Sunday, March 29, 2020

Rand Reynolds

By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Rescue Disk 8666 Modern Hillbilly: In My Head; Pieces of a Heart; Short Life; Dark Heart; I Know; Time, wasted; For Her; Tonight; Now and Then; I Was There; Fairy Tales; I Don't Believe; Walk Away Renee; Black Raven – 05 (recorded March 11-14, 2005, RescueDisk Recordings, Syracuse University, NY; reissued as Black Raven, reissued in 2010, 2014, reis)
Rescue Disk ? Human Stain: Human Stain;  Blow Wind Blow;  Never Found Love;  So High;  To Make Us Whole;  Keep Your Hands To Yourself;  You Gotta Learn;  Serious Black; Tractor Cool; Stalker;  Bullet;  Dirt I Am;  Wounded;  Times - 06-01-06
Rescue Disk ? Midwestern Hayride: Punk; Whisper Whisper;  If I;  Drive;  Someone Else;  The Wind Blows, The River Knows;  Not A Moment Too Soon;  Think;  Too Far;  Barcode; . Vanity Fair;  Not Sleeping Now;  If It Weren't For Stars;  Death, Where Is Thy Sting? -  03-04-06
Rescue Disk ? Scorched Earth: Captain O' Captain; Crawl; Autumn Heart; In The Hole; The World Bows; One Horse Town; Lost and Found; Ramblin'; Weary Hand; Better; Baby Long Gone; Scorched Earth; If You Want Me; Kingdom Road; Flesh and Bone; Invisible; 2nd Time Around; Like Popeye – 07-11-06 
Rescue Disk ?  American X (Girls, Guns and Guts): Shotgun; Rusty Badge; Don't Make Me Fall; Thread; Some Hearts Beat; Dirty Little Girl; Fingerprints; Once Too Much; Never Felt Sad; Hurry Up Dawn; I Shot My Boss; Cutter; Wreck; American X - 13-03-07
Rescue Disk ? Patient Master: Patient Master;  The Mountain;  It's a Town;  Cadillac;  Bathsheba Baby;  Anger anger;  First Frost;  Steam;  Blonde;  Black and Blue;  Black Cat Bone; Snuff;  Everything but;  Thorn;  Deadeye Dick;  CottonLand;  Love – Today;  End My Life;  2 Yawning Waitresses;  Hunt          - 11-12-07
Rescue Disk ? Dark Passenger: Dark Passenger;  Faith;  Best Laid Plans;  Born For The Storm;  Shelf Life;  uninspired;  When The Money Come To Town;  If You Loved Me Once;  Lay Down;  Absinthe;  Hammer;  Whistle; Meth Angel;  It Was I;  Put Me Back;  No More;  My Lil' Happy Hour;  Big Dark House;  When Ya Gonna Stop?;  All There Is - 08
Rescue Disk ? Lonesome and Midnight: Got Change For The Blues?; Corner; Just A Prayer; Hard, Hard Woman; Too Much Blood; Thin White Line; Triumph; Build Me A Woman; Silhouette; What It Was, Was; Without Strings; About The Next Best Thing; A Little Something Left; My Imaginary Heart; Lonesome and Midnight; Better Writers -  03-09
Rescue Disk ?  BEAT:  If Anyone Asks;  Powder And A Shot;  Tip Of My Tongue;  Wise As Serpents;  Armed And Dangerous;  Baby, Don't You Baby Me;  Awesome;  Somebody Yell Fire;  Running Out Of Daylight;  Iron Fist;  Merry Christmas, Baby - 09
Rescue Disk ? Vessel: Long Way to Woodstock; What I'm Not; Loose With My Love; Three Little Steps; Can't Stop What's Comin'; Blame It On the Night; Close Enough; Ain't No Pill; Haint; For Love; Let the Axe Fall; This Blood Don't Run; Busted Not Broke; Nowhere to Nothin'; Last Sundown; Man in the Wire; The Next Drink; With This Moonlight; Postcards from Paris; Dogs in Dust; A Thousand Guitars; Ribbon; 10 Feet; Thirsty Love – 11-01-11 (double)
Rescue Disk ? Velvet Handcuffs: Till One Comes Along; That Fire Again; My Hitler Girls; Be an Angel; My Boots Hit the Stage; A Little Favor; Nobody; Thieves and Kings; Hollow Crown; Velvet Handcuffs; Stupid Every Time -  09-14
Rescue Disk ? (UPC889211124473) Hardcore:  Don't Make Me Fall;  Little Faith;  Before I Get It Right;  Maybe Just the Wind;  Haunted;  See My Guitar Gets Home;  If You Wanted Castle;  Rain Follows the River;  On My Best Day; Nobody's Home; Made of Bones - 14
Rescue Disk ? Warhorse: Dust Me Off; One Night in Copenhagen; Famous Last Words; Cold Dead Black Eyes; Ship With Wings; Ain't Happened Yet; The Last of Me; Truth Is; Wild World - 07-01-15

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