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Mike Seeger, part 2

2nd version
By Praguefrank
Folkways FA 2005 American Folk Songs: Old Molly Hare; When I First Came To This Land; Jane, Jane; The Rich Irish Lady; My Home's Across The Smoky Mountain; Freight Train Blues; The Wedding Dress Song; Fair Ellender; Five Times Five; The Kicking Mule; Dance To Your Daddy; Goodbye, Little Bonnie – 57 The Seegers
Folkways FA 2325 Old Time Country Music: Richmond Cotillion; The Baldheaded End Of A Broom; Sad And Lonesome Day; Lord Thomas; Oh My Little Darling; Bonaparte's Retreat; Frankie; Will The Weaver; Rollin' On; Don't Let Your Deal Go Down; Worried Blues; The Story Of The Mighty Mississippi; Man Of Constant Sorrow; Handsome Molly; John Hardy; Johnson City Blues; Fisherman's Luck; Sourwood Mountain – 62 (CD reissue in 2012)
Vanguard VRS 9150/VSD 79150 Mike Seeger: Hello Stranger; Oh Molly Dear; Bachelor's Hall; We Live A Long Long Time; Fishing Blues; Johnny Grey; The Two Soldiers; Waterbound; Leather Breeches; Young McAfee On The Gallows; Old Rachel; It'll Aggravate Your Soul; Fair And Tender Ladies; Wild Bill Jones; I've Been All Around This World – 64
Folkways FH 5275 Tipple, Loom And Rail - Songs Of The Industrialization Of The South: Factory Girl; Coal Creek Troubles; Edward Lewis; Come All You Coal Miners; The Miner's Blues; Harlan County Blues; Cotton Mill Blues; The Reckless Motorman; The New Market Wreck; Cotton Mill Colic; The Virginia Strike Of '23; Roane County Strike At Harriman, Tenn.; The Hard Working Miner; Hard Times In These Mines; Spinning Room Blues; The Death Of John Henry – 65 (CD reissue in 2011)
Prestige PR 7375 Folk Songs With The Seegers: Here’s To Cheshire, Here’s To Cheese; Green Valley; I’m Troubled; It’s A Lie; Fisherman’s Luck; My Good Old Man; Billy Barlow; Newlyn Town; People Go Mind Your Business; My Dearest Dear; Medley Of Play Party Songs; I Don’tWant Your Millions, Mister; Rue And Thyme; Keokeokolo; Five Nights Drunk; The Dark-Eyed Sailor; John Hardy; Little Black Train; Little Henry Lee; The Old Woman And Her Little Pig; I Truly Understand; Sally Anne; Pretty Fair Maid; Rissolty Rossolty - 65
Argo [UK] DA/ZDA 80 Mike and Peggy Seeger: Worried Man Blues; Arizona; Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies; Little Birdie; Old Shoes And Leggings; John Riley; A Miner's Prayer; Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender; Shady Grove; Fod; Streets Of Laredo; The Soldier's Farewell; When First To This Country A Stranger I Came; A Drunkard's Child; Clinch Mountain Backstep; The Romish Lady; Single Girl; The Ram Of Derby – 68
King [JAP] SKK 662 In Concert:  Sunny Side Of Life;  Victory Rag;  One Morning In May;  Coo Coo Bird;  Fair And Tender Ladies;  Buck Dancer's Choice;  June Apple; Fishing Blues;  Old Black Choo Choo;  Coal Miner's Blues;  Black Water;  Private John Q;  Single Girl;  Lost Indian;  This Land Is Your Land – 71 (recorded (cca 1960) live in Japan)
Mercury SRM-1-627 Music From True Vine: Birmingham Tickle; I've Rambled This Country Both Earlye And Late; The Sailor And The Soldier; Don't Let Your Deal Go Down; Old Grey Mare; Rattlesnake Daddy; Buck Dancer's Choice; Old Blind Drunk John; In And Around Nashville; Little Betty Ann; Black Is The Color Of My True Lover's Hair; Gambling Man; Roving Cowboy; Lost Indian - 72
Mercury SRM-1-685 The Second Annual Farewell Reunion: Rye Straw  [Highwoods String Band]; Train That Carried My Girl From Town  [Ry Cooder]; Texas Rangers [Peggy Seeger]; Jock Hawk's Adventures In Glasgow [Ewan Mac Coll];  Cindy [Penny Cohen]; Blues In A Bottle [New Lost City Ramblers];  Snowdrop  [David Rea];  Well May The World Go  [Pete Seeger]; I Am A Traveling Creature [Strange Creek Singers]; You'll Find Her Name Written There  [Hazel Dickens]; Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South [Maria Muldaur]; New Year's Eve Song [Elizabeth Cotten];  Careless Love  [Lesley Riddle];  Old Smokey  [Roscoe Holcomb]; You Are My Flower [Kilby Snow]; Kill The Shanghai Rooster [Tex Logan, Don Stover, Eric Thompson] - 73
Rounder 8001/8003 American Folk Songs for Children: Yonder She Comes; Down Came A Lady; Who's That Tapping At The Window?; Such A Getting Upstairs; Toodala; How Old Are You?; Jimmy Rose He Went To Town; What Shall We Do When We All Go Out?; Goodbye, Julie; Goodbye, Old Paint; Oh, Oh, The Sunshine; Sweet Water Rolling; The Wind Blow East; Rain, Come Wet Me; It Rained A Mist; Rain Or Shine; One Cold And Frosty Morning; By'm Bye; Jim Along Josie; There Was A Man And He Was Mad; Riding In The Buggy, Miss Mary Jane; Billy Barlow; The Juniper Tree; Old Joe Clarke; Down By The Greenwood Sidey-O; Roll That Brown Jug Down To Town; As I Walked Out One Holiday; She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes ; Juba; Run, Chillen, Run; All Around The Kitchen; I'm Going To Join The Army; Scraping Up Sand In The Bottom Of The Sea; Old Mister Rabbit; Old Molly Hare; Oh, John The Rabbit; The Little Pig; Bought Me A Cat; Hop, Old Squirrel; My Horse Ain't Hungry; Did You Go The Barney?; Have A Little Dog; Frog Went A-Courtin'; Little Bird, Little Bird; Free Little Bird; Poor Old Crow; Ducks In The Milpond; Jim Crack Corn; Eency Weency Spider; Dog Tick; Who Built The Ark?; Noah, Noah; Mary Wore Her Red Dress; Pretty Little Girl With The Red Dress On; This Lady She Wears A Dark Green Shawl; Walk Along, John; Do, Do, Pity My Case; Hanging Out The Linen Clothes; Lula Gal; Old Aunt Kate; What Did You Have For Your Supper?; Baby Dear; Johnny, Get Your Hair Cut; I Got A Letter This Morning; Rose, Rose, And Up She Rises; What'll We Do With The Baby?; Hush, Little Baby; Pick A Bale Of Cotton; This Old Hammer; The Train Is A-Coming; The Little Black Train; When The Train Comes Along; John Henry; Every Monday Morning; Going Down To Town; Sailing In The Boat; Blow, Boys, Blow; Fire Down Below; Sally Go Round The Sunshine; This Old Man; Skip-a To My Lou; When I Was A Young Maid; The Closet Key; Built My Lady A Fine Brick House; Where Oh Where Is Pretty Little Susie?; Jingle At The Windows; Adam Had Seven Sons; Here Sits A Monkey; Go To Sleepy; Monday Morning Go To School; Hush 'N' Boy; Turtle Dove; Mary Had A Baby; Jesus Was Born In Bethlea; The Cherry Tree Carol - 77 w. Peggy Seeger (3 LPs)
Greenhays GR 704 Alice Gerrard and Mike Seeger: Bowling Green; St.Louis Blues; Fugitive's Lament; Oh Blue; Old Bunch Of Keys; Sugar Baby; Dear Companion; Doggin' In The U.S. Mail; Quiero Decir Gracias; Love Was The Price; Needmore; Pretty Polly; Gone To View That Land; New Freedom March – 80 w. Alice Gerrard
Rounder 0262 Fresh Oldtime String Band: Boatman; Mabel; Black Jack Davey; Billy In Waynesboro; Poor Black Sheep; East Tennessee Blues/Goin' Crazy; Ten Broeck And Mollie; Cotton-Eye Joe; Pork Fat Makes My Chicken Tan; Wagnerd; Wedding Waltz - 88
Rounder CD-0268/0269 American Folk Songs for Christmas: Stars in the Heaven; Oh, Watch the Stars; Great Big Stars; Shine Like a Star in the Morning; Bright Morning Stars Are Rising; Rise up, Shepherd, and Follow; Shepherd, Shepherd; Don't You Hear the Lambs A-Crying; Found My Lost Sheep; Look Away to Bethlehem; How Many Miles to Bethlehem?; Jehovah Hellelujah; Joseph and Mary; A Virgin Most Pure; Baby Born Today; Got Tell It on the Mountain; Shepherds Rejoice; The New Born Baby; Oh, Mary and the Baby, Lamb; Star in the East; Baby of Bethlehem; Child of God; Cradle Hymn; Ain't That a Rocking All Night; Sing a Lamb; Mary, What You Going to Name That Pretty Little Baby?; Sing Hallelu; Mary Had a Baby; Jesus Borned in Bethlea; Wasn't That a Might Day; January, February the Last Month of the Year; Poor Little Jesus; Heard from Heaven Today; 'Twas a Wonder in Heaven; Mariner's Hymn; O May, Where Is Your Baby?; Yonder Comes Sister Mary; The Blessings of Mary; Awake; Exultation; Children of the Heavenly King; Singing in the Land; Rejoice My Friends; The Twelve Apostles; Holy Babe; The Twelve Days of Christmas; The Angel Band; Almost Day; Heaven Bell Ring; A Mince Pie or a Pudding; Christmas Day in the Morning; Turkey Run Away; Breaking up Christmas - 89 (double)
Rounder CD 0278  Solo: Old Time Country Music: Tennessee Dog; Ground Hog; Roustabout; Sally Goodin'; The Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train; Shaking the Pines in the Holler; Dog and Gun; Candy Girl; Tucker's Barn; Wind and Rain; Fare You Well, Green Fields; Poor Indian; We're Stole and Sold From Africa; Rockbridge Holler; Quill Ditty; Rolling and Tumbling Blues; Blue Tail Fly; Prairie Ronde Waltz – 12-02-91
Rounder CD 8023/4 Animal Folk Songs for Children: Raccoon and Possum; Mister Rabbit; Peep Squirrel; A Squirrel Is a Pretty Thing; Cross-Eyed Gopher; Muskrat; Old Groundhog; Snake Baked a Hoecake; Mole In The Ground; Little Dog Named Right; Little Lap Dog Lullabye; Little Brown Dog; Oh Blue; Old Fox; The Deer Song; And We Hunted and We Hunted;The Gray Goose; Old Lady Goose; The Old Hend Cackled and the Rooster Laid the Egg; My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen; Turkey Song; Shake That Little Foot, Dinah-O; There Was an Old Frog; Little Pig; The Old Sow; The Little Black Bull; The Old Cow Died; Black Sheep, Black Sheep; The Big Sheep; Old Bell'd Yoe; The Kicking Mule; Whoa Mule! Can't Get the Saddle On; Hop Up, My Ladies; Stewball; Riding Round the Cattle; Crocodile Song; Go on, Old 'Gator; Of All the Beast-Es; Go to Sleep; Jack, Can I Ride?; Daddy Shot a Bear; Wolves a-Howling; Song of the Doodlebug; Little Birdie; The Sea Fowl; Old Bangum; The Swapping Song; Great Big Dog; Saw a Sow; Turkey in the Straw; Once I Had an Old Gray Mare; Little Rooster; Who Killed Poor Robin?; Lost Grander; The Leatherwing Bat; Jane Jane; Old Bell Cow; Animal Song  - 92 (double)
Rounder CD-0313 Third Annual Farewell Reunion: With Rafe Stefanini, Dave Grant, Bruce Molsky and Dirk Powell: Shaking Off The Acorns; with Tim O'Brien: Leaving Tennessee; With Maria Muldaur And David Grisman: The Memory Of Your Smile; With Jody Stecher,  Kate Brislin, Larry Hanks: Only Remembered; With Hank Bradley, Sue Thompson: The Mayor Is A Good Old Boy;  With Sue Thompson: Boat's Up The River;  With Ola Belle Reed and David Reed: East Virginia Blues; With Hazel Dickens,Tom Gray: They're At Rest Together; With Bob Dylan: The Ballad Of Hollis Brown;  With Jimmy Driftwood: Oh My Little Dutch Girl; With Jean Ritchie: Deep Shady Grove; With Etta Baker: Cripple Creek; wth Tommy Jarrell: Oldtime Sally Ann; With James Leva, Carol Elizabeth Jones, David Winston: Rose In The Mountain; With Carol Elizabeth Jones: Little Cabin Home On The Hill; With Peggy Seeger: Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender;  With Pete Seeger: 900 Miles;  With Michael Doucet, Marc Savoy: Savoy Family Waltz;  With Peggy Seeger, Penny Seeger: I'm Going To The West; The New Lost City Ramblers: Bound Steel Blues; r With John Jackson: Brown's Ferry Blues; With Janette Carter, Joe Carter, Carl B. Poff: You've Been A Friend To Me; With Sandy Bradley, Vivian and Phil Williams: Frog Heaven - 94
Rounder CD-0383 Way Down in North Carolina: Wandering Boy; I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea); Down To Tampa; The Rout; Trader Boatman; Green Icy Mountain; Cacklin' Hen; Make Me a Pallet; Goodbye, Little Bonnie; What'll I Do With the Baby-O; Way Down In North Carolina; Rabbit Chase; New River Train; Tee la Lolle; Loving Emma; Little Maggie; Walking That Pretty Girl Home; Cousin Sally Brown; Chilly Winds; That Girl I Love; Let Me Fall – 04-06-96 w.Paul Brown
Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40107 Southern Banjo Sounds: Soon In The Morning Babe; Josh Thomas's Roustabout; Jim Crack Corn; Darling Cora; Devil's Dream; Little Birdie; Around The World; Whoopin' Up Cattle; Flop Eared Mule; Lost Gander; The Sailor And The Soldier; American Spanish Fandango; Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues; We're Up Against It Now; That's What The Old Bachelor's Made Out Of; The Last Of Callahan; Lady Gay; Down South Blues; Last Night When My Willie Came Home; Wabash Blues; Bright Sunny South; Roll On John; Needlecase; Come My Little Pink; Battle In The Horseshoe; I'm Head Over Heels In Love – 15-09-98
Acoustic Disc ACD-37 Retrograss: My Walking Shoes; Hound Dawg; Maggie's Farm; Memphis; Flint Hill Special; The Old Home Place; Uncle Pen; Airmail Special; Rocky Top; Room At The Top Of The Stairs; Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay; Jerusalem Ridge; Windy Mountain; Maybelline; Blue Ridge Cabin Home; Rocky Road Blues; When I'm Sixty-Four - 21-09-99 David Grisman, John Hartford, Mike Seeger
Smithsonian/Folkways SFW CD 40136 True Vine: Breaking Up Ice In The Allegheny; Coo Coo Bird; Johnson Jinkson; Little Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy?; The Raftsman's Song; Honeycutt's Holler; Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe?; Blow The Horn, Blow; Old Man; Spoonful; Shouting In Jerusalem; When Sorrows Encompass Me Round; Calico; Early In The Spring; Freight Train; Goodbye, My Little Darling; Don't Let Your Deal Go Down; I'm Gonna Go Huntin' For The Buffalo; Granddad Jim's Waltz; The Golden Willow Tree; California Cotillion; Young Johnnie; Sail Away Ladies – 20-05-03
Smithsonian/Folkways SFW CD 40157 Early Southern Guitar Sounds: Wildwood Flower; Old Chisholm Trail; Spanish Fandango; Shakin' The Pines In The Holler; Weary Lonesome Blues; White Oak Mountain; I'm Crazy Over You; Can't Get A Letter From You; Guitar Rag; Smoketown Strut; Big Kid's Barroom; Fishing Blues; After All Has Been Said And Done; Joe Lee's Tune; Carrol County Blues; Birmingham Tickle; Worried Blues; Kenny Wagner's Surrender; Arizona; Pearly Dew; Risselty Rosselty; Johnny Doyle; Black Jack David; John Henry; Buckdancer's Choice; Riley And Spencer; When This World Comes To An End; Leaning On The Everlasting Arm – 11-09-07
Appleseed APRCD 1125 Fly Down Little Bird: Old Bangum; The Dodger Song; Cindy; Blood-Stained Banders; Big Bee Suck the Pumpkin Stem; Where Have You Been, My Good Old Man?; Little Willie's My Darlin'; The Farmer is the Man; Fod!; Jennie Jenkins; My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains; Poor Little Turtle Dove; Little Birdie; Red River Jig – 22-03-11 w. Peggy Seeger

DVDs (instructional)
Hal Leonard 641790 Old-Time Banjo Styles – 94
Freemeaux and Ass. ? Banjo Frolic - 03
Hal Leonard 641792 Guitar Styles Of The Carter Family – 05 w. Janette Carter
Smithsonian Folkways ? Talking Feet – 07
Homespun 642080 Early Southern Guitar Styles - 08

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