Saturday, December 29, 2018

Graham Rodger

By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Drover Music [AUS] DE 003CD Steering Wheel Drovers:  Drysdale River;  King of the Roadtrains;  Give Me Waltzing Matilda;  The Old Landcruiser;  The Murranji Muster;  Get Right Off The Place;  We're Gonna Rock The Old Pub Tonight;  Steering Wheel Drovers;  Old Man Drought;  Roses and Diesel;  You've Gotta Be Mad to be a Truckie Like Me;  The Miner's Arms Hotel – 02
Drover Music [AUS] DE 004CD The Colours of Australia:  The Snowy Mountain Riders; Going Back To The Alice; A Country Way Of Doing Things; The Lady And The Rodeo Man; The Colours Of Australia; The Old Retired Drover; We're Australia's Sons; Crocodile Hunters; Waiting At The End Of The Line; When My Ship Comes In – 01-08-02
Drover Music [AUS] DE 006 Drovin’ All Over: Missing In Action [3];  Hero Of The land [2];  One Last Look [1];  The Lady And The Rodeo Man [3];  Like Family To Me [1,2];  There At The Side Of The Road [1,2];  Mr Dusty [2];  Old Heart Of Mine [1]; Drovin' [2]; The Kingdom I Call Home [1] - 08-03 Bob Easter [1], Melissa Bajnic [2], Graham Rodger [3]
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 001 A Gypsy's Life:  A Gypsy's Life;The Matilda Highway; Beyond The Dream; Trucks Are in My Blood;  Huts Of The High Country;  It's All In The Game;  Let's Keep Australia, Australia; Middleton Hotel; Shindig At The Glenreagh Pub;  Daddy's Little Girl Was A Truckie;  Let Our Hearts Lead The Way;  The Night I Saved John Wayne; This Old Guitar Of Mine - 04      
Regency Sound  [AUS] AM 002 This Old Guitar Of Mine: This Old Guitar Of Mine;  Tonesie;  The Wheels Of Cobb and Co;  Missing In Action;  The B and S Ball;  Santa's New Rig;  Country Towns;  Bourke And Wills;  True Blue Country;  I Never Meant To Hurt You;  Why Do We Write;  Where The Cooper Flows - 05
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 003  Muster On The Great Divide:  Muster On The Great Divide;  Down At The Pub On A Friday Night; The Bushman;  Old Furlong;  Jessie May;  In Answer To The Bush Balladeers;  Happy Just to Know That You Are Mine;  A Tale From The North;  My Old Akubra Hat;  Clancy Of The Overflow; . What Country's All About;  Woolshed Ball;  The Battle Of Long Tan - 06
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 004 Thunderbolt:  The Stockyard in the Hills;  Thunderbolt;  Kenny, Me and Slim; Anywhere I Hang My Hat;  Women on the Land;  An Old Green Piece of Canvas;  My Hearts in Australia Now;  Sequel to the Old Landcruiser;  The Chinchilla Rodeo;  Salute to R.M.;  One Country;  There's a Hole in the Mozzie Net;  The Obi Obi – 07 (Graham Rodger, vocals and guitar; Marc Lea, guitars, bass, drums, harmony vocals, piano and dobro; Lawrie Minson, dobro, banjo, pedal steel and blues harp; Peter Denahy, fiddle; Hugh Curtis, mandolin)
Regency Sound  [AUS] AM 005 The Fire Within Me:  A Saddle For A Throne; Manabadgerrie Run;  Carra Barra Wirra Canna;  Diamantina;  Pack Saddle Drover;  The Land Of Ringer Trumby;  Rough Country Ringer;  Water From The Devil;  She's My Rig;  The Kin Kin Hotel;  Give This Hug   To Daddy; The Battle Of Coral;  You Can't Take Australia From Me; The Fire Within Me - 08
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 006 We‘re Gonna Be Alright:  We're Gonna Be Alright;  The First Lady of Country;  The Almond Tree;  A Hat Like That;  The Barcaldine Cup;  Relief;  From Banjo's Pen;  Guilty or Not Guilty;  Unsuitably Dressed;  A Small Pain In His Chest;  The Touch of The Master's Hand;  A Little Irish Mother;  Said Hanrahan - 09
Regency Sound  [AUS] AM 007 Shadows Across The Moon:  Backwards; Take This Bank And Shove It;The Cooper Coming Down; Shadows Across The Moon; His Face Says Australia To Me; His Wooden Friend; Tuppence Ha'Penny; Angels Without Halos; Son of a Son of a Son of a Gun; Goldie; The Life We Live; Uncle Bills Legacy – 02-07-10
Regency Sound  [AUS] AM 008 This Land:  This Land; The Cattlemen's Call; An Affair Of The Heart (with Sara Storer); The Shearing Is On; The Darling Rain; Diesel And Dreams; The Lights On The Hill Memorial; Father's Day; The Midnight Train; Rocky Creek; Such A Shame; The Silent Deep Lagoon; Son Of The Red Dirt Country; The Shape I'm In  This Land – 03-06-11
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 009 Stronger For It All: Stronger For It All;  Beersheba; Man Shy;  Looking Back;  Tinsel Crown; Whoever Gets My Dog; The Min Min Light; The Old Coopers Note Book;  The Fence Off;  A Mug Of Billy Tea;  Old Bag Of Bones;  Darling Downs;  I Am – 17-04-12
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 010 Changing Years: The Ghan;  The Colours Of Australia; Changing Years; Empty Plate;  Anzac On the Wall;  Heart Of the Kimberley;  The Old Tin Shack; The Bushranger And His Lady;  The Chimney And The Rose; Weeping Annie; Old Blue;  Quambone Road;  Under The Spell Of Highway One – 17-04-13
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 0011 Dust And Leather: Big Wheels Rolling;  Scrub Bull Hunters;  Branding Fire Smoke;  Dust and Leather;  Take me Home Geordie Dear;  The Three Letter; Devil's Child; A Pair Of Faded Blue Jeans; He's Droving Once Again; The Black Soil Plains Of The Outback; Ghost Of The Yaraka Line;  A Truckie's Last Letter;  Reach Out (feat Catherine Britt) - 08-08-14
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 0012 They Answered The Call : Australia's Colonial Sons; The Naked Army; Australia Will Be There; Fallen Comrades; Beersheba; Such a Shame; Anzac on the Wall; The Three Letters (The Story Behind the Anzac on the Wall); I Must Go Back; Angels Without Halos; The Battle of Long Tan; Missing in Action; Whoever Gets My Dog; The Battle of Coral; Fifty Thousand Australian Sons; A Small Pain in His Chest; Give This Hug to Daddy; We've Done Us Proud – 16
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 0013 Territory Man: Territory Man; Stepping over Spinifex; Dusty Stopes and Drives; Kidman's Boys; The Eagle; Ghosts of the Murranji; Dust Gauge; A Little Town West of the Great Divide; The Brand That Seared the Land; Trembling Lips; The Kimberley Riders; City Cowboy Living on the Dole; The Wellshot Hotel; Duel at the Georgetown Pub – 14-10-16 
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 0014 Plains Of Nappa Merrie: Doing My Best To Make It Home Tonight; The Plains Of Nappa Merrie;  Our Love Will Always Live; The Roadway Of My Years; When The Desert Flowers Bloom; He Looked To Be Australian To Me; Addicted To My Cat D9; The Pub With No Town;  Woman Of The Outback;  The Homesick Boomerang; The Beauty That Is You; No More Waltzing Matilda – 31-03-17
Regency Sound [AUS] AM 0015? Ringers In The Sky: Ringers In The Sky;  From The Top Rail;  I’m An Old Black Man;  Tiny Bush Grave;  Sunrise On The Katherine;  I’ve Been A Fool Too Long;  My Kinda’ Country;  Child Of The Overflow; Riding In The Bar; Where The Three Rivers Flow;  The Pearl Of Them All; Sons Of The Territory;  Uluru - 18

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