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Amos and Margaret Raber

Amos Raber, *1980 Indiana
Margaret Diane Rodes Raber, *1984 Indiana
by Praguefrank

there is not enough info for creating sessionography

Amos Raber ? Hero for Jesus:
  Time;  Do It on Your Knees;  Amanda;  Gone Home;  Follow the Blessed Light;  Anchored in Jesus;  He'll Pull You Through;  Midnight Hour;  Hero for Jesus;  My Ways My Child;  Hey Sweets, It's Me;  Angels;  Our First Anniversary – 01-09-03 Amos Raber Jr
Amos Raber ? Let Me Fly: . Dying to Live Again / With Him;  My Prayer;  John 14;  Calvary Mountain;  My Dad;  Let Me Fly;  There Ain't No God?; He Drank;  Runnin' out of Time;  Be Blessed – 01-06-04 Amos Raber Jr
Amos and Margaret Raber ? Butterfly:  The Harvest; Channel of Prayer;  I'll Try;  Babysitter;  I'll Be Ready;  Who I Am;  What a Beautiful Day; Thank You for Being You;  Who Bought the Whiskey;  It'll Let You Down;  Simple Law of Love;  Thank You Mama;  Jesus Signed My Pardon;  Butterfly;  Jesus Unaware – 01-04-05 By Grace-Amos and Margaret Raber
Amos and Margaret Raber ?  (UPC666510031523) We Have This Moment: I'm Blessed; Long Black Train; Daddy's Hands; Don't Say You're a Christian; The Beauty of Forgiveness; We Have This Moment; Twenty Inches; I Love You; Bitterness; Teach Me Lord; My Savior's Love – 20-02-07 By Grace
Amos and Margaret Raber ? Songs of Yesterday: Jesus Hold My Hand;  I Want to Love Him More;  Farther Along;  Open the Wells of Salvation;  Thank You for the Valley;  On the Wings of a Dove;  Medals for Mothers;  I Just Steal Away and Pray;  The Love of God;  Send the Light;  I Know Whom I Have Believed;  Revive Us Again – 06-02-08 By Grace
Amos and Margaret Raber ? Hand in Hand: Doomed Domain;  I Find Jesus;  In the Name of the Lord;  Hand in Hand;  Innocence and Reality;  Wild At Heart (For Men Only);  The Family Song;  A Thing Called Love;  Desperately Looking;  Don't Dishonor Your Vessel;  They're Holding Up the Ladder – 22-02-09 By Grace
Amos Raber ? Never Grow Old, Vol. 2:  Glory to His Name;  Hold Fast to the Right ;  Amazing Grace;  This World Is Not My Home; . Heaven Will Be My Home;  I Feel Like Traveling On;  Never Grow Old;  He's Coming Soon;  Red Wing;  Where the Soul Never Dies;  Where Could I Go?;  How Beautiful Heaven Must Be;  Wildwood Flower;  Diese Gaube zu erlangen – 10 John Graber and Amos Raber (note: no info on Volume 1 found)
Amos and Margaret Raber ? He Built a Bridge:  There's a Better Times a Coming; Home Sweet Home;  I Can't Do It Again;  Sowin' Love;  Godly Man;  The Whale Did Swallow Jonah;  The Truckin' Song;  Doing It By the Book;  Jesus in My Heart;  He Built a Bridge;  Since You're There – 17-11-10
Amos and Margaret Raber ? (UPC 666510051729) It's Still Love:  I'm Too Blessed;  I Need You More Today;  Bigger Is Our God;  Jesus Is the One;  I'm Ready;  Even When It Don't Feel Like It;  Grace;  Agape Love;  The Son's Cry;  Psa 19:14 – 21-12-12
Amos and Margaret Raber ? God's Plan:  What God Has Joined Together;  Let's Dance;  The Richest Man on Earth;  Our Love;  Battle Hymn of Love;  Rose of My Heart;  Be Mine; Treasured Love;  God's Plan;  Must Be Love – 14

Marlin and Amos ? Hold Fast To The Right: Mansion Over The Hilltop;  Kneeling Drunkard's Plea; Don't Let Smokey Mountain Smoke Get In Your Eyes;  Kneel At The Cross;  Special Angels;  Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven; Robe Of White;  Angels Rejoiced Last Night; Family Reunion;  Bury Me Beneath The Willow; I Like The Christian Life; Hold Fast To The Right – 15 Marlin and Amos
Amos and Margaret Raber ? Joy to the World:  Go Tell It on the Mountain;  Beautiful Star of Bethlehem;  Away in a Manger;  It Still Takes a Wise Man to Pray;  Christmas Carol;  Joseph's Song;  Ring Those Joy Bells;  Silent Night;  We Three Kings;  Joy to the World;  Wonder of Wonders;  How Do I Wrap My Heart up for Christmas;  Happy Birthday Jesus – 31-10-16
Amos and Margaret Raber ? I Have Decided:  This World Is Not My Home;  I Have Decided;  How Far Is Heaven;  Love Without End, Amen;  There's a Fountain Free;  Joy Filled Chirstian Life;  Bedenke Menche Das Ende;  Jesus Signed My Pardon;  Help Is on the Way;  In the Sweet by and By;  My Grass Roots;  Coat of Many Colors;  Dig a Little Deeper;  A Bible and a Belt;  Old Country Church – 01-06-17

Marlin and Amos ?  White Oak On The Hill:  Vision Of Mother;  I'm Ready To Go Home;  How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; White Oak On The Hill; You'll Meet Him In The Clouds;   Let Me Rest On A Peaceful Mountain; Mother I Thank You For The Bible;  I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling;  Wait A Little Longer;   Stairway To Heaven;  Kentucky;  God's Way Of Living – 17 Marlin and Amos
Amos and Margaret Raber ? Stand for Truth:  Introductions;  I've Got Peace Like a River; Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone;  Stand for Truth;  The Best Is yet to Come;  Be Thou My Vision;  Stand Firm;  Give Me Your Heart;  His Mercy Is More;  The Fruit Song;  Worthy Art Thou Lord Divine – 01-10-19
By Grace Ministry BGM 0820 Sing Me Back Home: A Country Collection:  High Cotton;  Sing Me Back Home;  I'm Just Me;  Livin' on Love;  Dig Another Well;  You Can't Be a Beacon;  The Older I Get; Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Ole Days;  Blessings;  Imagination Station;  Way Down Deep;  You've Got to Stand for Something;  Good News – 15-08-20
Amos and Margaret Raber ? Songs of Yesterday, Vol. II:  The Lily of the Valley;  I Stand Amazed in the Presence;  I'd Rather Have Jesus;  Out of His Great Love;  I've Never Been This Homesick Before;  The Scarlet Purple Robe;  When We All Get to Heaven;  I Won't Have to Worry Anymore;  Bigger Than Any Mountain;  How Great Thou Art;  I'm Ready to Go Home;  When the Roll Is Called up Yonder;  What a Day That Will Be – 28-10-22


Amos and Margaret Raber ? By Grace Minsistry: There’s Better Times A Comin‘; He Built A Bridge; Sermon – 10?

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