Monday, March 19, 2018

Harmony James

By Praguefrank

2007 unknown, AUS – Harmony James (Harmony James [vcl],James Gillard [ac gt/bck vcl],   Glenn Hannah [el gt], Duncan Toombs [el gt], Michel Rose [steel/ mandolin], Ian Lees [bass],  Rudy Miranda [drums], Mick Albeck [fiddle],  Shanley Del [bck vcl]. Producer: Herm Kovac)
001 TAILWIND digital single/HJA 001/ HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
002 SOMEBODY STOLE MY HORSE HJA 001 HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
003 BIG NEWS HJA 001
004 HOME  HJA 001/ HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
2009 Alberts Studio, Neutral Bay, AUS/ Holler Sound, Strawberry, AR/  Island Boy, Condell Park, AUS/ Ramrod Studios, Davidson, AUS – Harmony James, w. Kevin Bennett [-1] (Harmony James [vcl],  Glenn Hannah [el gt/mando gt],  Stuart French [gt], James Gillard [gt/ bass/ bck vcl], Travis Collins [el gt/ banjo/ bck vcl], Michel Rose [steel/ mandolin], Ian Lees [bass], Glen Wilson/  Rudi Miranda [drums], Hank Kovac [cowbell/ xylophone/ penny whistle], Tim Crouch [fiddle/ madolin], Mick Albeck [fiddle],  Marcus Hartstein [cello], Lisa Pallandi [violins],  Clayton Doley: [Hammond organ/ melotron], Bill Risbey [piano],  Randall Waller, Shanley Del [bck vcl], Producer: Herm Kovac)
005 COME ON BACK TO ME HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
006 FLY HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
007 DRIFTER HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
008 PAINTED PONY HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
009 PRECIOUS LITTLE HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
010 GOOD ENOUGH HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
011 SEND DOWN AN ANGEL HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
012 PRETTY HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
013 THE ONLY GOOD THING HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
014 COLD COLD RAGE HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
015 SOME PEOPLE GIVE -1 HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
016 THE WAY THAT I FELT HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
017 CALL OF THE CURRAWONG HJA 002 Warner 5310547922
March 2011 Sydney, AUS – Harmony James (Harmony James [vcl], Glenn Hannah  [el gt/ mando gt], Stuart French [gt], James Gillard [ac gt/ bass gt/ bck vcl],   Bill Chambers [el gt/lap steel/ bck vcl], Shane Nicholson [resonator gt], Michel Rose [dobro/ mandolin], Tim Crouch [mandolin/fiddle/cello], Rod McCormack [banjo],  Ian Lees [bass], Glen Wilson [drums],  Jesse Kovac [big drum/handclaps], Hank Kovac [percussion], Bill Risby [piano],    Troy Cassar- Daley [harmonica/banjo/ bck vcl], The McClymonts,  Mark Punch [bck vcl]. Producer: Herm Kovac)
018 DON'T SAY IT  Warner 53105027782
019 EMMYLOU'S GUITAR  Warner 53105027782 
020 GREAT GREY CLOUD  Warner 53105027782 
021 PRIDE  Warner 53105027782
022 FLYING TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN  Warner 53105027782
023 WAIT THIS LONG  Warner 53105027782 
024 REACH FOR YOU  Warner 53105027782 
025 FIRES OF HELL  Warner 53105027782
026 HAULING CANE  Warner 53105027782 
027 SO LONG  Warner 53105027782 
028 ROLL WITH IT  Warner 53105027782
029 THE GIRL YOU SEE  Warner 53105027782 
2012 or sooner – unknown – Harmony Je,s
030 DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER Warner 5310547922
031 THE NEXT BIG THING Warner 5310547922
2013 Alberts Studio, Neutral Bay, AUS/ Island Boy, Condell Park, AUS/ Ramrod Studios, Davidson, AUS – Harmony James (Harmony James [vcl],  Glenn Hannah [ac gt/el gt/mando gt], Stuart French [gt], Mark Sholtez [ac gt], Randy Kohrs [dobro], Michel Rose [steel], Jeff McCormack [bass], Steve Fearnley [drums], Hank Kovac [percussion/ harmonica], Tim Crouch [fiddle/ mandolin/ cello], Bill Risby [grand piano/ Wurlitzer piano], Clayton Doley [Hammond organ], Brian Lizotte [trombone], Angus Gomm [trumpet], James McCrow [French horn],  Mike Carr, Drew McAlister, Travis Collins, Brooke McClymont [bck vcl]. Producer: Herm Kovac)
032 30,000 FEET  Warner 5419619852  
033 COLD WESTERN WIND  Warner 5419619852  
033 FARAWAY EYES  Warner 5419619852  
034 WATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT ME  Warner 5419619852  
035 SKINNY FLAT WHITE  Warner 5419619852
036 #CSG (COAL SEAM GAS)  Warner 5419619852
037 WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING  Warner 5419619852
038 SOMETHING SOMETHING  Warner 5419619852
039 IN ANOTHER LIFE  Warner 5419619852
040 WINNERS IN WAR  Warner 5419619852
041 ICEBERGS (THE DAY THAT NEVER CAME)  Warner 5419619852  
042 COMING HOME AGAIN  Warner 5419619852  
043 PANCHO'S BOY  Warner 5419619852  


Harmony James [AUS] HJA 002 Tailwind: Come on Back to Me; Tailwind; Fly; Drifter; Painted Pony; Precious Little; Good Enough; Send Down an Angel; Somebody Stole My Horse; Pretty; The Only Good Thing; Cold Cold Rage; Some People Give (feat. Kevin Bennett); The Way That I Felt; Home; Call of the Currawong – 24-07-09 (reissued in 2012 on Warner 5310547922 with bonus tracks Don't Look Back In Anger; The Next Big Thing)
Warner [AUS] 53105027782 Handfuls Of Sky:  Don't Say It;  Emmylou's Guitar;  Great Grey Cloud;  Pride;  Flying Too Close To The Sun;  Wait This Long;  Reach For You;  Fires of Hell;  Hauling Cane;  So Long;  Roll With It;  The Girl You See – 20-01-12
Warner [AUS] 5419619852 Cautionary Tales:30,000 Feet; Cold Western Wind; Faraway Eyes; Watcha Gonna Do About Me; Skinny Flat White; #Csg (Coal Seam Gas); While You Were Sleeping; Something Something; In Another Life; Winners in War; Icebergs (The Day That Never Came); Coming Home Again; Pancho's Boy – 13-06-14

Harmony James  [AUS]  HJA 001 Harmony James: Tailwind;  Somebody Stole My Horse;  Big News;  Home – 07

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