Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Lex K

Lex Kunst
By Praguefrank
Thre is not enough info for creating sessionography


Lex K [AUS] no # Great Country Songs: Old Time Country Halls; Big Heart Of Australia; Country Revival; Midnight Special; Sally The Girl On Channel 8’ Old Dingo; Blie Pacific Rig; Neon City; Gotta Keep Moving; This Is Where Country Is; That’s My Kinda Brand; Old St. Peter; Annual Rodeo Ball; Cattlemen From The High – 0-
Lex K [AUS] no # Here For A Good Time: Here For A Good Time; Leaning Post; The Bloke Who Serves The Beer; The Flying Docktor’s Ball; A Ringers Vacation; One DDay At A Time; To Whom It May Concern; Ball Point Pen; It’s A Hard Hard Country; Catching Yellow Belly In The Old Barocco; Piccaninny Playin’; Mobnail Express; Gone Drovin’ Again; Real Austtalian Bushman; Country Medley – 0-
Lex K [AUS] no # I Like A Little Boogie: I Like A Little Boogie: Natural High; Where I Want To Be; Truckin’s In My Blood; Ablinga Mail; $6 Truckies Breakfast; In Charleville; A Rolling Stone; Dusty Titles; Leave Him In The Longyard; How Blue Can I Feel; Kelly’s Offsider; Top Springs; Bobby McGee; Old Rockin’ Roller – 0-
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 130 That's How I Am: I've Always Been A Mack Man ;  Old Mates Above;  Hobnail Blootcher Boots;  Queensland Country Life;  Old Ringer Sam;  That's How I Am; Burn More Than I Earn;  The Cattleman's Club ;  Forget Me Not;  I Won't Go Back;  Lakes Creek Judas Bullocks;  Worn Out Old Truckie - 08
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 139  My First Song:  Sequel to the Judas Bullocks;. Boundary Rider Troy;  My Heartache Just Started Up Again;  Ripped Off;  Rolling Down the Road;  My First Song;  Kidman Jillaroos; The Only Man To Come Between Us;  Old Train Tracks;  Good Friends;  To Remember It All;  Just Another Show; Tribute to a Writer, Ernie Constance - 10  
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 157 This Place That I Call Home:  A Hundred Years Ago; Droving In The West;  City Boys Dream; I Just Want To Spend My Life With You;  Goodbye to Australia;  This Place That I Call Home;  Good to be Back Droving Once Again;  Old Bob;  Under Kimberley Skies;  Munna Creek; A Special Club;  Without A Load of Care;  The Shadow - 11
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 165 Well Travelled Road:  Namitjira's Land;  They Don't Play My Kind of Music;  Walk Away;  Down Memory Lane ;  Country Way of Life;  I Like A Little Boogie;  Bushman's TV;  I Always Get the Blues;  Well Travelled Road;  Sound of Soaking Rain;  Tools of My Trade;  Thanks to a Few Good Mates  - 13
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 177 Mighty Moonbi Range:  Mighty Moonbi Range (w. Lawrie Minson);  The Sparkle In The Wine;  Stockmen from the Coast;  Back to the Plain;  For the Folks Who Understand;  A Perfect Night for Love;  You Only Get Out of Life;  A Place for Old Bushmen;  Dirt Road Blues;  I Don't Have to Look for Trouble;  If You Want to Meet Australians; Good Old Country Style  - 14
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 195 Travelling Free:  The Western Run;  Travelling Free;  Living In The Bush;  Her Grandma's Ring;  This One's For You;  RM Boots Akubra Hat and Jeans;  A Piece of String;  The Drover's Reunion;  Every Road We Travel;  That Will Upset Me;  No More Diamantina Drovers;  A Ringers Vacation;  Free and Easy Style -16
Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 200 Good Old Country Songs:  Yesterday's Men;  Love to go Mustering Again;  The Last Road I Travel;  When We Write Our Last Song;  May There Always Be A Country Hall;  I'm Waiting;  His Last Rodeo;  I'm Here For A Good Time;  The Best Is Yet To Come;  Good Old Country Songs;  Without A Campfire;  Old Country Singer – 17

Kross Kut [AUS] KKR 217  Love Songs and Memories:  Nothing Ever Changes;  What Do You Do On A Rainy Day;  Lancewood, Gidgee and Mulga;  Pushing Time Again;  Quad Bike Drovers;  Milk Bottle;  I Don't Want You;  Born For The Bush;  Ain't Much Mate I Haven't Tried;  Old Love Songs and Memories;  Old Time Ringer; Footsteps Back In Time - 18


Kross Kut [AUS]
KKR 147 Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge / Ball Point Pen  -11

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