Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Alby Pool

By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

A.Pool [AUS] ? One Good Reason: Satisfied Heart; Fast Train; This Mood; Cookin‘; One Good Reason; You Can’t Take Away These; Road Crew Anthem; Take Me Back Home; Only Kinda Dancin‘; Moonshine Bill; Still Cookin‘ -  95 w. The No City Limts
Alby Pool APCD 01 Alby Pool: I've Convinced Everybody But Me; Sometimes She Forgets; Gotta Get Outta The Rain; The Chair;  Somebody Else's Lovesong;  Check 1,2;  I Never Go Around Mirrirs;  Stone In My Boot;  Please Don't Ask;  Where Do You Think Your Coming From;  To My Rescue;  Headin West – 99
Alby Pool [AUS] APCD2001 Till The Old Wears Off: Hand Me Downs; The Hard Stuff; A Cry for Help; The Last Dance; Go Away; It Took Us All Night Long; Flowers; No Fair Falling; Till the Old Wears Off; Would These Arms Be in Your Way; What You Gonna Do Then – 01  (reissued in 2007 on WJO 3300175)
Alby Pool [AUS] 5021456 155194 Family, Friends And Favourites: .Too Much;  You Can Walk All Over Me;  Almost Home;  Wheels; Thing We Said Today (feat Ray Sinclair); Home; Church On Cumberland Road; Window Up Above; Honky Tonk Woman (feat Ray Sinclair); When I Close My Eyes; Awful Beautiful Life – 03
Alby Pool [AUS] APCD 2004 Back In TheSwing: Heart of the Matter; Mirrors Don't Lie; I Guess You Had to Be There; Back in the Swing; Bartender Blues; Got No Reason Now for Going Home; Old Country; Memories to Burn; One Step at a Time; Old Habits; Uptown Downtown; Bridle Hangin On the Wall [untitled bonus track] – 10-05
Alby Pool [AUS] APCD 2006 You Can't Walk This Road Alone:  You Can't Walk This Road Alone; You're Gonna Make Her Mine;  I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something;  Old News;  Aint It A Wonder;  As Right As Wrong Can Be;  Opportunity Of A Lifetime (feat Annie Pool);  Drinking Song;  We'll Cross That Bridge;  Nobody Likes A Smartass;  A Slightly Different Version Of The Truth;  A Few Ole Country Boys (feat Rob Wilson);  My Arms Tonight - 06
Alby Pool [AUS] no # Wanted For Serious Country Music: This New Heartache; Special Occasions; Too many Pockets; A Young Man’s Town; Lucky Me Lucky You; The Mood; The Good Old Days Are Right Now; Satisfied Heart; Good As Gone; Friends Don’t Drive Friends To Drinking; It’s Me; Your Old Flame’s Going Out Tonight; Remember Song By Tom Rush [bonus track] - 13


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