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Isla Grant

*Wigtownshire, Scotland, UK
By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
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ALBUMS (note: there are two Elm albums with the same catalogue number on label)
KRL/Elm [UK] CDELM-4100 Life’s Storybook Cover: (tarcks unknown) – 9-
KRL/Elm [UK] CDELM-4101 Flying High: Flying High; I Don’t Know Why; I’ll Forgive You; United We Connquer; Hand Of Time; You’re Lying – One More Time; Island Of Memories; Take Me Back To Ireland; Old Accordion Man; My Home In Honeymoore; Why Do We Love; Sweet Baby Mine; Fiddle On The Wall; Journey’s End – 99
KRL/Elm [UK] CDELM-4101 A Dream Come True: Circle Of Gold;  It’s A Dream Come True;  Island Of Memories;  Will You Love Me;  You’re Always There For Me;  The Keeper Of My Heart;  I Miss The Biggest Part Of Me;  We’ll Meet Again My Friends;  Within My Fathers Arms; My World Revolves Around You; This Wonderful Land; Spending Time With Friends; The Fiddle On The Wall; Precious Lord – Please Leave Me - 99 (in 2002 on CMR CMCD 1086, also reissued as part of CMR 2008)
? [UK] ? (UPC68923200322) Special To Me: An Angel In Disguise; Circle Of Gold; Young Love; Fields Of Athenny; That Was Before; Yellow Roses; Special To Me; Lion In Winter; Clock In Tower; My World Revolves; Love All Over;  After All These Years – 06-99
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1074 Only Yesterday: Partners in Rhyme; Lovely Lough Conn; Will You Walk With Me; Only Yesterday;  Love Me Tonight; Simply Being You; Like You Always Could; A Single Yelow Rose;  Over the Years;  What's A Girl To Do;  Leave Me the Way That I Am; Every Moment of Every Hour;  Love Just Walked Out the Door; He's There For Me – 01?
CMR [IRL] CMCD1078 Mother: My Homeland;  Listen to the Children ;  Mother ;  God please forgive me ;  Mothers Chair ;  The Old Accordion Man; Dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Shand;  One More Time ;  Sweet Baby Mine ;  Cottage In The Country;  Dark, Deep, Rolling Wate;  There’s Nothing New I’m Missing You;  Life’s Storybook Cover ;  Till The Day That He Met You;  Leaves in the Wind;  The Ghosts of Culloden -  02 (reissued as part of CMR 2008)
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1090 Cildhood Memories: I Don't Know Why;  Childhood Memories; If Only; Don't Kiss Me Gooodbye; How Many Times; I'll Forgive You; Galway Town; Look Me Straight In the Eye;  Rachel Anna;  There's A Storm Brewing;  United We Conquer;  Flying High;  Darlin' I'm Hurtin';  The Day That Christ Was Born -  02
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1095 The Beauty Of My Home: Living In My Mind; How Lucky I Must Be;  The Beauty of My Home; My Home in Moneymore;  Grandpa's Fiddle;  That's the Day;  Spread A Little Happiness; You're the Best Friend; Come On In;  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star;  An Angels Wings;  An Accordion Started to Play;  Call On Me; Many Reasons -  03
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1097 The Best Of Isla Grant: It's A Dream Come True; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star;  Mother;  Will You Walk With Me;  The Beauty of My Home;  Galway Town; A Single Yellow Rose;  Mother's Chair; Sweet Baby Mine;  Cottage In the Country;  Partners in Rhyme;  Listen To the Children;  The Old Accordion Man;  Love Me Tonight;  Circle of Gold; I Don't Know Why; Rachel Anna;  You're My Best Friend; Only Yesterday; We'll Meet Again My Friends – 04?
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1101 When The Day Is Done: When The Day Is Done; Meet Her Someday; Love's A Blessing; Lough Ree; A Daisy For Mama; Australia; Let Me See; Falling In Love With You; My Scotland; An Old Country Church; Parcel Of Dreams; Out Of The Blue – 05 (Australian issue on CMR CD 0432, UK issue on Rosette ROSCD 2058)
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1105 Faith Love and Hope: That's When I Saw the Light; My Savior Walks with Me; Teach Me How to Pray; Hope; The Gifts That God Has Given You and Me; To Save Us;  Will You Walk With Me;  God Is By Your Side; He Walks Beside Me;  Lead Me to My Lord; If Only This Old World ; Could Be At Peace; Talk to Jesus; The Day THat Christ Was Born - 06 (UK issue on Rosette  ROSCD 2069)
CMR [IRL] CMCD 2007 Greatest Hits: A Dream Come True;  Mother;  Listen To The Children;  Amazing Grace;  Cottage In The Country;  Only Yesterday;   Will You Walk With Me;  A Single Yellow Rose;   You're The Best Friend;  Parcel Of Dreams;  Childhood Memories;  It's Not Easy;  The Beauty Of My Home;  Love's A  Blessing;  Life's Storybook Cover;  My World Revolves Around You;  Lough Rea;  How Lucky I Must Be;  Hope;  We'll Meet Again My Friends;   Mother's Chair;   Partners In Rhyme;   If Only;  Don't Give Up On Me;  Rachel Anna;  The Old Accordion Man;  That's When I Saw The Light;  Lovely Lough Conn;  Flying High;  Sweet Baby Mine;  Love Me Tonight;  My Scotland;  Every Moment Of Every Hour;  When The Day Is Gone;  Fiddle On The Wall;  Simply Being You;  Australia;  Living In My Mind;  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star;  Silent Night – 07 (double, reissued in 2012 on MDGC 20070.2)
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1107 Down Memory Lane: Down Memory Lane (w.Daniel O'Donnell); One (w. Robert Mizzel); Nobody's Darlin' But Mine (w. Mick Flavin); Over the Years (w. Foster and Allen);  Spending Time With Friends (w. George Hamilton iV); Somebody Is Looking For Someone Like You (w. Louise Morrissey); Today I Started Loving You Again (w. Jimmy Buckley); Jackson (w. Al Grant); Partners in Rhyme (w. Daniel O'Donnell); It's Good To See You (w. Margo);  After All These Years (w. Foster and Allen); Will You Travel Down THis Road With Me (w. Mike Denver);  My Happiness (w. Al Grant);  An Old Friend Like You (w. Margo); Makin' Believe (w. Jimmy Buckley);  What's A Girl To Do (w. Judy Stone)  -  31-10-07
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1108 Special To Me: The Clock In The Tower:  Special To Me;  A Lion In The Winter;  Yellow Roses ;  Love All Over;   The Fields of Athenry;  Young Love ;  That Was Before I Met You ;  It's Been A Long Time; Take Me Back To Ireland; After All These Years; Hands Of Time; Scotland, You Are In My Heart; Why Do We Love; Journey's End - 07
CMR [IRL] CMCD 1110 Home For Christmas: Silent Night; An Old Christmas Card; Snowflakes; White Christmas; Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree; Amazing Grace; Silver Bells; Winter Wonderland; Star Of Bethlehem; O Holy Night; Going Home To Ireland For Christmas; The Gift; Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer; The Day That Christ Was Born – 11-07
IGE [NIR] CD 001 Isla Sings Hank: You Win Again;  Move It On Over;  There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight;  Why Should We Try Anymore;  Cold Cold Heart;  Hey Good Lookin;  Take These Chains;  Kaw-Liga;  Why Dont You Love Me;  When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels;  Settin The Woods On Fire;  Baby We’re Really In Love;  I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry;  Lovesick Blues -  08
Sony Music [AUS] 88697434642 By Request: Dream Come True; Lovely Lough Conn; Cottage In The Country; Childle On The Wall; Simply Being You; Keeper Of My Heart; Leaves In The Wind; Over The Years; Every Moment Of Every Hour; Mother; One More Time; Spending Time With Friends; My World Revolves Around You; Life's Storybook Coves; Look Me Straight In The Eye; My Homeland; There's A Storm Brewing; You're Always There For Me; Will You Love Me; We'll Meet Again My Friend; Island Of Memories; Flying High; Within My Fathers Arms; How Many Times; Living In My Mind; There's Nothing New I'm Missing You; Dark Deep Rolling Water; Many Reasong; My Home In Moneymore – 29-11-08 (3 CDs)
IGE [NIR] IGECD 002 Movin' On: Walk In the Soles of My Shoes; I Still Love You; Movin On; It's Not Easy; Sleep Little Baby; What Are You Trying to Do to Me; You Don't Belong; A Train Called Glory; If I Could Fly; What Love Can Do; It's Too Late Sweetheart; Don't Give Up On Me; The Farmer's Prayer; The Old Canal; Aotearoa  29-05-09 (UK issue on Rosette  ROSCD 2095 in 2010, Australian issue on Sony Music [AUS] 858521)
CMR  [IRL] CMR 1108 Special To Me: The Clock In the Tower;  Special To Me; A Lion In the Winter; Yellow Roses;  Love All Over; The Fields of Athenry; Young Love; That Was Before I Met You;  It's Been A Long Time;  Take Me Back To Ireland;  After All These Years;  Hands of Time;  Scotland, You Are In My Heart; Why Do We Love; Journey's End – 01-12-09
Sony Music [AUS] 88697634162 The Essential Isla Grant: A Dream Come True; Mother; Listen To the Children; Amazing Grace; Cottage In the Country; Only Yesterday; Will You Walk With Me; A Single Yellow Rose; Youire the Best Friend; Parcel of Dreams; Childhood Memories; Itis Not Easy; The Beauty of My Home; Love is a Blessing; Life is Storybook Cover; My World Revolves Around You; Lough Ree; How Lucky I Must Be; Hope; We‘ll Meet Again My Friends; Mother‘s Chair; Partners In Rhyme; If Only; Don‘t Give Up On Me; Rachel Anna; The Old Accordion Man; That‘s When I Saw the Light; Lovely Lough Conn; Flying High; Sweet Baby Mine; Love Me Tonight; My Scotland; Every Moment of Every Hour; When the Day Is Done; Fiddle On the Wall; Simply Being You; Australia; Living In My Mind; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Silent Night – 05-03-10 (3 CDS)
IGE [NIR] IGECD 003 Breathless: Sallys All Alone;  If You Loved me (like I loved you);  Mr Blues;  Sorry;  Breathless;  I Ain’t Over The Hill;  I’m Going Home;  Happy Anniversary;  Am I Going Crazy?;  I Had A Dream Last Night;  Gentle Jesus;  If These Green Hills Could Talk -  10 (rec. Amberville Studio; reissued in 2011 as Happy Anniversary)
CMR [IRL] ? Early Memories: Listen To the Children; Itis Been a Long Time; Motheris Chair; God Please Forgive Me; Mother; The Keeper of My Heart; Life is Storybook Cover; The Ghosts of Culloden; There is Nothing New I‘m Missing You; Like Leaves In the Wind; Cottage In the Country; Dark, Deep, Rolling Water; Scotland You Are In My Heart Forever; Precious Lord Please Lead Me; Till the Day That He Met You; My Homeland; Flying High; I Don‘t Know Why; I‘ll Forgive You; United We Conquer; Hands of Time; Youire Lying - One More Time; Island of Memories; Take Me Back To Ireland; The Old Accordion Man; My Home In Moneymore; Why Do We Love; Sweet Baby Mine; Fiddle On the Wall; Journey‘s End; An Angel In Disguise; Circle of Gold; Young Love; Fields of Athenry; That Was Before I Met You; Yellow Roses; Special To Me; A Lion In the Winter; The Clock In the Tower; My World Revolves Around You; Love All Over; After All These Years – 11-02-11 (3 CDs; Australian issue on Sony Music 88697834732)
IGE [NIR] IGECD 004 Lovesick And Blue: Hey Sweet Baby;  A Little Bit More; Loneliness; Lovesick and Blue; Bitter Tears; Do You Even Care; I’ll Get Over You; Well, Here I Go Again; Lying One More Time;Love Just Turned Around – 26-04-13
Isla Grant [NIR] ? From The Heart: Amy’s Song;  A Thing Called Love;  A Single Yellow Rose;  I’m Holding a Dream;  My Old Friend the Blues;  There and Back Again;  You’ll Always be Special to Me;  My Daddy;  Come by the Hills;  Go Rest High;  Like a Rose – 1-
Isla Grant [NIR]  ? I’m A Survivor: Don’t Think Twice;  The Bridle On The Wall;  Alice In Hulaland;  Speak To The Sky;  Dimming Of The Day;  They Call It Music;  Love Me;  Leavin’ And Sayin’ Goodbye;  Back Home;  A Love That Used To Be;  All The Lies;  Fly Butterfly Fly; I’m A Survivor; Little Boy Blue;Nothing I Can Do About It Now; In The Time That You Gave Me – 08-17
Isla Grant [NIR] no # A Winter’s Tale: A Winter's Tale; Little Drummer Boy; Let It Snow; Silent Night; Pretty Paper; White Christmas; When A Child Is Born; A Holly Jolly Christmas; Mary’s Boy Child; The Greatest Gift Of All; Winter Wonderland; A Christmas Prayer – 11-17

CMR [IRL] CMRDVD 1008 A Dream Come True: Circle Of Gold; A Dream Come True; Leave Me The Way That I Am; Till The Day That He Met You; The Old Accordion Man; I Miss The Biggest Part Of Me; Listen To The Children, Cottage In The Country, Mother's Chair; Like Leaves In The Wind; The Fiddle On The Wall; Sweet Baby Mine; We'll Meet Again My Friends; Single Yellow Rose - 02
Rosette [UK] ROSDVD 7840 Isla Grant Sings: Over The Years; What's A Girl To Do?;  Mother's Chair;  Mary Kennedy Introduction;  Lovely Lough Conn;  Love Me Tonight; Interview with Isla;  How Great Thou Art;  The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me;  Mother; Cottage In The Country;  Only Yesterday; A Single Yellow Rose; Listen To The Children; Like You Always Could Do; Will You Walk With Me  -14-11-05
CMR [IRL] CMRVDV 1011 Home From Home: The Beauty Of My Home; If Only This Old World Could Be At Peace; Childhood Memories; When The Day Is Done; Lough Ree; My Scotland; You're The Best Friend; How Lucky I Must Be; An Accordion Started To Play; A Daisy For Mama; An Old Country Church; Partners In Rhyme – 11-06-06

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