Saturday, May 12, 2018

Jean Prescott

By Praguefrank
There is not enouygh info for creating sessionography

Keeping The West Alive – details unknown
Shootin‘ The Gap – details unknown
Me And My Pard – details unknown
Prescott and Prescott ? Prairie Flowers: Fanny Sperry Steele; Songbird Of The Prairie; Women Of The West; Handmade Gift; Road Of Dreams; A Woman's Life; Queen Of Diamonds; Woman At The Windmill; White Women's Clothes; Maria Benitez; Red Wing; Cowgirl Blues -   97 (cassette)
Jean Prescott ? The Eyes Of Texas: Texas In The Swing;  Full Moon Over Texas;  Waltzing In Old San Antone;  He's My Cowboy;  Two Steppin' Texas Blue;  Casting My Lasso;  Texas Bluebonnets;  Cowtown;  Range Romance;  Waltz Across Texas;  T-E-X-A-S;  Eyes Of Texas/Deep In The Heart Of Texas - 20-05-99
Prescott Music PM 091001 An Inspirational Tapestry Of The West:  Reins of Glory;  One Cowboy Left;  Life Between the Rivers;  Bless These Hands;  Rancher's Lullaby;  I'll Meet You at the Throne;  Paint Her Real;  Through the Dust;  Cowboy Communion;  Yellow Slicker;  Drinking from My Saucer;  Keep on the Sunny Side - 01
Jean Prescott ? Embers Of Time: Angel Wings; Fair Blows The Wind; How Far Is Lonesome; Each Night At Nine; Black Diamond; Eyes Of A Painter; Dust Devil Waltz; Jesus Walked On Water; Old Hank Morgan’s Place;  Saddle Tale; Put Me In Your Rocket; I Will Go – 04
Prescott CC 0305 Covered In Crimson: Amazing Grace; I'll Meet You at the Throne; Two in the Saddle; Covered in Crimson; Abundantly Blessed; Woman at the Windmill; Let Jesus Lead the Way; Old Rugged Cross; Lily of the Valley; One Day at a Time; Song of Mercy; I Saw a Man – 05 Sally Bates, Suzi Killman, Jean Prescott, Kip Calahan Young
Prescott Music CF 1204 Cowboy Forever: [Jean Prescott:]  Too Many Irons in the Fire;  In the Real West;  He's Courtin' Annie;  Young Lover's Waltz;  Mexican Moon;  Roy's Little Darlin';  A Cowboy Forever;  Saddle Tramp;  Adobe Hacienda;  She Always Smelled Like Lilacs;  Twilight Tears;  What Time Is the Train Leavin';  Nightrider's Lament;  Here's Hopin'; [Gary Prescott:]  Pete Cash;  Bustin' Bush;  Desert Rose;  Shootin' the Gap;  Strike a Lope;  The Campfire;  Runnin' the Wild Bunch;  Brush Country Vaquero;  Comanche Moon;  One Last Request;  Wild and Free;  Nighttime on the Prairie;  Cowboy's Star;  Coyotes  - 04  (double) 
Prescott Music ? Whisperings Of Jesus: Isaiah 50:4; Give Me Jesus; In the Garden; I Will Praise Him, Still; Softly and Tenderly (feat. Richard E. O'Brien); Psalm 66:4; Oh How I Love Jesus; Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy; I Am Blessed; I'll Stay Where You've Put Me; Leaning On the Everlasting Arms; Psalm 63:6; Jesus King of Angels; Whisperings of Jesus; Trust and Rest; Just as I Am (feat. Richard E. Obrien) – 08-07-08
Sweethearts In Carhartts ? Ranch Life 101: Road of Dreams; While You're At It; Little Green Valley; Ranch Wife in the Making; One Cowboy Left; I Don't Know; Cattle Call; Haunting Headlines; Too Many Irons; The Ranch Rig; Wide Rollin' Plains; The Affair; My Husband and I; The Old Felt Hat; Last Cattle Drive; Ranch Mother; Meal Time; Dining Out – 15-01-09 Sweethearts In Carhartts (Jean Prescott, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Liz Masterson)
Sweethearts In Carhartts SNCS 80810 Sleigh Belles: Christmas Time's a Comin'; The Only Thing I Want for Christmas; Best Gift I've Had in Years; Don't Look Out the Window; Making Christmas Cookies; Joseph and Mary and Me; All American Christmas; From Cradle to Cross to Crown; When It's Christmas on the Range; The Christmas Quilt; Beautiful Star of Bethlehem; Christmas Gifts;  Come on Ring Those Bells; The Bells and Grandpa's Sleigh;  Cooper's Christmas; A Cowboy's Rocky Mountain Christmas; Dear Santa; Mary's Christmas; The Annual Christmas Program; The Pot-Bellied Stove; An Old Fashioned Christmas;  Cedar Top Christmas Tree;  I'd Still Like to Go to Grandma's; Santa's Yodel - 10-08-10 Sweethearts In Carhartts (Jean Prescott, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Liz Masterson)
Prescott Music ? Daughter Of The Prairie: Fanny Sperry Steele; Cowgirl Blues; Songbird of the Prairie; Women of the West; Handmade Gift; Dancing on Daddy's Boots; Road of Dreams;  A Woman's Life; Queen of Diamonds; Range Romance; Woman at the Windmill; Daughter of the Prairie; White Women's Clothes; Maria Benitez; Red Wing– 10-07-11
Prescott Music ? America, Home Sweet Home: These Things Say Freedom To Me; Fifty Six Heroes; Betsy's Bright Banner; There's A Gold Star In Her Window; Old Glory; Just Doing What Was Right; Same Song Different War; Words; Song For Josiah; A Time For Farewell; I Will Go; Taps - 26-11-11
Lee Camp Music ? Traditions: Smack Dab; Ranch Mother; Calving Time; Legacy of Love; Grandpa's Dream; The Long Hall; My Husband and I; North Dakota Badlands; Traditions; West of the Moon; Branding Day; When We Get Together– 01-04-14
Jean Prescott ? All My Trials: Angel Wings; Fair Blows the Wind; How Far is Lonesome; Each Night at Nine; Black Diamond; Eyes of a Painter; Dust Devil Waltz; Jesus Walked on Water; Old Hank Morgan's Place; The Saddle Tale; Put Me in Your Pocket; I Will Go; March Winds; All My Trails; Money Talks; Leaving the Home Place; Just One More Rain / When the Rains Came (feat. Georgie Sicking Poetry); Her Feet Would Rock the Cradle; Ranch Wife's Prayer; The Carhartt Song; The Boots Her Daddy Wore; Hollyhock Memories; Dining Out; Old Hands – 04-05-14 (sampler)
Prescott Music ? Satisfied Hearts:  Tall in the Saddle (Jean);  Where the Ponies Come to Drink (Gary);  One True Friend (Jean);  Angel's Camp (Jean);  The Pitchfork Grays (Gary);  The Ridge (Jean); . Bid Walter Adieu (Gary);  Lies (Jean);  He Always Rode Good Horses (Jean);  The Old Man (Gary);  The Master's Rhapsody (Jean);  Cheyenne (Gary);  . Gracefully Gray (Jean);  I Once Rode with the Best (Gary);  Beyond the Rain (Gary)  – 31-07-17

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