Saturday, July 21, 2018

Williamson Branch

By Praguefrank
2015 unknown, TN – Williamson Branch (Kevin Williamson [vcl/gt],  Debbie Williamson [vcl/mandolin], Kadence Williamson [ukulele/ bass], Caroline Williamson,  Melody Williamson [fiddle] + Craig Fletcher [mandolin],  Barry Crabtree [banjo-1], Jeff Easter [harmonica])
001 SOMEDAY Enrichement EP 1501
002 THE MINER'S SONG ('TIL MY DYING DAY) Enrichement EP 1501
003 WE COULD BE AGAIN Enrichement EP 1501
004 THAT'S HOW I GOT TO MEMPHIS Enrichement EP 1501
005 GRANDMA'S FEATHER BED Enrichement EP 1501
006 COAL IN MY STOCKING Enrichement EP 1501
007 LOVE AMONG THE DANDELION Enrichement EP 1501
008 NEVER GROW OLD Enrichement EP 1501
009 NEW RIVER TRAIN -1 Enrichement EP 1501
010 IF IT AIN'T LOVE Enrichement EP 1501
011 I WAS RAISED IN A RAILROAD TOWN -2 Enrichement EP 1501
2015 [live] unknown – Williamson Branch
01101 YOU AIN'T WOMAN ENOUGH (TO TAKE MY MAN) Enrichement EP 1501

2017 Scott Vestal’s Digital Underground Studio, Greenbrier, TN – Williamson Branch (Debbie Williamson [vcl], Caroline Williamson [vcl], Kevin Williamson [vcl/gt], Scott Vestall [banjo], Adam Steffey [mandolin], Rob Ickes [dobro],  Kadence Williamson [bass], Randy Wright [drums], Melody Williamon [vcl/fiddle], Dusty Knapp [piano]. Producer: Williamson Branch)
012 FREE Pinecastle PRC 1217  
013 OLD MAN HOBACK’S FARM Pinecastle PRC 1217  
014 GOODNIGHT ANGELINE Pinecastle PRC 1217  
015 I’M GONNA MOVE Pinecastle PRC 1217  
016 THIS SONG’S FOR YOU Pinecastle PRC 1217  
017 MY HEART IS SET ON TENNESSEE Pinecastle PRC 1217  
018 MORE THAN EVER Pinecastle PRC 1217  
019 MORE THAN A DREAM Pinecastle PRC 1217
020 JERUSALEM RIDGE Pinecastle PRC 1217
021 TILL I SEE YOU AGAIN Pinecastle PRC 1217  
022 HEY GOOD LOOKIN’ Pinecastle PRC 1217  
023 IF GOD DOESN’T BLESS AMERICA  Pinecastle PRC 1217  

Enrichertainment Prod. EP 1501 Branchin' Out: Someday; The Miner's Song ('Til My Dying Day); We Could Be Again; That's How I Got to Memphis; Grandma's Feather Bed; Coal in My Stocking; Love Among the Dandelion; Never Grow Old; New River Train; If It Ain't Love; I Was Raised in a Railroad Town; You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man) [Live] - 18-11-15
Pinecastle PRC 1217  Free: Free; Old Man Hoback’s Farm; Goodnight Angeline; I’m Gonna Move; This Song’s For You; My Heart Is Set On Tennessee; More Than Ever; More Than A Dream; Jerusalem Ridge; Till I See You Again; Hey Good Lookin’; If God Doesn’t Bless America - 06-07-18

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