Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ruthie Collins

*1984 Fredonia, NY
2nd version
By Praguefrank
SESSIONS also member of Wild Honey
2014 Nashville, TN – Ruthie Collins
001 HEARTSTRONG Curb D2-73938
002 RAMBLIN' MAN Curb D2-73938
003 GET DRUNK AND CRY Curb D2-73938
004 READY TO ROLL Curb D2-73938
005 TRAINWRECKIN' Curb D2-73938
006 VINTAGE  Curb D2-73938
2014 Nashville, TN – Ruthie Collins
007 DEAR DOLLY digital single [rel. July 29]
2017 Nashville, TN – Ruthie Collins (Ruthie Collins [vcl/ac gt], Curt Gibbs [gt/ keyboards/ mandolin], Mark Trussell [el gt], Scotty Sanders [dobro/steel], Wes Harlee [banjo/ac gt], Cody Kilby [banjo/ ac gt/ mandolin], Scott Mulvahill / Phil Snowden /Vickie Vaughn [bass], Michael Rhodes [el bass], Jared Ribble / Chris Benelli [drums/ percussion], Cam Brosseau [drums], Jason Cheek [percussion], Sam Damewood [fiddle], Jason Mowery [fiddle/ mandolin], Reed Pittman [piano], Jessica Roadcap, Kristen Rodgers, Luke Sheets, Russell Terrell [bck vcl])
008 GETTING OUT THERE Curb D2-79363  
009 BOYS AND BEACHES Curb D2-79363  
010 GREAT WIDE OPEN Curb D2-79363  
011 GET DRUNK AND CRY Curb D2-79363  
012 ALL I WANNA BE Curb D2-79363  
013 PINK BIC LIGHTER Curb D2-79363  
014 YOU DON'T Curb D2-79363  
015 MOCKINGBIRD Curb D2-79363  
016 WHAT IF YOU FLY Curb D2-79363  
017 ME AND EMMYLOU Curb D2-79363   

Curb D2-79363 Get Drunk and Cry: Getting Out There; Boys and Beaches; Great Wide Open; Get Drunk and Cry; All I Wanna Be; Pink Bic Lighter; You Don't; Mockingbird; What If You Fly; Me and Emmylou – 20-10-17

Curb D2-73938 Ruthie Collins:  Heartstrong;  Ramblin' Man;  Get Drunk And Cry;  Ready To Roll;  Trainwreckin';  Vintage - 16-12-14

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