Thursday, January 23, 2020

Oscar Ford

By Henk Scholts, Tony Russell
4 October 1927 Atlanta, GA – Oscar Ford (Oscar Ford [vcl/fiddle or gt], Dewey Grace [gt or fiddle])
001 81664-B DOWN IN THE OLD HOME TOWN  OKeh 45157 / DOCD-8024
002 81665 GEORGIA IS MY HOME unissued
003 81666-A HIDE AWAY     45237/ DOCD-8024
004 81667-B KISS ME, CINDY    45157/ DOCD-8024
005 81668-B OLD FOLKS GET IN BED  45237/DOCD 8024
11 April 1929 Atlanta, GA – Oscar Ford (Oscar Ford [vcl/fiddle], Riley Puckett [gt])
006 W148240-1 HENRY FORD’S MODEL A  Columbia 15437-D / DOCD-8024
007 W148241-2 MARRIED LIFE BLUES    15437-D / DOCD-8024
17 April 1930 Atlanta, GA - Oscar Ford (Oscar Ford  [vcl/yodel-1],  Riley Puckett [gt],  Bert Layne [fiddle],  Lowe Stokes [fiddle])
008 W150253-2 ME AND MY GAL    15554-D / DOCD-8024
009 W150254-2 RIDING IN A CHEVROLET SIX   15554-D / DOCD-8024
010 W150255-2 SWEETEST GIRL IN TOWN -1    15599-D / DOCD-8024
011 W150256-2 THE FARMER’S DREAM  15599-D / DOCD-8024
5 December 1930 Atlanta, GA – Oscar Ford (Oscar Ford [vcl], Riley Puckett [gt], ; poss Bert Layne [fiddle-1], Clayton McMichen [fiddle])
012 W151045-2 THE GIRL I LOVE IN SUNNY TENNESSEE   15673-D / DOCD-8024
013 W151046-2 LITTLE NAN   15673-D / DOCD-8024
014 W151047-2 RACE BETWEEN A FORD AND CHEVROLET      15634-D / DOCD-8024
015 W151048-1 GEORGIA IS MY HOME   15634-D / DOCD-8024

Document [UK] DOCD-8024 Georgia Songsters The Complete Recorded Works Of Oscar Ford and Walter Morris In Chronological Order (1926 -1930): [Oscar Ford:] Down In The Old Home Town; Hide Away; Kiss Me, Cindy;  Old Folks Get In Bed;  Henry Ford's Model A; Married Life Blues;  Me And My Gal;  Riding In A Chevrolet Six;  Sweetest Girl In Town; The Farmer's Dream;  The Girl I Love In Sunny Tennessee; Little Nan;  Race Between A Ford And Chevrolet; Georgia Is My Home; [Walter Morris:]  Take Back Your Gold;. The Railroad Tramp;  Crazy Coon;  Betsey Brown; Sweet Marie;  Lulu Walsh; Mother's Face I Long To See;  In The Time Of Long Ago – 02-05-98

45157 Down In The Old Home Town / Kiss Me, Cindy - 27
45237 Hide Away / Old Folks Get In Bed
15437-D Henry Ford’s Model A / Married Life Blues - 29
15554-D Me And My Gal / Riding In A Chevrolet Six - 30
15599-D Sweetest Girl In Town / The Farmer’s Dream - 30
15634-D Race Between A Ford And Chevrolet / Georgia Is My Home - 30
15673-D The Girl I Love In Sunny Tennessee / Little Nan - 30

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