Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ed Haley

James Edward Haley, *16-08-1885 Logan County, WV, +03-02-1951
By Praguefrank
There are no recording sessions. All tracks on albums are home recordings made in 1946-1947

Rounder  1010 Parkersburg Landing: Parkersburg Landing; Humphrey's Jig; Stackolee; Cherokee Polka; Cuckoo's Nest; Wake Susan; Cherry River Rag; Flower Of The Morning; Grey Eagle Jog; Man Of Constant Sorrow; Forked Deer; Lost Indian; Done Gone; Dunbar -76
Rounder CD 1131/1132 Forked Deer: Soundbite; Forked Deer; Ida Red; Indian Ate The Woodchuck; Brushy Run; Indian Nation; Humphrey's Jig; Green Mountain Polka; Sourwood Mountain; Man Of Constant Sorrow; Love Somebody; Dora Dean; Soundbite; Bluegrass Meadows; Cacklin' Hen; Flop Eared Mule; Salt River; Brownlow's Dream; Soundbite; Indian Squaw; Dunbar; Lost Indian; Jenny Lind; Chicken Reel; Cherry River Rag; Cripple Creek; Done Gone; Soundbite; Yellow Barber; Stacker Lee; Brushy Fork Of John's Creek; Red Apple Rag; Wake Up Susan; Three Forks Of Sandy; No Corn On Tygart; Stonewall Jackson – 09-09-97 (double, recorded 1946-47)
Rounder CD 1133/1134 Grey Eagle: Soundbite; Grey Eagle;  Cabin Creek;  Silver Dagger;  Wilson's Jib;  Wild Horse;  Half Past Four;  Ox In The Mud;  Cluck Old Hen;  Chinese Breakdown;  Soundbite; Sally Will You Marry Me;  Bonaparte's Retreat;  Money Musk;  Garfield's Blackberry Blossom;  Hell Up Coal Holler;  Arkansas Traveler; Soundbite;  Cumberland Gap;  Parkersburg Landing;  Flower Of The Morning;  Cuckoo's Nest;  Cuckoo's Nest;  Boatsman;  Old Sledge;  Paddy On The Turnpike; Soundbite; Catlettsburg;  Fire On The Mountain;  Poplar Bluff;  Sally Goodin;  Cherokee Polka;  Pumpkin Ridge;  Mississippi Sawyer;  Kiss Me Quick;  Rebel Raid – 14-07-98 (double, recorded 1946)
Ling Music Group ? Fiddler's of Country Music, Vol. 5: Cabin Creek; Brownlow's Dream; Ida Red; Flowers of the Morning; Brushy Run; Indian Nation; Boatsman; Ox in the Mud; Cluck Old Hen; Man of Constant Sorrow; Love Somebody; Dora Dean; Poplar Bluff; Money Musk; Cacklin' Hen; Garfield's Blackberry Blossom; Salt River; Wake Up Susan; Stacker Lee; No Corn On Tygart; Old Sledge – 13-01-08 (digital)
Ling Music Group ?  The Fiddler's of Country Music, Vol. 6: Salt River; Forked Deer;Parkersburg Landing; Indian Ate The Woodchuck; Cuckoo's Nest; Cherry River Rag;  Green Mountain Polka;Done Gone; Lost Indian; Catlettsburg; Sourwood Mountain; Bonaparte's Retreat; Bluegrass Meadows; Cherokee Polka; Pumpkin Ridge; Arkansas Traveler; Kiss Me Quick; Wild Horse; Yellow Barber; Sally Goodin – 20-01-08 (digital)
Ling Music Group ?  The Fiddler's of Country Music, Vol. 7: Cumberland Gap; Grey Eagle; Dunbar; Silver Dagger; Jenny Lind; Chicken Reel; Half Past Four; Cripple Creek; Paddy On the Turnpike; Chinese Breakdown; Fire On the Mountain; Sally Will You Marry Me; Brushy Fork of John's Creek; Red Apple Rag; Flop Eared Mule; Hell Up Coal Holler; Mississippi Sawyer; Indian Squaw; Wilson's Jig; Humphrey's Jig; Three Forks of Sandy – 27-01-08 (digital)

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