Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vicki Vann

Victoria Araceli Denise Vann Turnbough, *14-07-1980 Los Angeles, CA
By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Vicki Vann ? Miracle: (tracks unknon) - 99
Vicki Vann ? Vicki Vann:   I Will Sing My Song;   Wednesday Kisses;   I Never;   He'll Promise You The Moon;  Here We Go Again;  Another Year Of Love;  Walkin' On The Blue Side; He Was Leavin' Anyway;  When You Love Somebody; This Wall;  Looking On The Bright Side;  Send Me A Man;  untitled bonus track  - 02
Country Roads [GER] CR 20036-2 Dream Catcher: I Shoulda Left You In Tucson; Some Things Momma Don't Know ; I'm Not Any Closer To Getting Over You ; This Is Where I Get Off; White Lies And Picket Fences; Chains; You Must Think My Heart Has Swinging Doors; It Hurts; Trouble Is A Woman; Is It Ok To Cry Now; Delicious Love; I Won't Settle For Less Than You  - 25-11-05
Vicky Vann ? Merry Christmas With Love: (tracks unknown) – 11-08
Vicki Vann ? Reckless Heart: Reckless Heart; This Is Where I Get Off; Home; Chains; When You're Comin' Down; White Lies and Picket Fences; You Must Think My Heart Has Swinging Doors; A Far Cry from You; I Won't Settle for Less Than You; Is It Okay to Cry Now; Heartless; While You Were Gone; In the Shadows of My Steeple – 07-06-11 (recorded in Nashville, TN)

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