Sunday, May 23, 2021

Blue Ridge Hill Billies

 By Tony Russell

22 June 1936 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC –  Blue Ridge Hill Billies (Homer Sherrill [fiddle], Everett Watkins [vcl/gt], Kinman McMillar [vcl-1/gt])
001 BS-102808-1 UNCLE NOAH'S ARK -1 Bluebird B-6609    
002 BS-102809-1 WHY DON‘T YOU COME BACK TO ME? B-7070
003 BS-102810-1 THAT THREE POINT TWO -1 B-6609
004 BS-102811-1 THINK OF ME THINKING OF YOU  B-7070        
005 BS-102812-1 BLUE EYES -1 B-6786 Twin FT8316        
006 BS-102813-1 WHEN I WAS A BOY FROM THE MOUNTAINS -1 B-6541    
007 BS-102814-1 LONESOME 1- B-6786    Twin FT8316    
008 BS-102815-1 I LOVE YOU BEST OF ALL -1 B-6541

B-6541 When I Was A Boy From The Mountains / I Love You Best Of All – 09-36
B-6609 Uncle Noah's Ark / That Three Point Two – 11-36
B-6786 Blue Eyes / Lonesome – 01-37  (also on Twin FT 8316)    
B-7070 Why Don‘t You Come Back To Me? / Think Of Me Thinking Of You – 37

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