Thursday, November 26, 2020

Cole Deggs

 By Praguefrank

2006 Nashville, TN - Cole Deggs and The Lonesome (Cole Deggs [ld vcl], David Wallace [ld gt/vcl],  Shade Deggs [bass gt], Brian Hayes [drums], Jimmy Wallace [keyboards] + John Willis [ac gt], Kenny Greenberg [el gt], Russ Pahl [gt], Rivers Rutherford [gt], Mark Hill [bass gt], Matt Chamberlain [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Jim Hoke [harmonica], Timothy J. Lauer [accordion], Chuck Leavell [Hammond B3/piano/ Wurlitzer], Christian Wojcik, Lisa Cochran, Perry Coleman, Kim Parent, John Wesley Ryles, Russell Terrell, [bck vcl]. Producer: Rivers Rutherford, Mark Wright)
001 GIRL NEXT DOOR Columbia 06038-2  
002 I GOT MORE Columbia 06038-2  
003 OUT OF ALABAMA Columbia 06038-2
004 TWELVE OUNCES DEEP Columbia 06038-2
005 THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY Columbia 06038-2
006 HUGGIN' THIS BLACKTOP Columbia 06038-2  
007 MAKIN' NOTHING OUT OF SOMETHING Columbia 06038-2  
008 DO YOU EVER THINK ABOUT ME Columbia 06038-2  
010 GIRL LIKE YOU Columbia 06038-2  
011 I HAVEN'T STOP HURTIN' Columbia 06038-2   

Columbia 88697-06038-2 Cole Deggs and The Lonesome
: Girl Next Door; I Got More; Out Of Alabama; Twelve Ounces Deep; The One That Got Away; Huggin' This Blacktop; Makin' Nothing Out Of Something; Do You Ever Think About Me; Everybody's Beautiful To Someone; Girl Like You; I Haven't Stop Hurtin' – 10-07-07

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