Saturday, January 6, 2018

Licking Valley Boys

by Praguefrank
1979 unknown – Licking Valley Boys (Gary Strong [vcl/ld gt],  Steve Thomson [gt], Rick Beach [tnr vcl/mandolin], Ken Cardin [vcl/banjo], Jerry Cardin [vcl/bass], Jim Strong [fiddle])
001 DOWN THE ROAD Programme Audio 04077   
002 WHEEL HOSS Programme Audio 04077  
003 IT'S GONNA BE A LONG, LONG NIGHT Programme Audio 04077   
004 TAKE ME BACK TO THE MOUNTAINS Programme Audio 04077  
005 I'LL STAY AROUND Programme Audio 04077  
006 MEDICINE SHOW Programme Audio 04077   
007 ASHES OF LOVE Programme Audio 04077   
008 BANJO SIGNAL Programme Audio 04077  
009 I'VE JUST SEEN THE ROCK OF AGES Programme Audio 04077   
010 SKIP, HOP AND WOBBLE Programme Audio 04077  
4 April 1981 Old Homestead Studios, Brighton, MI  - Gary Strong And The Licking Valley Boys (Gary Strong [vcl/ld gt], Lisa Strong [vcl],  Rick Beach [tnr vcl/mandolin], Tom Hensley [vcl/banjo], Ron Cole [bass vcl/ bass])
011 GOING HOME TO STAY Old Homestead OHS 90144
012 WALK IN THE STEPS OF YOUR DAD Old Homestead OHS 90144
013 BREAKING IT DOWN Old Homestead OHS 90144
014 LEAVING DETROIT Old Homestead OHS 90144
015 THE LITTLE CHURCH Old Homestead OHS 90144
016 MY DECEITFUL HEART Old Homestead OHS 90144
017 LOW DOG DIRTY DOG Old Homestead OHS 90144
018 BLUE TRAIN IN THE NIGHT Old Homestead OHS 90144
019 BIG COUNTRY Old Homestead OHS 90144
021 SWEET SUMMER DREAM Old Homestead OHS 90144
022 THE DARKEST HOUR Old Homestead OHS 90144
023 BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES Old Homestead OHS 90144  

Programme Audio 04077 Take Me Back To The Mountains:  Down The Road;  Wheel Hoss; It's Gonna Be A Long, Long Night;  Take Me Back To The Mountains;  I'll Stay Around;  Medicine Show;  Ashes Of Love;  Banjo Signal;  I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages;  Skip, Hop And Wobble - 79
Old Homestead OHS-90144 Gary Strong And The Licking Valley Boys: Going Home To Stay; Walk In The Steps Of Your Dad; Breaking It Down; Leaving Detroit; The Little Church; My Deceitful Heart; Low Dog Dirty Dog; Blue Train In The Night; Big Country; Columbus Stockade Blues; Sweet Summer Dream; The Darkest Hour; Beautiful Brown Eyes - 81

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