Friday, June 24, 2022

Clayton Smalley

 *Spanish Fork, UT
By Praguefrank

2019 unknown – Clayton Smalley, *with Belinda Charlene
001 RIDE OR DIE Wide Open Compilation
002 BUILDING BRIDGES Wide Open Compilation
003 24/7 Wide Open Compilation
004 WHISKEY SUNRISE* Wide Open Compilation
005 MORE RIGHT HERE THAN WRONG  Wide Open Compilation
Tracks above issued on EP Whiskey Sunsrise
2019 unknown – Clayton Smalley
006 A NEW YEAR WITHOUT YOU digital single [rel.Nov. 29]
2019 unknown – Clayton Smalley
007 COVER ME UP digital single [rel. Jan. 10, 2020]
2020 unknown – Clayton Smalley
008 HAPPY PLACE digital single [rel. Apr. 17]/ Wide Open Compilation
2020 Nashville, TN – Clayton Smalley
009 TWO LANE TIME MACHINE Wide Open Compilation
010 MODERN DAY MERLE Wide Open Compilation
011 PHOENIX RISE Wide Open Compilation
012 DIRT ROAD THERAPY Wide Open Compilation
013 I NEVER LET A GOOD TIME GET AWAY Wide Open Compilation
014 WATCH ME FALL Wide Open Compilation
Tracks above issued on EP Dirt Road Therapy
2020 unknown – Clayton Smalley
015 SLOW HANDS digital single [rel. Aug. 21]
2020 unknown – Clayton Smalley
016 MODERN DAY MERLE (ACOUSTIC) digital single [rel. 2021]
017 DIRT ROAD THERAPY (ACOUSTIC) digital single [rel. Apr. 2]
2021 unknown – Timothy Baker and Clayton Smalley
018 THESE BOOTS ARE MADE TO DANCE digital single [rel. June 4]/ Wide Open Compilation
2021 unknown – Clayton Smalley
019 MY ONLY VICE digital single [rel. Nov. 5]/ Wide Open Compilation
2021 unknown – Clayton Smalley
020 I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS digital single [rel. Nov. 25]
2021 unknown – Clayton Smalley
021 HIS GUITAR digital single [rel. Jan. 7, 2022]/ Wide Open Compilation
Ca 2022  unknown – Clayton Smalley
022 WIDE OPEN Wide Open Compilation

YN ? The Wide Open Compilation: 
Wide Open;  Whiskey Sunrise;  Happy Place;  Dirt Road Therapy;  My Only Vice;  Watch Me Fall;  Ride or Die;  His Guitar;  Modern Day Merle;  Building Bridges;  These Boots Were Made to Dance;  24/7;  I Never Let A Good Time Get Away;  Phoenix Rise;  More Right Here Than Wrong;  Two Lane Time Machine  - 20-05-22

YN Whiskey Sunrise: Ride or Die; Building Bridges; 24/7; Whiskey Sunrise; More Right Here Than Wrong - 01-11-19
YN Dirt Road Therapy: Two Lane Time Machine; Modern Day Merle; Phoenix Rise; Dirt Road Therapy; I Never Let a Good Time Get Away; Watch Me Fall - 20-11-20

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