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Little Big Town

 3rd version
By Praguefrank, Peter Stepanek

2002 Westwood Sound Studio, Nashville, TN - Little Big Town (Jimi Westbrook, Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Roads, Philiip Sweet + Dave Cleveland [ac gt], Billy Panda [ac gt[, Jonathan Yudkin [mandolin/cello], Mark Childers [drums])
001 PONTIAC Monument 85374
002 EVERYTHING CHANGES Monument 85374
003 DON'T WASTE MY TIME Monument 85374
004 STILL Monument 85374
005 NEVER FELT LOVE Monument 85374
006 TRYIN' Monument 85374
007 STAY Monument 85374
008 SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY Monument 85374
009 A THOUSAND YEARS Monument 85374
010 FROM THIS DREAM Monument 85374
2005 The Beanstalk Studio, Franklin, TN - Little Big Town (Kimberly Roads, Phillip Sweet, Karen Fairchild , Jimi Westbrook + Wayne Kirkpatrick [gt/banjo/dulcimer/mandolin/ piano/drum programming], Ron Block [ac gt/banjo],Gordon Kennedy [el gt], Jerry Douglas [dobro], Jonathan Yudkin [celtic harp/mandolin/fiddle], Adam Steffey [mandolin], Dan Dugmore [steel /dobro], Chris McHugh [drums])
011 GOOD AS GONE Equity 3010
012 BOONDOCKS Equity 3010
013 BONES Equity 3010
014 BRING IT ON HOME Equity 3010
015 WOUNDED Equity 3010
016 A LITTLE MORE YOU Equity 3010
017 LIVE WITH LONESOME Equity 3010
018 MEAN STREAK Equity 3010
019 LOOKING FOR A REASON Equity 3010
020 LOST Equity 3010
022 FINE WITH ME Equity 3010
023 STAY [ACOUSTIC] Equity 3010
2006 [soundtrack Fox On The Hound 2] unknown – Little Big Town
024 WE GO TOGETHER  Walt Disney ? Walt Disney B0001932-02(re)
5 October 2006 [live-TV show] Nashville, TN – Lindsey Buckingham and Little Big Town
02401 BONES  Immortal IMA104162
02402 THE CHAIN  Immortal IMA104162
02403 BIG LOVE  Immortal IMA104162
02404 BRING IT ON HOME  Immortal IMA104162
02405 BOONDOCKS  Immortal IMA104162
02406 NOT TOO LATE  Immortal IMA104162
02407 GOOD AS GONE  Immortal IMA104162
02408 GO YOUR OWN WAY  Immortal IMA104162
2007 poss. The Beanstalk Studio, Franklin, TN - Little Big Town, *w. Sugarland (Kimberly Roads, Phillip Sweet, Karen Fairchild , Jimi Westbrook + Wayne Kirkpatrick [gt/dulcimer/mandolin/Clavinet/shaker/tambourine], Jimi and Phillip [ac gt], Gordon Kennedy [el gt], Randy Kohrs [dobro], Dan Dugmore [steel/dobro], Jimmie Lee Sloas [bass gt], Chris McHugh/Shannon Forrest [drums], Karen [tambourine], Phil Madeira [Hammond b-3 organ] + LBT, Rebecca Sweet, Glenn Spinner [bck vcl]. Producer: Wayne Kirkpatrick, Little Big Town)
025 FINE LINE Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
026 I'M WITH THE BAND Equity 3018  Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
027 THAT'S WHERE I'LL BE Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
028 EVANGELINE Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
029 VAPOR Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
030 NOVOCAINE Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
031 ONLY WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
032 A PLACE TO LAND Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
033 FIREBIRD FLY Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
034 TO KNOW LOVE Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
035 LONELY ENOUGH Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
036 FURY Equity 3018 Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
037 GOOD LORD WILLING Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
038 LOVE PROFOUND Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
039 YOU’RE GONNA LOVE ME Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
040 LIFE IN A NORTHERN TOWN * Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5
2008 Nashville, TN – Little Big Town
041 GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN digital single
2010 The Beanstalk, Franklin, TN – Little Big Town (Jedd Hughes [vcl/gt/mandolin], Jay Joyce [vcl/el gt], Gordon Kennedy [el gt], Wayne Kirkpatrick  [gt/banjo/steel/ piano], Greg Hagan [el gt], Jimi Westbrook [ac gt], Adam Shoenfeld [el slide gt/el gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt/el 12 str gt], Dan Dugmore/ Caleb Sherman [steel], Steve Dale/ Jimmie Lee Sloas [bass], Chris McHugh /Steve Sinatra [drums], Shannon Forrest [drums/tambourine], Kimberly Schlapman [tambourine], Phillip Sweet [piano], Phil Madeira [Hammond B3 organ], Jeffery Roach [keyboards])
042 THE REASON WHY Capitol 88755-2
043 RUNAWAY TRAIN Capitol 88755-2
044 KISS GOODBYE Capitol 88755-2
045 SHUT UP TRAIN Capitol 88755-2
046 WHY, OH WHY Capitol 88755-2
047 LITTLE WHITE CHURCH Capitol 88755-2
048 YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING Capitol 88755-2
049 ALL THE WAY DOWN Capitol 88755-2
050 ALL OVER AGAIN Capitol 88755-2
051 RAIN ON A TIN ROOF Capitol 88755-2
052 LIFE ROLLS ON Capitol 88755-2
053 LEAN INTO IT Capitol 88755-2
2008 Nashville, TN – Little Big Town
30 October 2009 [live] The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA – Zac Brown Band, w. Little Big Town
05401 COLDER WEATHER -4 Atlantic 523726 DVD 523726-2  546369-2
2012 Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN – Little Big Town (Jedd Hughes [vcl/gt/mandolin], Johnny Duke [gt/dobro/banjo/ mandolin/ lap steel], Jay Joyce [gt/ Hammond b-3 organ/ synthesizer/ programming], Phillip Sweet [ac gt], Luke Laird [el gt], Seth Rausch [drums], Giles Reaves [Hammond b-3 organ/ Wurlitzer organ/ synthesizer/ percussion]. Producer: Jay Joyce)
055 PAVEMENT ENDS  Capitol 44288-2  
056 PONTOON  Capitol 44288-2
057 SOBER  Capitol 44288-2
058 FRONT PORCH THANG  Capitol 44288-2
059 YOUR SIDE OF THE BED  Capitol 44288-2
060 LEAVIN' IN YOUR EYES  Capitol 44288-2
061 TORNADO  Capitol 44288-2
062 ON FIRE TONIGHT  Capitol 44288-2
063 CAN'T GO BACK  Capitol 44288-2
064 SELF MADE  Capitol 44288-2.
065 NIGHT OWL   Capitol 44288-2
2013 unknown – David Nail and Little Big Town
2014 St. Charles Studio, Nashville, TN – Little Big Town (Jay Joyce [vcl/gt/ banjo/  pump organ/ keyboards/ synthesizer/ bells], Jedd Hughes [vcl/gt/ banjo], Johnny Duke [vcl/gt],  Ryan Tyndell [ac gt/12 str gt],  Giles Reaves [drums/keyboards/ vocoder/ vibraphone/  percussion], Seth Rausch/ Phillip Sweet [drums])
067 QUIT BREAKING UP WITH ME Liberty B0021360-02   
068 DAY DRINKING Liberty B0021360-02  
069 TUMBLE AND FALL Liberty B0021360-02   
070 PAIN KILLER Liberty B0021360-02   
071 GIRL CRUSH Liberty B0021360-02   
072 FASTER GUN Liberty B0021360-02   
073 GOOD PEOPLE Liberty B0021360-02   
074 STAY ALL NIGHT Liberty B0021360-02   
075 SAVE YOUR SIN Liberty B0021360-02   
076 LIVE FOREVER Liberty B0021360-02   
077 THINGS YOU DON’T THINK ABOUT Liberty B0021360-02   
078 TURN THE LIGHTS ON Liberty B0021360-02   
079 SILVER AND GOLD Liberty B0021360-02   
2014 Nashville, TN – Miranda Lambert, with Little Big Town
080 SMOKIN' AND DRINKIN'  RCA 379278-2
2014 Nashville, TN – Michael W. Smith and Little Big Town
081 SILENT NIGHT Capitol B002163002
producer Pharrell Williams
2016 Nashville, TN - Little Big Town
083 C’MON
085 WORK
Tracks above issued on EP Wanderlust
2016 Nashville, TN – Little Big Town (Karen Fairchild  [vcl],  Kimberley Schlapman [vcl],   Philip Sweet  [vcl/gt], Jimi Westbrook [vcl/gt] + Evan Weatherforf [el gt], Jay Joyce [el gt/bass/ drums/ keyboards], John Thomasson [bass], Hubert Payne [drums/percussion], Phillip Sweet [keyboards]. Producer: Jay Joyce)
090 HAPPY PEOPLE B0026223-02
091 NIGHT ON OUR SIDE B0026223-02
092 LOST IN CALIFORNIA B0026223-02
093 FREE B0026223-02
094 DRIVIN' AROUND B0026223-02
095 WE WENT TO THE BEACH B0026223-02
096 BETTER MAN B0026223-02
097 ROLLIN' B0026223-02
098 DON'T DIE YOUNG, DON'T GET OLD B0026223-02
099 BEAT UP BIBLE B0026223-02
101 THE BREAKER B0026223-02  
2017 [live] unknown – Little Big Town with Jimmy Webb
10101 WICHITA LINEMAN digital single [rel Nov. 9]
2018 unknown – Little Big Town
102 SUMMER FEVER digital single [rel. June 6]
2019 Nashville, TN - Little Big Town (Karen Fairchild  [vcl],  Kimberley Schlapman [vcl],   Philip Sweet  [vcl/gt], Jimi Westbrook [vcl/gt] + Tofer Brown [gt/ Hammond B3/ percussion/ piano/ synthesizer/ bass gt/ bck vcl], Hillary Lindsey [ac gt],  Todd Lombardo [ac gt],  Sean McConnell [ac gt/bck vcl], Tim Galloway [ac gt],  Jon Green [gt], Jedd Hughes [el gt/bck vcl],  Akil Thompson [gt/ Hammond B-3/keyboards],  Evan Weatherford  [slide gt],    Spencer Cullum [steel],  Daniel Tashian [bass gt/ gt/ lap steel/ mandolin],  Ian Fitchuk [bass gt/ drums/ac gt/ keyboards/ percussion],  John Thomasson [bass gt], Hubert Payne [drums/ percussion], Zach Casebolt,  Matt Combs, Katelyn Kelly, Kristin Weber [violin], Kris Wilkinson, Avery Bright [viola], Cara Fox, Claire Indie [cello],  Foy Vance [piano], Jacob Bryant [trumpet]. Producer: Little Big Town, Joy Green)
103 NEXT TO YOU B0031192-02
104 NIGHTFALL B0031192-02  
105 FOREVER AND A NIGHT B0031192-02  
106 THROW YOUR LOVE AWAY B0031192-02  
107 OVER DRINKING B0031192-02
108 WINE, BEER, WHISKEY B0031192-02  
109 QUESTIONS B0031192-02  
110 THE DAUGHTERS B0031192-02
111 RIVER OF STARS B0031192-02  
112 SUGAR COAT B0031192-02  
113 PROBLEM CHILD B0031192-02
114 BLUEBIRD B0031192-02  
115 TROUBLE WITH FOREVER B0031192-02  
2020 unknown – Little Big Town
116 JAMABALAYA (ON THE BAYOU) digital single [rel. July 10]
2020 unknown – Little Big Town
117 WINE, BEER, WHISKEY (ACOUSTIC) digital single [rel. Feb. 19, 2021]
2021 unknown – Cheat Codes, Little Big Town and Bryn Christopher
118 NEVER LOVE YOU AGAINdigital single [rel. July 16]
Ca early 2022  unknown – Little Big Town
119 ALL SUMMER B0035985-02  
120 BETTER LOVE B0035985-02  
121 HELL YEAH B0035985-02  
122 MR. SUN B0035985-02
124 ONE MORE SONG B0035985-02
125 HEAVEN HAD A DANCE FLOOR B0035985-02  
126 GOLD B0035985-02  
127 RICH MAN B0035985-02  
128 GOD FEARING GYPSIES B0035985-02  
130 WHISKEY COLORED EYES B0035985-02  
131 SONG BACK B0035985-02  
132 SOMETHING STRONG B0035985-02  
133 LAST DAY ON EARTH B0035985-02  
134 FRIENDS OF MINE B0035985-02

Monument NK-85374 Little Big Town:
Pontiac; Everything Changes; Don't Waste My Time; Still; Never Felt Love; Tryin'; Stay; Somewhere Far Away; A Thousand Years; From This Dream – 21-05-02
Equity EMG-3010 The Road To Here: Good As Gone; Boondocks; Bones; Bring It On Home; Wounded; A Little More You; Live With Lonesome; Mean Streak; Looking For A Reason; Lost; Welcome To The Family; Fine With Me; Stay [acoustic] – 04-10-05
Equity EMG-3018 A Place To Land: Fine Line; I'm With The Band; That's Where I'll Be; Evangeline; Vapor; Novocaine; Only What You Make Of It; A Place To Land; Firebird Fly; To Know Love; Lonely Enough; Fury – 06-11-07 (also deluxe version in 2008 on Capitol Nashville 0999 2 27864 2 5 with bonus tracks:  Good Lord Willing; Love Profound; You’re Gonna Love Me; Life In A Northern Town *w. Sugarland))
Capitol 0999-6-88755-2-7 The Reason Why: The Reason Why; Runaway Train; Kiss Goodbye; Shut Up Train; Why, Oh Why; Little White Church; You Can't Have Everything; All The Way Down; All Over Again; Rain On A Tin Roof; Life Rolls On; Lean Into It – 24-08-10
Capitol 0999-6-44288-2-6 Tornado: Pavement Ends;  Pontoon; Sober;Front Porch Thang; Your Side of the Bed; Leavin' in Your Eyes; Tornado; On Fire Tonight; Can't Go Back; Self Made;. Night Owl – 11-09-12
Liberty B0021360-01/B0021360-02 Pain Killer: Quit Breaking Up With Me;  Day Drinking; Tumble and Fall;  Pain Killer;  Girl Crush;  Faster Gun;  Good People;  Stay All Night;  Save Your Sin;  Live Forever;  Things You Don’t Think About;  Turn The Lights On;  Silver and Gold – 21-10-14
Capitol B0026223-02 The Breaker: Happy People;Night on Our Side; Lost in California; Free; Drivin' around; We Went to the Beach; Better Man; Rollin'; Don't Die Young, Don't Get Old; Beat Up Bible; When Someone Stops Loving You; The Breaker – 24-02-17
Capitol B0031192-02 Nightfall: Next To You; Nightfall; Forever And A Night; Throw Your Love Away; Over Drinking; Wine, Beer, Whiskey; Questions; The Daughters; River Of Stars; Sugar Coat; Problem Child; Bluebird; Trouble With Forever -  17-01-20
Capitol B0035985-02 Mr. Sun: All Summer;  Better Love;  Hell Yeah;  Mr. Sun; Three Whiskeys And The Truth; One More Song; Heaven Had A Dance Floor;  Gold;  Rich Man;  God Fearing Gypsies;  Different Without You;  Whiskey Colored Eyes;  Song Back;  Something Strong;  Last Day On Earth;  Friends of Mine  16-09-22

Immortal IMA 104162 By invitation Only: Live In Nahville: Bones; The Chain; Big Love; Bring It On Home; Boondocks; Not Too Late; Good as Gone; Go Your Own Way – 25-05-10 w. Lindsey Bukingham
Capitol Nashville no #  Wanderlust: One Dance;.C’mon;.One Of Those Days; .Work; .Skinny Dippin’; .Willpower;  Miracle;  The Boat – 10-06-16 digital
Capitol Nashville ? The Dusk Collection: Wine, Beer, Whiskey;  We Went To The Beach; . Pontoon; Lost In California;  Throw Your Love Away; Over Drinking  – 15-01-21 (sampler)
Capitol Nashville ? The Mifnight Collection: River Of stars; Better Man; Problem Child; When Someone Stops Lovin’; Forever and A Night; Girl Crush – 22-01-21 (sampler)
Capitol Nashville ? The Dawn Collection: Bluebird; Happy People; Day Drinking; Next To You; Little Whit Church; Boondocks – 29-01-21 (sampler)

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