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Jennifer Warnes

Jennifer Jean Warren, *03-03-1947 Seattle, WA
2nd version
by Praguefrank
1967 Los Angeles, CA – Jennifer  (Producer: Marty Cooper)
001 CLOSE ANOTHER DOOR Parrot PAS 71020 
002 CL 7643 SUNNY DAY BLUE Parrot 45-324/PAS 71020  
003 CL-7644 HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE Parrot 45-324/PAS 71020  RVCD-185
004 CL-7679 CHELSEA MORNING Parrot 45-333/PAS 71020   RVCD-185
006 CL-7699 I AM WAITING Parrot 45-333/PAS 71020 
007 PLACES EVERYONE Parrot PAS 71020 
008 TREE-HOUSE OF GOLD Parrot PAS 71020  
009 IT'S HARD TO LOVE A POET Parrot PAS 71020 
010 CL-7700 THE LEAVES Parrot 45-333/PAS 71020  
011 CL-7678 THE PARK Parrot 45-328/PAS 71020   
1968 unknown – Jennifer
012 CL-7727 LET THE SUNSHINE IN (THE FLESH FAILURES)  Parrot 45-336/71034  
013 CL-7728 EASY TO BE HARD Parrot 45-336/71034 RVCD-185 
015 TIME IS ON THE RUN Parrot 71034  
016 THE OLD FOLKS (LES VIEUX) Parrot 45-346/71034  
017 CL-7772* WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT Parrot 71034   [edit*:] 45-343
019 BACK STREET GIRL Parrot 71034 
020 CL-7773 WEATHER'S BETTER Parrot 45-343/71034  
022 CL-7788* CAJUN TRAIN Parrot 71034  [edit*:] 45-346
September/ November 1971 Los Angeles, CA – Jennifer (Jennifer Warnes [vcl], Jackson Browne [gt], Ron Elliott [vcl/gt], Sneaky Pete Kleinow [steel], Wilton Felder [bass],  Richard Hayward / Russ  Kunkel [drums], Milt Holland [drums/percussion],  Spooner Oldham [organ/piano/ keyboards], Jim Horn [sax], The St. Paul's Cathedral Boys Choir [bck vcl].  Producer: John Cale)
023 PCA0704 THESE DAYS Reprise REP-1070/MS 2065 RVCD-185
024 IN THE MORNING Reprise MS 2065 RVCD-185  
025 P.F. SLOAN Reprise MS 2065 RVCD-185
026 EMPTY BOTTLES Reprise MS 2065  
027 SAND AND FOAM Reprise MS 2065 RVCD-185
028 BE MY FRIEND Reprise MS 2065  
029 NEEDLE AND THREAD Reprise MS 2065 
030 ALL MY LOVE'S LAUGHTER Reprise MS 2065  RVCD-185
031 MAGDALENE Reprise MS 2065  
032 PCA0928 LAST SONG Reprise REP-1070/MS 2065 
1976 Village Recorder, West Los Angeles, CA/Davlen Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA – Jennifer Warnes (Jennifer Warnes [vcl], Jay Graydon [gt], Dan Sawyer [gt], Dave McDaniels [bass], Joe Correro/Russ Kunkel [drums], Nicky Hopkins/ Allen Lindgren [piano], Peggy Sandvig [el piano], Bryan Whitcomb [keyboards],  Jim Price [trombone/bck vcl], Max Haskett [trumpet], Steve Madaio [trumpet]. Producer: Jim Price)
033 2357 THE RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT  Arista AS 0223/AL 4062 AL-9560  RVCD-185
034 LOVE HURTS  Arista AL 4062  
035 ROUND AND ROUND  Arista AL 4062  
036 SHINE A LIGHT  Arista AL 4062   RVCD-185
037 YOU'RE THE ONE  Arista AL 4062 
038 2420 I'M DREAMING  Arista AS 0252/AL 4062  AL 9560
039 MAMA  Arista AL 4062 
041 DON'T LEAD ME ON  Arista AS 0252/AL 4062 
042 DADDY DON'T GO  Arista AS 0223/AL 4062  
043 O GOD OF LOVELINESS  Arista AL 4062
1979 [soundtrack Norma Rae] unknown – Jennifer Warnes
1979 Shangri La Studios, Malibu, CA/Village Recorder, West Los Angeles, CA – jennifer Warnes [overdub sessions: London, UK, Hollywood, CA]
045 SHOT THROUGH THE HEART  Arista AS 0497/AB 4217  AL 9560
046 I KNOW A HEARTACHE WHEN I SEE ONE  Arista AS 0430/AB 4217 AL-9560   RVCD-185
047 DON'T MAKE ME OVER  Arista AB 4217  RVCD-185 [edit:] AS 0455
048 YOU REMEMBER ME  Arista AB 4217 
049 SIGN ON THE WINDOW  Arista AB 4217 
050 I'M RESTLESS  Arista AS 0455 AS 0611 AS 0670/AB 4217 AL-9560  RVCD-185
052 WHEN THE FEELING COMES AROUND  Arista AS 0497/AB 4217 AL-9560  RVCD-185
053 FRANKIE IN THE RAIN  Arista AS 0430/AB 4217 
1979 Rudy Recording Studio, San Francisco, CA/Sound Labs, Los Angeles, CA/Nashville, TN – Steve Gillette and Jennifer Warnes (Producer: Graham Nash)
055 LOST THE GOOD THING WE HAD  Regency 45002/REG-79002 Compass Rose CRM-9  RVCD 185    
1981 [soundtrack Ragtime] unknown – Jennifer Warnes
056 ONE MORE HOUR Elektra 5E-565 RVCD-185
1982 [soundtrack An Officer And A Gentleman] unknown – Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker
057 43253 UP WHERE WE BELONG  Island 7-99996/90017-2 RVCD-185
ca 1982 unknown, CA – Jennifer Warnes
058 COULD IT BE LOVE Arista AS 0611/ AL- CD-185
059 RUN TO HER AL-9560
060 COME TO ME AS 0670/AL 9560
1983 [soundtrack Twilight Zone] unknown – Jennifer Warnes
061 BCA2422 NIGHTS ARE FOREVER  WB 7-29887
1983 [soundtrack All The Right Moves] unknown – Jennifer Warnes with Chris Thompson (Producer: Tom Snow and Brooks Arthur)
062 83CS-707 ALL THE RIGHT MOVES  Casablanca 814 603-7/814 449-1 RVCD-185
1986 The Institute, Austin, TX – Jennifer Warnes (Jennifer Warnes [vcl], Fred Tackett [gt], Michael Landau [gt], Robben Ford [gt], David Lindley [lap steel], Richard Feves/ Jorge Calderon [bass], Roscoe Beck [bass/gt/synthesizer], Vinnie Colaiuta [drums], Larry Brown/ Steve Forman/ Lenny Castro [percussion],  Sid Page, Barbara Porter [violins], Novi Novog [viola], Larry Corbett, Suzie Katayama [cellos], Bill Ginn [piano/ synthesizer], Gary Chang [synthesizers/ programming], William "Smitty" Smith [synthesizer/ Hammond B-3], Russell Ferrante [synthesizer], Paul Ostermayer [tenor sax], "Reverend" Dave Boruff [sax],  Bobby King, Terry Evans, Kal David, Willie Greene Jr. [bck vcl])
064 FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490  [edit:] 661 115-2
065 BIRD ON A WIRE Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490 
066 FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT Cypress 611 111-7 661 115-7/661-111 Shout Factory 10490 
067 JOAN OF ARC Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490
068 AIN'T NO CURE FOR LOVE Cypress 611 111-7/661-111 Shout Factory 10490 
069 COMING BACK TO YOU Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490 
070 SONG OF BERNADETTE Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490 
071 A SINGER MUST DIE Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490 
072 CAME SO FAR FOR BEAUTY Cypress 661-111 Shout Factory 10490
073 NIGHT COMES ON Shout Factory 10490 
074 BALLAD OF THE RUNAWAY HORSE Shout Factory 10490 
075 IF IT BE YOUR WILL Shout Factory 10490 
unknown [live] unknown, BEL – Jennifer Warnes
07501 JOAN OF ARC Shout Factory 10490
1987 [soundtrack Blind Date] unknown – Jennifer Warnes and Gary Morris
076 SIMPLY MEANT TO BE WB 7-28388/Rhino R2-70705
1987 [soundtrack Dirty Dancing] unknown – Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley
077 (I’VE HAD) THE TIME OF MY LIFE RCA 5224-7-R/6408-1-R
1989 [soundtrack Winter People] unknown – Jennifer Warnes
1992 ACME Studio, Los Angeles, CA/Amigo Studios, Los Angeles, CA/ Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA/ Conway Studios, Hollywood, CA/ Groove Masters, Los Angeles, CA, SoundCastle, Los Angeles, CA/ The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA/The Hit Factory, New York City/ River Sound, New York City – Jennifer Warnes
079 ROCK YOU GENTLY Private Music 665 391/82089  [edit:] 665 391
080 SOMEWHERE SOMEBODY Private Music 82089 
081 BIG NOISE NEW YORK Private Music 82089 
082 TRUE EMOTION Private Music 82089  [remix:] 81009
083 PRETENDING TO CARE Private Music 82089
084 THE WHOLE OF THE MOON Private Music 82089 
085 LIGHTS OF LOUSIANNE Private Music 665 391/82089 
086 WAY DOWN DEEP Private Music 82089 
087 THE HUNTER Private Music 82089
088 I CAN'T HIDE Private Music 82089
1998 [soundtrack Barney’s Great Adventure] unknown – Jennifer Warnes          
089 YOU CAN Lyrick Studios 9418
090 LET’S SING ALL THE WAY HOME Lyrick Studios 9418
1998 [soundtrack Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer] unknown – Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley
091 SHOW ME THE LIGHT  Goodtime Ent. 05-1942-CD
2000 [soundtrack Harlan County War] unknown – Jennifer Warnes         
2000 [sessions for LeVee Town] unknown – Sonny Landreth and Jennifer Warnes
2001 Andora, Los Angeles, CA/ Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA/ Groovemaster, Los Angeles, CA/ Rainbow Garage, Los Angeles, CA/ Royaltone, Los Angeles, CA/ Schnee Studio, Los Angeles, CA/ Stardog Studios, Austin, TX – Jennifer Warnes (Jennifer Warnes [vcl], Suzie Katayama [conductor/cello], Doyle Bramhall [vcl/ac  gt/ drums], Arlo Guthrie [vcl], Blondie Chaplin [vcl], Dean Parks [ac gt/ mandolin], George Doering [el gt/ mandolin], Rick Cunha [gt], Matt Cartsonis [mandolin], Greg Liesz [pedal steel gt], Abraham Laboriel [bass], Vinnie Colaiuta [drums], Lenny Castro [percussion],Van Dyke Parks [accordion], Martin Davich [piano/ harmonium/ keyboards/ synthesizer], Danny Freeman [piano], Lee Thornburg [trumpet], + strings. Producers: Martin Davich, Jennifer Warnes, Doyle Bramhall, Paul Dieter, David Campbell)
095 THE WELL  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034  
096 IT'S RAINING  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
097 PRAIRIE MELANCHOLY  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
098 TOO LATE LOVE COMES  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
099 INVITATION TO THE BLUES  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
100 AND SO IT GOES  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
101 THE PANTHER  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
102 YOU DON'T KNOW ME  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034  
103 THE NIGHTINGALE  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
104 PATRIOT'S DREAM  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034  
105 THE WELL (REPRISE)  Music Force SD8960 Cisco Music SCD 2034 
106 LOCO GIRL Cisco Music SCD 2034
2002 [sessions for Coming Of Age] unknown – Jennifer Warnes and Jude Johnstone
2004 [sessions for  Enjoy Every Sandwich – Songs Of Warren Zevon] unknown – Jenniefer Warnes and Jorge Calderón
2008 [soundtrack Bernadette] unknown – Jennifer Warnes           
109 SONG OF BERNADETTE  Ignatius Press       
2000S unknown - Jennifer Warnes
2017 unknown – Jennifer Warnes, *with Mike Cross (Jennifer Warnes [vcl],  Dean Parks [ac gt/mandolin/ dobro], Mitch Watkins [ac gt/bck vcl],  Daran DeShazo [el gt], Gabriel Santiago [gt],   Greg Leisz [dobro /steel],  Roscoe Beck [dobro/bass/ keyboards/bck vcl], Sonny Landreth [dobro/el gt], Abraham Laboriel [bass], John Ferraro/ Vinnie Colaiuta [drums],  Lenny Castro [percussion],  Ames Asbell [viola], Javier Chaparro,  Leigh Mahoney,  Tracy Seeger [violin], Sara Nelson [cello], Joel Guzman [accordion],  Jim Cox [organ/piano],  Red Young/ Stephano Intelisano / Stephen Barber [keyboards],  John Mills [flute], Tom Hale pFreench horn], Eric Darken [vibraphone], Blondie Chaplin,  Mike Cross, Roderick Sanford, Ruthie Foster [choir-1]. Producer: Jennifer Warnes, Roscoe Beck)
112 JUST BREATHE Porch Light 538358052  
113 TOMORROW NIGHT Porch Light 538358052
114 ONCE I WAS LOVED Porch Light 538358052  
115 SO SAD Porch Light 538358052
116 I SEE YOUR FACE BEFORE ME Porch Light 538358052  
117 I AM THE BIG EASY Porch Light 538358052
118 THE BOYS AND ME Porch Light 538358052
119 BACK WHERE I STARTED Porch Light 538358052  
120 FREEDOM -1 Porch Light 538358052  
121 WHY WORRY* Porch Light 538358052  

Parrot PAS-71020 I Can Remember Everything: Close Another Door; Sunny Day Blue;  Here, There and Everywhere; Chelsea Morning;  I Want To Meander In The Meadow;  I Am Waiting; Places Everyone; Tree-House Of Gold;  It's Hard To Love A Poet; The Leaves;  The Park – 68 as Jennifer (reissued in 2003 as part of Rev-Ola 227 Jennifer)
Parrot PAS-71034 See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me!: Let The Sunshine In;  Easy To Be Hard;  Saturday Night At The World; Time Is On The Run;  Old Folks (Les Vieux);  We're Not Gonna Take It;  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues; Back Street Girl; Weather's Better;  Tell Me Again I Love Thee (Torna-Ami A Dir Che M'Ami);  Cajun Train – 69 as Jennifer (reissued in 2003 as part of Rev-Ola 227 Jennifer)
Reprise MS 2065 Jennifer: In The Morning;  P.F. Sloan;  Empty Bottles;  Sand and Foam;  Be My Friend;  Needle And Thread; Last Song; All My Love's Laughter; These Days; Magdalene – 72 (MX: A 31358/B 31359)
Arista AL-4062 Jennifer Warnes: Love Hurts;  Round and Round;  Shine A Light;  You're the One;  I'm Dreaming;  Mama; Right Time of the Night; Bring Ol' Maggie Back Home; Don't Lead Me On; Daddy Don't Go;  O God of Loveliness – 76
Arista AB-4217 Shot Through the Heart: Shot Through the Heart;  I Know a Heartache When I See One; Don't Make Me Over; You Remember Me; Sign On the Window; I'm Restless; Tell Me Just One More Time; When the Feeling Comes Around; Frankie in the Rain; Hard Times, Come Again No More – 25-04-79
Arista AL-9560 The Best of Jennifer Warnes: Right Time of the Night;  It Goes Like It Goes; I Know a Heartache When I See One; When the Feeling comes Around;  I'm Restless;  Could It Be Love;  Run To Her; I'm Dreaming;  Shot Through the Heart; Come To Me – 14-07-82
Cypress YD-0110/661-111 Famous Blue Raincoat (The Songs Of Leonard Cohen): First We Take Manhattan;  Bird On A Wire;  Famous Blue Raincoat;  Joan Of Arc; Ain't No Cure For Love;  Coming Back To You;  Song Of Bernadette;  A Singer Must Die;  Came So Far For Beauty – 31-10-86
Private Music 01005-82089-2 The Hunter:  Rock You Gently;  Somewhere Somebody;  Big Noise New York;  True Emotion;  Pretending To Care; The Whole of the Moon;  Lights of Lousianne;  Way Down Deep;  The Hunter; I Can't Hide – 09-06-92 (reissued in 208 on Cisco ACIS 7063)
Music Force SD8960 The Well: The Well;  It's Raining; Prairie Melancholy; Too Late Love Comes; Invitation to the Blues; And So It Goes; The Panther; You Don't Know Me;  The Nightingale; Patriot's Dream;  The Well (Reprise); Loco Girl* – 04-09-01 (also as Cisco Music SCD2034 [Super Audio CD] with bonus track*,  and CLP7009 [180-gram LP])
Raven [AUS] RVCD-185 Love Lifts Us Up: A Collection 1969-1983: Chelsea Morning; Here, There and Everywhere;  Easy to Be Hard;  In the Morning;  P.F. Sloan;  Sand and Foam;  All My Love's Laughter;  These Days;  Right Time of the Night;  Shine a Light;  I Know a Heartache When I See One;  I'm Restless;  Don't Make Me Over;  When the Feeling Comes Around;  Could It Be Love;  It Goes Like It Goes;  One More Hour;  Lost the Good Thing We Had;  Up Where We Belong;  All the Right Moves – 10-05-04
BMG Heritage 61121-2 Platinum and Gold Collection: Right Time of the Night;  I Know a Heartache When I See One; Could It Be Love;  Don't Make Me Over;  You Remember Me;  Sign on the Window;  First We Take Manhattan;  Bird On A Wire;  I'm Dreaming; Whole of the Moon; It Goes Like It Goes; (I've Had) The Time of My Life (with Bill Medley) – 13-07-04 (sampler)
Shout Factory 826663-10490 Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition
Remastered:  First We Take Manhattan; Bird On A Wire;  Famous Blue Raincoat;  Joan Of Arc; Ain't No Cure For Love; Coming Back To You; Song Of Bernadette;  A Singer Must Die;  Came So Far For Beauty;  Night Comes On*;  Ballad of the Runaway Horse*;  If It Be Your Will;  Joan of Arc (Live in Belgium) – 08-08 (*previously unissued)
Porch Light 538358052 Another Time, Another Place: Just Breathe; Tomorrow Night; Once I Was Loved; So Sad; I See Your Face Before Me; I Am The Big Easy; The Boys And Me; Back Where I Started; Freedom; Why Worry – 27-04-18

Parrot (1968-70)
45-324 Sunny Day Blue / Here, There and Everywhere – 08-67 (rev. Aug. 26)
45-328 The Park / Chelsea Morning – 04-68 (rev. Apr. 27)
45-333 I Am Waiting / The Leaves – 09-68 (rev. Oct, 5)
45-336 Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) / Easy to Be Hard – 02-69 (rev. March 1)
45-343 We're Not Gonna Take It (edit) / Weather's Better – 04-70
45-346 Cajun Train (edit) / The Old Folks – 05-70
Reprise (1972)
REP 1070 These Days / Last Song – 03-72 (rev. March 18)
Arista (1977-82)
AS 0223 Right Time of the Night / Daddy Don't Go – 01-77
AS 0252 I'm Dreaming / Don't Lead Me On – 06-77
AS 0430 I Know A Heartache When I See One / Frankie in the Rain - 06-79
AS 0455 Don't Make Me Over (edit) / I'm Restless – 12-79
AS 0497 When the Feeling Comes Around / Shot Through the Heart – 03-80
Regency 45002 Lost the Good Thing We Had (duet with Steve Gillette) / Three Lines (Steve Gillette) – 01-80
AS 0611 Could It Be Love / I'm Restless – 06-81
AS 0670 Come to Me / I'm Restless – 24-02-82
Island 7-99996 Up Where We Belong (with Joe Cocker) / Sweet Li'l Woman (Joe Cocker) – 14-07-82
07822-12297-7 Right Time Of The Night / I Know A Heartache When I See One - 94
Warner Brothers (1983)
7-29593 Nights are Forever / Kick the Can (Instrumental) – 03-06-83
Casablanca (1983)
814 603-7 [Janniefer Warnes/ Chris Thompson:] All The Right Moves / [David Campbell:] Love Theme from All the Right Moves – 10-83
Cypress (1986)
611 111-7 Ain't No Cure For Love / Famous Blue Raincoat – 86 (Canadian issue on Attic AT352)
661 115-7 First We Take Manhattan (edit) / Famous Blue Raincoat – 86
661 118/7DJ Birds On A Wire / Birds On A Wire – 86 (promo)
Warner Brothers
7-28388 Simply Meant to Be / Simply Meant to Be – 09-03-87
5224-7-R I've Had the Time of My Life (with Bill Medley) / Love is Strange (Mickey and Sylvia) – 09-87
Private (1992)
81009 True Emotion (remix) – 92 (CD promo)
665 391 Rock You Gently (edit) / Rock You Gently (LP version) / Lights of Lousianne – 92 (CD single)

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