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Stacy Phillips

Melvyn Marshall, *29-09-1944, +05-06-2018
By Praguefrank
1975 poss. New York City – Stacy Phillis (Stacy Phillips [dobro/fiddle], Susan Lonergan, Martha Trachtenberg, Jack O'Callagahan [vcl], Harry Orloff [gt], Steve Tannenbaum [gt], Tony Trishka [banjo/ gt/ steel], David Jaffe [mandolin],Barry Mittechoff [mandolin/ finger cymbals], Andy Statman [mandolin/ sax], Dave Schwartz [bass], Richard Crooks [percussion],Tom Hagymasi [vcl/fiddle])
001 NA LEI O HAWAII  Revonah RS 930   
002 TRAVELLING DOBRO  Revonah RS 930   
003 MISTREATED MAMA  Revonah RS 930  
004 TAKING OFF  Revonah RS 930   
005 WHAT SHY MEN DREAM  Revonah RS 930   
006 SPANISH FANDANGO  Revonah RS 930   
007 SOPHISTICATED HULA  Revonah RS 930  Archduke Combine 01 
008 OUTWOOD ECHOS  Revonah RS 930   
009 ALL OLD FRIENDS  Revonah RS 930   Archduke Combine 01
010 FIREBALL  Revonah RS 930   
011 HOMECOMING WALTZ  Revonah RS 930
1986 New York City – Stacy Phillips (Stacy Phillips [dobro], Maggie Roche, Suzzy Roche, Heny Alvarez [vcl], Jon Sholle [gt], Dick Neal [gt], Bill Bachmann [gt], Stacy Phillips [dobro],Tony Trishka [banjo], Jim Allen, Andy Statman [mandolin], Tony Gargne / Sam Eckhardt/ Marty Confurious [bass], Bishop O'Brien [drums], Steve Thornton [percussion],
Kenny Kosek [fiddle/gt], Matt Glaser [2nd fiddle], Frank Ferrucci [piano])
012 OPIHI MOEMOE Shanachie 95004   Archduke Combine 01  
013 HEY MISTER GET THE BALL Shanachie 95004  Archduke Combine 01  
014 PANHANDLE RAG Shanachie 95004   Archduke Combine 01  
015 KANGAROO Shanachie 95004   Archduke Combine 01 
016 VALSE HOT Shanachie 95004  Archduke Combine 01 
017 AVISO Shanachie 95004   Archduke Combine 01 
018 SWING '39 Shanachie 95004   Archduke Combine 01 
019 LEATHER BRITCHES Shanachie 95004   Archduke Combine 01 
020 HARLEM NOCTURNE Shanachie 95004 Archduke Combine 01 
2000 South Salem, NY / East Side Sound, New York City (Stacy Phillips  [vcl/Harlow/dobro/ National resonator lap gt/ bell], Paul Howard [gt], Tom Hagymasi [vcl], Robin Kincaid [vcl], Jon Sholle [gt], Tony Trischka: [banjo], Barry Mitterhoff [mandolin],Jim Whitely [bass], Kenny Kosek [fiddle], Evan Stover [violins/viola], Kahlil Bell [ashekere / hand claps],Jim Allen [hmny vcl])
021 MAUNA LOA Archduke Combine 02   
022 WILD HORSE Archduke Combine 02  
023 GOLDEN WEDDING DAYS Archduke Combine 02  
024 RUTH AND NAOMI Archduke Combine 02  
025 KENYAN TUNE Archduke Combine 02  
026 FROM THE INSIDE Archduke Combine 02
027 BUCKTIME Archduke Combine 02   
028 HAWAIIAN MEDLEY Archduke Combine 02   
029 PRODIGAL SON Archduke Combine 02  
030 GREASY COAT Archduke Combine 02  
031 I'LL BE ALL SMILES TONIGHT Archduke Combine 02   
032 FLAMBEE MONTALBANAISE Archduke Combine 02
033 KLEZMER MEDLEY Archduke Combine 02  
034 ABSALOM MY SON Archduke Combine 02   
Ca 2003 Melodeon Studios, Chemainus, BC, CAN/ ImageNet Studios, Goshen, CT – Stacy Phillips and Paul Howard (Producer: Doug Cox)
035 BLUE PRELUDE Archduke Combine 03  
036 ARBOLEDA Archduke Combine 03
037 MEAN WOMAN WITH THE GREEN EYES Archduke Combine 03  
038 PERRY MASON THEME/SLEIGH RIDE Archduke Combine 03  
039 LOST IN ARIZONA Archduke Combine 03
040 SERMONETTE Archduke Combine 03  
041 ROM HORA/KLEZMER TUNE Archduke Combine 03  
042 THE WIND CRIES MARY Archduke Combine 03
043 CHEROKEE SHUFFLE Archduke Combine 03
044 LAST ROSE OF AUTUMN Archduke Combine 03  
045 DOLORES Archduke Combine 03  
046 WALKING ONE AND ONLY Archduke Combine 03  
047 SAINT LOUIS BLUES Archduke Combine 03
2006 Horizon Studios, West Haven, CT - Stacy Phillips and Paul Howard (Stacy Phillips [vcl/dobro/slide gt/ violin], Paul Howard [vcl/gt])
048 WALKING DOWN WHALLEY Archduke Combine 04  
049 NAO TOQUE Archduke Combine 04   
050 A SMOOTH ONE Archduke Combine 04  
051 BLUES FOR CHARLEMAGNE Archduke Combine 04  
052 27TH OF SEPTEMBER / TEARS Archduke Combine 04
053 FOUR FROM HAWAII Archduke Combine 04
054 COBBLESTONES Archduke Combine 04   
055 NOITES CARIOCAS Archduke Combine 04   
056 GEE BABY, AIN'T I GOOD TO YOU Archduke Combine 04  
057 SHALOM TO SLIVOVITZ Archduke Combine 04  
058 IF SIX WAS NINE Archduke Combine 04

Revonah RS 930 All Old Friends:  Na Lei O Hawaii;  Travelling Dobro;  Mistreated Mama; Taking Off;  What Shy Men Dream;  Spanish Fandango;  Sophisticated Hula;  Outwood Echos;  All Old Friends;  Fireball;  Homecoming Waltz  – 75
Shanachie 95004 Hey Mister, Get The Ball:  Opihi Moemoe;  Hey Mister Get The Ball;  Panhandle Rag;  Kangaroo;  Valse Hot;  Aviso;  Swing '39;  Leather Britches;  Harlem Nocturne  - 86 (reissued on Archduke Combine  01 with bonus tracks Sophisticated Hula;  All Old Friends )
Archduke Combine 02 From The Inside: Mauna Loa;  Wild Horse; Golden Wedding Days; Ruth and Naomi;  Kenyan Tune; From The Inside; Bucktime;  Hawaiian Medley;  Prodigal Son;  Greasy Coat;  I'll Be All Smiles Tonight;  Flambee Montalbanaise;  Klezmer Medley;  Absalom My Son  - 02-09-00
Archduke Combine 03 Stacy Phillips And Paul Howard:  Blue Prelude;  Arboleda; Mean Woman with the Green Eyes; Perry Mason Theme/Sleigh Ride;  Lost in Arizona; Sermonette;  Rom Hora/Klezmer Tune;  The Wind Cries Mary; Cherokee Shuffle; Last Rose of Autumn; Dolores; Walking One and Only; Saint Louis Blues – 03?
Archduke Combine 04 Neo-Urbans Traditions: Walking Down Whalley;  Nao Toque;  A Smooth One;  Blues For Charlemagne; 27th Of September / Tears;  Four From Hawaii; Cobblestones;  Noites Cariocas;  Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You;  Shalom To Slivovitz; . If Six Was Nine - 06 w. Paul Howard

Stacy Phillips also issued educational records on Mel-Bay and videos on Homespun Video

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