Friday, February 23, 2018

Bud Davidge

By Praguefrank
SESSIONS Also Member Of Simani And Simani, Bud And Sim, Shanneygannock
there is not enough info for creating sessionography

SWC Productions [CAN] no # There's More To Christmas: No Ho-Ho-Hoing 'Round Here; Christmas Eve With You; Going To See The King; Tib's Eve Jig; A Christmas Wish; Christmas Waltz; The Spirit Of St. Nicholas; Christmas Without Mama; Mary The Mother Of Jesus; The Child : A Poem - 03
SWC Productions [CAN] no # This Is My Father's House: This Is My Father's House; Neath The Old Olive Trees; I'll Never Forsake You; Now The Day Is Over; Cradle To The Cross; You Must Walk Through Calvary; River Of Life; A Child's Prayer; Candle In The Wind; Goodbye Old Friend - 05
SWC Productions [CAN] no # Black And White: Black And White; Ain't That Bad Enough; The Sheila Patricia Story; Heart Of The Home; The Fight In Muddy Hole; Medley Of Jigs: Serpentine Jig ; Ise Da Boy; Little Blue Forget Me Not; The Marshall Frank Story; Mother's Wedding Ring; Sing The Galveston Rose; Only Yesterday - 09
SWC Productions [CAN] no # Back To The Bay: Back To The Bay; Love Keeps Hangin' On; Three Wishes; Debbie's Waltz; Uncle Steve Drakes'; Tommy Evans' Boat; What Will I Leave Behind; My Blooming Mary Ann; Light In The Window; The Old Man And His Horn ; Dallas Harms – 13

SWC Production  [CAN] no # A Christmas Gift To Freedom: The Freedom Gift; What Christmastime Is All About; Mother; Sure Smells a Lot Like Christmas; A Simani (Instrumental); The Christmas Dream; Every Time I Hear Blue Christmas; The Last Christmas Home; The Flanders Christmas Eve; Uncle Bob and the Ode – 29-10-18


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