Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jeff Dayton

*1953 Minneapolis, MN
by Praguefrank
SESSIONS Member of Glen Campbell band
there is not enough infor for creating sessionography

Most albums recorded in Nashvile, TN

Jeff Dayton Music no # The Songwriter’s Demos: Dirt; Get On Down The Road; You Still Got It; Before The Color Dried; Half A Chance; That Had To hurt; Water In, Water Out; I Think About Billy; Things Change; A Girl Like That; My Best Days Alone; Fast; I Won’t Ache Anymore; I’m Good For That; Right Where I Am; Like Nobody’s Leaving; That Lady Can Love [JDB bonus track]; Any Old Time [JDB bonus track] - 06
Jeff Dayton Music no # Never Benn Better: Never Been Better; Happy; Fireball; Someone To Sing To; My Dirt; Love Has a Will; Grinning Like I'm Winning; Ain't No Wrong Road; How Do I Get To You; Shipwreck, Pirates and Gold; You Don't Ride Alone; Tattoos and Attitudes; The Sound of Letting Go; One Day - 07?
Jeff Dayton ? My Faves and Yours: Livin' on Love; Tattoos and Attitudes; Break Me Back In; Fishing With You Baby; I've Got It Bad for You; Islands, Guitars and You; Never Been Better; Twang On; Somewhere over the Rainbow; Flutterby Butterfly; Oklahoma Road; Bluegrass on the Beach; One Day (feat. Carrie Dayton); That's My Baby; Guys With Guitars; Louder You Scream; My Dirt; Grinning Like I'm Winning; You Don't Mess With Happy; Shipwrecks, Pirates and Gold – 29-06-12
Beach Creek ? Play Your Heart Out:  Play Your Heart Out; Don't Get Me Started;  Soy Malo;  Perfect Girl;  Beer It Up; Oklahoma Road;  Guitar Man;  There and Back Again; Louder You Scream + 4 unknown tracks - 13
Beach Creek ? Twang On: Twang On; Stoned; Gentle On My Mind; Wired That Way;Sing It Again; One Time Good Time;Somewhere Over the Rainbow;It's On Tonight; Absofreakinlutely; Bad for You; The Highwayman – 04-06-14
Beach Creek ? Best of… So Far,  1991-2001: Never Been Better;  Long Slow Train Out Of Town;  Oklahoma Road;  Shipwrecks, Pirates And Gold;  Fireball;  My Dirt; There And Back Again; Ain't No Wrong Road Home; Louder You Scream; Tattoos And Attitudes;  Beer It Up;  Grinning Like I'm Winning;  Someone To Sing To;  You Don't Mess With Happy;   Dumb Little Ditty;  Crazy Kind Of Cool;  Play Your Heart Out; Swampedeilico;  Sound Of Letting Go – 01-12-15
Beach Creek ? Back To You: That's My Baby;  Half Full And Overflowing;  Break Me Back  In; Guys With Guitars; Islands, Guitars And You;  Livin' On Love;  Next Time;  Lay It On;  Good For You;  First And Last Thing;  My Little Town; Talking To You – 20-05-16
Beach Creek ? Live My Truth: Hometown Dirt; Live My Truth; Trop Rock Reggae; Good as It Gets; Till I Wear My Boots Out; Back This Way Again; Still Truckin' (for Butch Trucks); My Boat; Get a Job; In My Own Eyes  – 01-03-17
Beach Creek ?  The Glen Connection:  Galveston;  Long Slow Train Out Of Town;  Wichita Lineman;  Southern Nights;  By The Time I Get To Phoenix;  Gentle On My Mind;  The Highwayman;  Live My Truth;  Good As It Gets;  Fall Back In Love; A Better Place - 03-01-18

Winner’s Circle
A 1001 Summer When The Sun goes Down / Summer When The Sun goes Down – 88 (promo)

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