Friday, December 10, 2021

Stuart McNair

 *Birmingham, AL
By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Stuart McNair ? Building A Fire
: Come to Caroline; No Emergency; Persephone; Building a Fire; Can't Be Good; Alabama; Memphis (In a Two-seat Plane); Separate Ways; Millions; Setting Suns; Window; Walk On Water;  Walk On Water Reprise; Everyone Is You – 11-11-04
Stuart McNair ? Growing A Gardens: The Birds Were Like A Symphony; Man On A Mission; Ways Of Nature; Somewhere In The Middle; You Broke My Heart Again; Don't Worry; Hearts Don't Lie; You Need To Be Danced With; Grow The Garden; How You Do It; Eating Me; Lay You Down; Love And Affection; Long Ride; Didn't Know You Then; Walking With Jesus; You Make Me Smile; I'll Be Back – 09-11-08
Stuart McNair ? Dance All Day: Alive Again; Shake It Down; Don't Worry; How Do You Do It; R.C.B.; The Voodoo Thing; Under the Stars; Whisky Train; Carry the Wounded Animal; Stronger Than That; V for Victory; Lacy Girl - 25-07-12 Stuart McNair Band
Stuart McNair ? Climbing a Mountain: Hearts Don't Lie; Somewhere in the Middle; Didn't Know You Then; Long Ride; Love and Affection; Sleeping Dog; Out of Your Mind; Don't Drop the Bomb; Ways of Nature; Season of the Hurricane; Underground Song; Walking with Jesus - 13-11-18
Stuart McNair ? Alive Again, Vol. 1: Building a Fire; Somewhere in the Middle; Come to Caroline; Persephone; Separate Ways; Memphis in a Two-Seat Plane; Hearts Don't Lie; No Emergency; Millions; Shake It Down; Building a Fire (Rowdy Version) - 11-01-19
Stuart McNair ? Alive Again, Vol. 2: Somewhere in the Middle; Shake It Down; Don't Worry; V for Victory; Sleeping Dog; You Can Do It; Amanda Lynn; Best Things in Life (Aren't Things); Alive Again - 24-06-19
Stuart McNair ? The Awakening (Early Recordings): Amanda; Come to Caroline; Radio On; Memphis; You Need to Be Danced With; Austin; Long Ride; All over You; Girlfriend; I Can't See over the Accordion; Song De Abril; Tom Waits for No One; Girl of the Sea; Late's Dream; The Awakening; Chukker Intro; Beware the Chukker; Happy Birthday to Me; Blackberry Wine; Home for the Holidays; Radio On (Banjo Version) - 20-10-20    
Stuart McNair ? Glad: Alabama; Broken Record; Over Your Shoulder; Amanda; Memphis; You Need To Be Danced With; Girl Of The Sea; Come To Caroline; Glad – 12-12-20

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