Monday, January 20, 2020

Warren H. Williams

Warren Hedley Williams, * 27-12-1963 Ntaria Hermannsburg, Northern Territory, AUS
By Praguefrank
SESSIONS  also recorded with Johnny Williamson
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Ntjakla Label [AUS] no # I’m Not Trying To Forget: I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World; If Tomorrow Never Comes; I'm Beginning To Forget You; No-One Will Ever Know; You Took Her Off My Mind; Play Born To Lose Again; I'm Not Trying To Forget; Last Come And Get Me; I've Already Loved You In My Mind; When Two Worlds Collide – 91 (cassette) Warren Williams and Country Ebony
CAAMA [AUS] M 225 Western Wind: (tracks unknown) -  95  Warren Williams
CAAMA [AUS] M 309 Country Friends And Me:  Raining On The Rock; Magazine;  Western Wind;  Window Up Above;  To A Fool Like Me;  Wished Upon A Star;  Baby Blue; Last Seen In Alice;. Big Red Rock;  What A Place;  A Town Like Alice;  Don't Play On The Tracks;. Someone Like You;  Were Here To Love;  Down That Road;  If Tomorrow Never Comes;  Mother Never Warned Me;  Coster Country - 99
CAAMA [AUS] M 359 Where My Heart Is: Clouds Are Rollin; What A Night; Lonely Bar; Lovin Arms; In The Park; Old Place; Dreamtime Baby; Like A Gambler; Called You Up; Too Good To Be True. – 00 (Warren H. Williams, vocals, guitar, bass, pedal steel ; with Herman MArcic, guitar ; Stanely Satour, bass ; Allen Murphy, drums ; Bill Davis, keyboards ; Emily Tahine, vocals ; Alice Springs Quartet (Claire O'Brien, Anne Jaquiery, violins ; Therese O'Brien, cello ; Peter Gilham, viola ; with BNicola Gilham, bass)
CAAMA [AUS] M 372 Places In Between: Hustle Bustle; Big Old Moon; Northern Wind; Sunburnt Country; Let It Rain; Just Because It Feels Good; What A Place; Free People; He Don't Love Her; Weary Heart; Seven Year Itch; Desert Sky; Northern Road; Cartoon Tune. – 02
Gumleaf/EMI [AUS] 7243 5 98183 2 0 Mates On The Road: Mallee Boy; Dear Little Quambatook; Chook Routine; It Goes Without Saying; Cracker Night; Forty Years Ago; Salisbury Street; Hawkesbury River Lovin’; The Flight Of The Blowfly; Boomerang Café; Buried In Her Bedclothes; You And My Guitar; Galleries Of Pink Galahs; Cootamundra Wattle; Old Man Emu; Teach Me To Drive, Dad; Cape York Peninsula; Crocodile Roll; Wrinkles; Diamantina Drover; Amazing Day; Three Sons; Keeper Of The Stones; A Thousand Feet; What A Place; Raining On The Rock; Chain Around My Ankle; I Cant Feel Those Chains Any Longer; Diggers Of The Anzac; Waltzing Matilda; A Number On My Back; True Blue; A Bushman Can’t Survive; Glory To Australia; Mates On The Road – 03 with Pixie Jenkins and Johnny Williamson (live, double)
CAAMA [AUS] M 391 Be Like Home: So Much Trouble; Highway Song; Learn My Song; Kimberley Queen; Be Like Home; Late Train; Don't Ignore My Love; Storyteller; Marlo; Milky Way; Only Eighteen; Mum, Mums; Diamonds – 05 (digital: 07-03-06)
Heartland [AUS] 2711303 Looking Out: Been Away; Drift Away; Boulevard; Dusty Ballerina; Family; Forever In My Arms; Tell Her You Love Her; Great Southern Land / Iva Davies; Looking Out; Turn Your Radio On; She's My Everything; You Are The Place; Jealous – 07-08-09
ABC Music [AUS] 2787255 Urna Marra: Motor Running; Have A Great Life; These Eyes; Just Called;  This Road; Had A Love;  Getting Over You;. Look Up Your Memories;  Someone's Always Worse;  Mend Another Broken Heart;  Sleepless Nights; Stories;  Story Of Joseph (Western Aranda) – 25-11-11
ABC Music [AUS] 2796239 Winanjjara: The Song Peoples Sessions: [CD 1: Warren H. Williams  and The Warumungu Songmen :] Winanjjara Songman;  Kirnawarinyi Kaarnungu Lonely Boy;  Ntarntarai! Look After!;  Jurnkurakurr Jurnkurakurr;  Warumungu Kirriji Warumungu Woman;  Ilanga Far Away;  Kampaju Kari Winanjjiki Gospel Song;  Mananta Searching;  Wurtai! Hello;. Turtu Kayakaya Warumungu Lullaby;. Kujjarra Kunjuku, Tjaiya Tharra Two Ways [CD 2:]  Warumungu Songmen tracks  - 12 Warren H Williams And The Warumungu Songmen (rec. Winanjjikari Studio, Tennent Creek, AUS)
ABC Music [AUS] 4796180 Desert Water: Mary Jane; This Time I’ll Give You More; Desert Water; Two Ships; Nothing Left To Burn; When You’re Leaving; One Lifetime; When You Lose Him Once; These Eyes; My Friend Bottle; Dusty Ute; Living Free – 22-07-16 W. Dani Young
ABC Music [AUS] 824900 These Are The Changes:  Morning Walkabout; One of These Days;  Remember; When the Morning Comes; Let Us Stand Together; Coffee Shop;  City Lights of Tamworth; These Are the Changes; Take the Long Way Home; Have Travelled – 17-01-20

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