Monday, February 12, 2018

Tanya Dennis

By Praguefrank
1999 Black Dog Recording Studio, Nashville, TN – Tanya Dennis, *with Jim Peterik (Tanya Dennis [vcl/ fiddle/ mandolin/ bck vcl], Billy Panda [gt/mandolin], John Willis [gt], Doug Jernigan [dobro/steel], Mike Holder [steel], Tim Loftin/ Michael Leech/ Bob Marinelli/ Mark Prentice [bass], Greg Morrow/ Tonny Harden [drums], John Gardner [percussion], Catherine Styron [piano/Hammond B3], Kirk Johnson [harmonica], Kim Morrison, Stephen Hill, Brian Glenn, Luke Woodward, Anthony Valentine, Red Volkaert [bck vcl]. Poducer: Roger Sarchet, Tanya Dennis) [overdub sessions: The Sloop Recording Studio, Joelton, TN]
001 SUSPECT ANGEL  Paloma RD 012000         
002 SOMEWHERE IN TIME*  Paloma RD 012000  
003 I'M ALREADY GONE  Paloma RD 012000  
004 POSSE'S (PAYIN OFF THE SHERIFF)  Paloma RD 012000  
005 SLOW BURN  Paloma RD 012000  
006 TIME WILL TELL  Paloma RD 012000  
007 THE BAD THINGS YOU DO  Paloma RD 012000  
008 SOME KINDA SPARK  Paloma RD 012000  
009 SAMANTHA (DON'T MAKE ME BEG)  Paloma RD 012000
011 JUNK CARS  Paloma RD 012000   
2003 Chelsea Recording Studio, Nashville, TN – Tanya Dennis (Tanya Dennis [vcl/ mandlin/ fiddle], Pete Bordonali [ac gt/mandolin], Mike Severs [el gt], Greg Galbraith [el gt], Hank Singer [mandolin], Mike Douchette [steel/hrmonica],  Scott Sanders [steel], David Smith [bass], Jerry Kroon [drums], Catherine Styron/ Tony Migliore [piano/ synthesizers], Brian Glenn Nolf, Etta Britt, Vickie Carriso, Doug Clements [bck vcl])
012 I CAN’T FEEL A THING  Paloma 66035547775  
013 RIGHT IN THE WRONG DIRECTION  Paloma 66035547775  
014 BREAKIN' IT  Paloma 66035547775
015 AFRAID TO LOVE YOU  Paloma 66035547775  
016 ANOTHER CHANCE AT LOVE  Paloma 66035547775  
017 APT # 9  Paloma 66035547775  
018 LUXURY LINER  Paloma 66035547775  
019 LOVE'S NOT EVERYTHING  Paloma 66035547775  
020 RING AROUND THE MOON  Paloma 66035547775  
021 HE FEELS GUILTY  Paloma 66035547775  
022 98.6 DEGREES  Paloma 66035547775  
023 LOVE DONT EVEN KNOW MY NAME  Paloma 66035547775 

Paloma RD 012000 Waterdance: Suspect Angel;  Somewhere In Time (w. Jim Peterik); I'm Already Gone; Posse's (Payin Off The Sheriff); Slow Burn; Time Will Tell; The Bad Things You Do; Some Kinda Spark; Samantha (Don't Make Me Beg); Long Distance Heartache; Junk Cars – 99
Paloma 66035547775 Apartment # 9:  I Can’t Feel A Thing;  Right In The Wrong Direction;  Breakin' It; . Afraid To Love You;  Another Chance At Love;  Apt # 9;  Luxury Liner;  Love's Not Everything;  Ring Around The Moon;  He Feels Guilty;  98.6 Degrees;  Love Dont Even Know My Name – 02-07-03

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