Thursday, May 27, 2021

Bap Kennedy

 Martin Christopher Kennedy, *17-06-1962 Belfast, NIR, UK, +01-11-2016
By Praguefrank
also member of Energy Orchard
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Lonely Street Disc [UK] LSD 0710 Domestic Blues:
Long Time a Comin';  The Way I Love Her; Unforgiven;  Domestic Blues;  I've Fallen in Love;  Vampire; Angel Is the Devil; The Backroom; Mostly Water; The Ghosts of Belfast;  My Money; The Shankill and the Falls; Lowlife; Dream Of You – 05-98 (recorded in Nashville, TN, producers: Steve Earle, Ray Kennedy)
Lonely Street Disc [UK] LSD 0711  Hillbilly Shakespeare:   Lost Highway;  Honky Tonk Blues; My Sweet Love Ain't Around;  I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; Your Cheatin' Heart;  I Saw The Light; Cold, Cold Heart; I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive; Long, Gone Daddy; A Mansion On The Hill; Angel Of Death - 99
Lonely Street Disc [UK] LSD 0712  Lonely Street: Good Times on Franklin Road; Stuck With Myself;  Moonlight Kiss;  Be Careful What You Wish For; Almost Always Wrong;    Elvis Hank and Me;  Lonely Street; Gladys and Vernon;  Drunk on the Blood of Christ;   Baby It's Alright;  Hanks Last Waltz;  Saturday Night and Sunday Morning;  Lonesome Lullaby - 00 (recorded at Garage Studios, East Grinstead)
Catfish [UK] KATCD231FP  Long Time a Comin': The Story So Far: Vampire; Moonlight Kiss; Angel Is The Devil; Elvis, Hank And Me; Long Time A Comin'; Lonely Street; Lost Highway; You Don't Love Her; Mostly Water; Saturday Night And Sunday Morning; The Ghosts Of Belfast; Angel Of Death -  02 (sampler)
Loose [UK] VJCD 156 The Big Picture: Rock And Roll Heaven;  The Truth Is Painful;    Moriarty's Blues; Streetwise;  Too Old For Fairytales;   Milky Way;  Loverman;  Fireworks;     On The Mighty Ocean Alcohol;  The Sweet Smell Of Success;  The Beautiful Country  12-04-05
Lonely Street Disc [UK]  LSD 00604  Howl On: America;  Cold War Country Blues; The Right Stuff;  Irish Moon;  The Blue One;  Hey Joe;  Howl On;  One of Those Days;  Brave Captain;  The Heart of Universal Love;  Last Adventure;  Ballad of Neil Armstrong -  03-08-09 (recorded in Northern Ireland)
Proper [UK] PRPCD 093 The Sailor's Revenge :  Shimnavale;  Not A Day Goes By;   Jimmy Sanchez;  Lonely No More; The Right Stuff; Maybe I Will; Please Return To Jesus;  The Sailor’s Revenge; Working Man; The Beauty Of You; Celtic Sea 30-01-12 (also deluxe version on PRPCDX 093 with bonus disc: Moonlight Kiss; Unforgiven; On the Mighty Ocean Alcohol; Milky Way; Loverman; The Way I Love Her;  Howl On; The Sweet Smell Of Success; Into The Arms Of Love (Previously Unreleased); Be True To Your Heart (Previously Unreleased);  Moriarty's Blues (Alternative Version)) (recorded at British Grove, Cheswick, London, UK)
Proper [UK] PPRLP 117/PRPCD 117 Let's Start Again:  Let's Start Again; Revelation Blues;  If Things Don't Change; King of Mexico; Song of Her Desire; Radio Waves; Heart Trouble;   Under My Wing; Strange Kid; Fool's Paradise; Let It Go -  04-03-14 (also Deluxe version on PPRCDX 117 with bonus CD: Long Time A Comin’; Stuck With Myself; Be Careful What You Wish For; Mostly Water; Cold War Country Blues; The Truth is Painful; Baby It’s Alrigh; Domestic Blues; Jimmy Sanchez (acoustic version); Please Return to Jesus (acoustic version); Too Old For Fairytales)
Last Chance [UK] LCR 048  Reckless Heart: Nothing Can Stand In The Way Of Love; Good As Gold; I Should Have Said; Help Me Roll It; Henry Antrim; Reckless Heart; Por Favor; Honky Tonk Baby; The Universe And Me;  It's Not Me It's You  18-11-16 (recorded Spring 2016)

Lonely Street Discs [UK] ? Moriarty's Blues: Moriarty's Blues; Moonlight Kiss; The Way I Love Her – 05 (also Special Edition EP with bonus track: Moriarty's Blues 2)
? Love Hurts:  Love Hurts (Bap and Brenda Kennedy);  Moonlight Kiss - Unreleased acoustic version (Bap Kennedy);  BBC Interview (Bap Kennedy); Tribute to Bap (Brenda Kennedy); Be True to Your Heart (Brenda Kennedy) – 01-11-18

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