOWN           [LEX Remix:] Average Joes 237
2011 Donny's House, Bullard, TX/ Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN - JB And The Moonshine Band (JB Patterson [vcl/gt/ banjo],  Hayden McMullen [el gt], Mike Johnson [steel], Chris Flores [bass], Gabe Guevara [drums], Shawn Fichter [percussion], Rob Hajacos [fiddle])
017 BEER FOR BREAKFAST Average Joes 237
018 KISS ME THAT WAY Average Joes 237  
019 NO BETTER THAN THIS Average Joes 237  
020 EDGE OF THE ROAD Average Joes 237  
021 MORE LIKE MY DOG Average Joes 237  
022 HELL TO PAY Average Joes 237  
023 SMITH COUNTY LINE Average Joes 237  
024 RIDE Average Joes 237
025 THE ONLY DRUG Average Joes 237
026 BLACK AND WHITE Average Joes 237  
027 I DON'T CARE Average Joes 237  
028 YES Average Joes 237
2012 [sessions for Mud Digger 3] unknown –  JB And The Moonshine Band
2012  [sessions for An Average Joes Muddy Christmas] unknown – JB And The Moonshine Band
2014 Red Wash Studio, Whitehouse, TX - JB And The Moonshine Band  (JB Patterson [vck/gt], Hayden McMullen [gt], Milo Deering [banjo/ fiddle], Chris Flores [vcl/bass], Gabe Guevara [drums])
031 SHOTGUN, RIFLE, AND A .45 Light It Up 9461  [remix:] Light It Up 9461
033 MIXTAPE Light It Up 9461 
034 HOW CAN I MISS YOU Light It Up 9461 
035 LIGHT IT UP Light It Up 9461 
036 CLOSE ENOUGH TO HEAVEN Light It Up 9461 
037 WAGON Light It Up 9461  
038 KEEP A COUPLE BEERS COLD Light It Up 9461 
039 GOOD LORD’S GRACE Light It Up 9461 
040 MESS OUTTA ME Light It Up 9461 
041 WHERE’S WOODY GUTHRIE Light It Up 9461 
042 BACK WHEN WE WERE KIDS Light It Up 9461
2016 [sessions for Mud Digger 8] unknown – Mud Digger feat. JB And The Moonshine Band
2017 unknown – JB And The Moonshine Band
044 WHEN IT RAINS I POUR digital single [rel. July 18]

JB And Monshine Band  11991 Ain't Goin Back to Jail: I'm Broke; Ain't Goin Back to Jail; Whiskey Days; Love Don't Let You Decide; Doin Fine; Good Old Days; Perfect Girl; Throw Your Love Down; Glad That You're Mine; Sticker Peck Out; Chasin Rainbows; Missin You Again; Roll With Me – 09 (reissued on Average Joes 223 in July 2010)
Average Joe’s  237 Beer for Breakfast: Beer for Breakfast; Kiss Me That Way; No Better Than This; Edge of the Road; More Like My Dog; Hell to Pay; Smith County Line; Ride; The Only Drug; Black and White; I Don't Care; Yes; I'm Down (LEX Remix); Perfect Girl (Moonshine Remix) – 06-03-12
Light It Up  9461 Mixtape:  Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45;  You Can’t Take My Backroads;  Mixtape;  How Can I Miss You;  Light It Up;  Close Enough to Heaven;  Wagon;  Keep a Couple Beers Cold;  Good Lord’s Grace;  Mess Outta Me;  Where’s Woody Guthrie;  Back When We Were Kids;  Shotgun, Rifle, and a .45 (Remix) – 29-06-15

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