Friday, April 7, 2023

(Nashville) Cotton Pickers

 by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank

13 March 1962 Bradley’s Barn, 722 Benders Ferry Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN – The Cotton Pickers (Producer: Shelby Singleton)
001 YW-24435/PB-7116/PS-1572  COUNTRY WILDWOOD FLOWER  PHS 600025 SRC-69525
002 YW-24436/PB-7117/PS-1573  ROVING GAMBLER PHS 600025 SRC-69525
003 YW-24437/PB-7118/PS-1574  GOOD OLD MOUNTAIN DEW PHS 600025 SRC-69525
004 YW-24438/PB-7119/PS-1575  BLUE TAIL FLY  PHS 600025
005 YW-24439/PB-7120/PS-1576  FEUDIN‘ AND FIGHTIN‘  PHS 600025
006 YW-24440/PB-7121/PS-1577  YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE PHS 600025 SRC-69525
007 YW-24441/PB-7122/PS-1578  UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE PHS 600025 SRC-69525
008 YW-24442/PB-7123/PS-1579  MR. FROGGIE PHS 600025  SRC-69525
009 YW-24443/PB-7124/PS-1580  TENNESSEE WALTZ PHS 600025 SRC-69525
010 YW-24444/PB-7125/PS-1581  JIMMY BROWN, THE NEWSBOY PHS 600025  SRC-69525
011 YW-24445/PB-7126/PS-1582  COUNTRY BILLY BOY PHS 600025 SRC-69525
012 YW-24446/PB-7127/PS-1583  BEER BARREL POLKA PHS 600025 SRC-69525
October 1962 Bradley’s Barn, 722 Benders Ferry Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN – The Nashville Cotton Pickers with The Milestone Singers (Producer: Shelby Singleton)
013 YW-22328/PB-5199/PS-2041  MEXICAN GOLD  Philips PHS600-064
014 YW-22329/PB-5200/PS-2042  SOUTH OF THE BORDER (DOWN MEXICAN WAY) Philips PHS600-064
015 YW-22330/PB-5201/PS-2043  MEXICALI ROSE  Philips PHS600-064
016 YW-22331/PB-5202/PS-2044  AMOR  Philips PHS600-064
017 YW-22332/PB-5203/PS-2045  VAYA CON DIOS  Philips PHS600-064
018 YW-22333/PB-5204/PS-2046  ALLA EN EL RANCHO GRANDE  Philips PHS600-064
019 YW-22334/PB-5205/PS-2047  CIELITO LINDO  Philips PHS600-064
020 YW-22335/PB-5206/PS-2048  NINITA LINDA  Philips PHS600-064
021 YW-22336/PB-5207/PS-2049  LA CUCARACHA  Philips PHS600-064
022 YW-22337/PB-5208/PS-2050  MEXICAN HAT DANCE  Philips PHS600-064
023 YW-22338/PB-5209/PS-2051  TEQUILA  Philips PHS600-064
024 YW-22339/PB-5210/PS-2052  THE COMMANCHEROS  Philips PHS600-064

Philips PHM 200-025/PHS 600-025  Country Guitar:
Country Wildwood Flower; Good Old Mountain Dew; Bluetail Fly; Feudin' And Fightin' (From "Laffing Room Only"); You Are My Sunshine; Mr. Froggie; Roving Gambler; Under The Double Eagle; Tennessee Waltz; Jimmy Brown, The News Boy; Country Billy Boy; Beer Barrel Polka - 62
Philips PHM 200-064/PHS 600-064  Mexican Guitar Plays Border Favorites: Cielito Lindo; South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way); Mexican Hat Dance; Vaya Con Dios; Alla En El Ranchero Grande; Ninita Linda; Amor; Mexican Gold; La Cucaracha; Mexicali Rose; Tequila; The Commancheros – 63
Cumberland MGC 29525/SRC 69525 Everybody’s Guitar Favorites: Country Wildwood Flower; Roving Gambler; Good Old Mountain Dew; Bluetail Fly; You Are My Sunshine; Under The Double Eagle; Mr. Froggie; Tennessee Waltz; Jimmy Brown, The News Boy; Country Billy Boy – 65 (all tracks from PHS 60025)

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