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NewFound Road

2nd version
by Praguefrank
2002 Crabb House Productions, Beaver Dam, KY/Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN - NewFound Road: (Rob Baker [vcl/gt/mandolin], Tim Caudill [vcl/gt/upright bass], Rob Ickes [dobro], Rickie Simpkins [fiddle])
001 I AM THE MAN, THOMAS Mountain Home 0924-2 
002 BROTHERS JOIN AND PRAY Mountain Home 0924-2 
003 ANOTHER SOLDIER Mountain Home 0924-2
004 KEEP THE FAITH Mountain Home 0924-2 
005 GIVE ME JESUS Mountain Home 0924-2
006 HERE ON MY KNEES Mountain Home 0924-2 
007 GONNA BE A HAPPY DAY Mountain Home 0924-2
008 DAMASCUS ROAD Mountain Home 0924-2 
009 STAND STILL AND SEE Mountain Home 0924-2 
010 GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL Mountain Home 0924-2 
011 HE'S MY ROCK Mountain Home 0924-2
012 TWO PICTURES Mountain Home 0924-2 
013 WEAPON OF PRAYER Mountain Home 0924-2
2003 Crossroads Studio, 50 Fisk Dr, Arden, NC – NewFound Road (Rob Baker [vcl/gt/mandolin], Tim Caudill [vcl/gt/upright bass], Carl Williams Jr. [vcl/dobro?], Rickie Simpkins [fiddle]. Producer: Ben Isaacs)
014 HE'LL BE YOUR FRIEND  Mountain Home 0957-2   
015 CHRIST NEVER CHANGES  Mountain Home 0957-2   
016 DO WELL  Mountain Home 0957-2  
017 EASY CHOICE FOR ME  Mountain Home 0957-2  
018 A FULL HEART  Mountain Home 0957-2   
019 HE'LL MAKE A WAY  Mountain Home 0957-2   
020 I'M HEADING FOR HEAVEN  Mountain Home 0957-2  
021 HE WAS MY LIGHTHOUSE  Mountain Home 0957-2  
022 THIS ROCK IS JESUS  Mountain Home 0957-2   
023 YOU'RE GOD  Mountain Home 0957-2   
024 THERE IS ONE  Mountain Home 0957-2    
2004 Crossroads Studio, 50 Fisk Dr, Arden, NC– NewFound Road (Tim Shelton [vcl/gt], J. Allen Williams, Jr. [vcl/gt/banjo], Rob Baker [vcl/mandolin], Tim Caudill [upright bass], Jim VanCleve [fiddle])
025 IT'S RAINING THE BLUES Mountain Home 996 
026 THAT'S HOW I GOT TO MEMPHIS Mountain Home 996 
027 THESE OLD BLUES Mountain Home 996 
029 LONESOME FEELIN' Mountain Home 996 
030 SOMEWHERE BETWEEN Mountain Home 996 
031 EDINBURGH Mountain Home 996
032 I NEED YOU LORD Mountain Home 996 
033 LOVE AT FIRST LIGHT Mountain Home 996 
034 DON'T BE GONE Mountain Home 996 
035 ROCK OF AGES Mountain Home 996   
036 JESUS SURE CHANGED ME Mountain Home 996   
2006 poss. Nashville, TN– NewFound Road (Junior Williams [vcl/gt/ banjo], Rob Baker [vcl/gt/mandolin/ slide gt], Tim Shelton [vcl/gt], Rob Ickes [dobro], Randy Barnes [vcl/bass].
Producer: Rob Ickes)
037 COLD BLUE DAY Rounder 0576-2
038 DOUGLAS GRAVES Rounder 0576-2 
039 HANDSOME MOLLY Rounder 0576-2 
040 NOTHING'S MISSING Rounder 0576-2 
041 LIFE IN A SONG Rounder 0576-2
042 IN MY SLEEP Rounder 0576-2 
043 I MISS YOU Rounder 0576-2 
044 A PICTURE OF YOUR MOTHER Rounder 0576-2 
045 NO CLUE Rounder 0576-2   
046 WHEN I GET HOME Rounder 0576-2   
048 LEAVE MY WOMAN ALONE Rounder 0576-2
049 HOUSTON (I'M COMIN' TO SEE YOU) Rounder 0576-2
2008 Omni Sound Studios, Nashville, TN/1808 Studios, Nashville, TN – NewFound Road (Tim Shelton [vcl/gt], Jr. Williams [vcl/banjo/ gt], Joe Booher [vcl/mandolin], Randy Barnes [bass]. Producer: Jim VanCleve and NewFound Road)
050 TRY TO BE Rounder 0609-2 
051 SAME OLD PLACE Rounder 0609-2 
053 RIVER OF PAIN Rounder 0609-2
054 LOVE STAY AWAY FROM ME Rounder 0609-2 
055 ON THE BACK ROW Rounder 0609-2 
056 BRAND NEW BROKEN HEART Rounder 0609-2 
057 GIVE ME JESUS Rounder 0609-2
058 I AM THE MAN THOMAS Rounder 0609-2 
059 THE LONESOME RIVER Rounder 0609-2 
060 PILEDRIVER Rounder 0609-2  
061 FULL CIRCLE Rounder 0609-2  
4 December 2010 [live] The Down Home, 300 West Main St., Johnson City, TN – NewFound Road (Josh Miller [vcl/gt/banjo], ...    Full DescriptionTim Shelton [vcl/gt], Joe Booher [mandolin], Jim VanCleve [fiddle])
06101 TRY TO BE Rounder 9106-2 
06102 THESE DAYS Rounder 2 
06103 BLACKADDERS COVE Rounder 9106-2 
06104 RUBEN Rounder 9106-2   
06105 IF YOU'LL PRETEND Rounder 9106-2 
06106 ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS Rounder 9106-2   
06107 LONESOME RIVER Rounder 9106-2   
06108 THAT'S HOW I GOT TO MEMPHIS Rounder 9106-2 
06110 PLEASE COME TO BOSTON Rounder 9106-2   
06111 HOUSTON Rounder 9106-2 
06112 AIN'T NO SUNSHINE Rounder 9106-2

Mountain Home MH 0924-2 NewFound Road: I Am the Man, Thomas;  Brothers Join and Pray;  Another Soldier; Keep the Faith;  Give Me Jesus; Here on My Knees; Gonna Be a Happy Day; Damascus Road; Stand Still and See; God Is Still in Control; He's My Rock; Two Pictures; Weapon of Prayer - 02
Mountain Home MH 0957-2 Full Heart:  He'll Be Your Friend;  Christ Never Changes; Do Well; Easy Choice for Me; A Full Heart; He'll Make a Way;  I'm Heading for Heaven; He Was My Lighthouse; This Rock Is Jesus; You're God;  There Is One – 15-07-03
Mountain Home MH 0996-2 Somewhere Between:  It's Raining the Blues; That's How I Got to Memphis; These Old Blues; Nothing Ever Turns Out Right; Lonesome Feelin'; Somewhere Between; Edinburgh; I Need You Lord; Love at First Light; Don't Be Gone;  Rock of Ages;  Jesus Sure Changed Me - 23-11-04
Rounder 11661-0576-2 Life In A Song: Cold Blue Day; Douglas Graves; Handsome Molly; Nothing's Missing; Life in a Song; In My Sleep; I Miss You; A Picture of Your Mother; No Clue;  When I Get Home;  Before the Next Teardrop Falls; Leave My Woman Alone; Houston (I'm Comin' to See You) – 26-09-06
Rounder 11661-0609-2 Same Old Place: Try To Be; Same Old Place; My Shoes Sure Know How To Get Around; River Of Pain; Love Stay Away From Me; On The Back Row; Brand New Broken Heart; Give Me Jesus; I Am The Man Thomas; The Lonesome River; Piledriver;  Full Circle – 28-04-09
Rounder 11661-9106-2 Live At The Down Home: Try To Be;  These Days;  Blackadders Cove;  Ruben;  If You'll Pretend;  Room At the Top of the Stairs;  Lonesome River;  That's How I Got To Memphis;  We Ain't Going Down Without a Fight;  Please Come To Boston;  Houston;  Ain't No Sunshine – 26-04-11

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