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by Praguefrank

 1971 Criteria Studios, Miami, FL – Mudcrutch (Jim Lenahan [ld vcl], Tom Leadon [rh gt/bck vcl],  Mike Campbell [ld gt], Tom Petty [bass/bck vcl], Randall Marsh [drums]. Producer: Ron Albert, Mudcrutch)
001 9449A UP IN MISSISSIPPI  9449
1974 Los Angeles, CA – Mudcrutch (Tom Petty [vcl/ rh gt/ bass/harmonica],   Mike Campbell [ld gt],  Tom Leadon [rh gt],     Danny Roberts  [rh gt/bck vcl],  Charlie Souza [bass],  Randall Marsh [drums], Benmont Tench [keyboards/bck vcl]. Producer: Denny Cordell)
003 MC 3709 DEPOT STREET SR 40357
004 MC 3710 WILD EYES SR 40357
August 2007 The Clubhouse, Los Angeles, CA – Mudcrutch (Tom Leadon  [ld vcl-1/vcl/gt], Mike Campbell [gt/mandolin], Tom Petty [ld vcl/bass gt], Randall Marsh [drums], Benmont Tench [ld vcl-2/vcl/ keyboards])
005 SHADY GROVE -1 2-455868  
006 SCARE EASY PRO-CDR-494268/2-455868  
007 ORPHAN OF THE STORM 2-455868  
008 SIX DAYS ON THE ROAD 2-455868  
009 CRYSTAL RIVER 2-455868  
010 OH MARIA 2-455868  
011 THIS IS A GOOD STREET -2 2-455868  
012 THE WRONG THING TO DO 2-455868  
013 QUEEN OF THE GO-GO GIRLS  -1 2-455868  
014 JUNE APPLE 2-455868  
015 LOVER OF THE BAYOU PRO-CDR-513815/2-455868  
016 TOPANGA COWGIRL 2-455868  
017 BOOTLEG FLYER 2-455868  
018 HOUSE OF STONE 2-455868  – 25-03-08
20 April 2008 [live] The Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA - Mudcrutch (Mike Campbell [vcl/gt],   Tom Leadon [vcl/ac gt],  Tom Petty [ld vcll/ bass gt], Randall Marsh [drums], Benmont Tench [piano/organ])
01801 THE WRONG THING TO DO 515877-2  
01802 BOOTLEG FLYER 515877-2  
28 April 2008 [live] The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA - Mudcrutch (Mike Campbell [vcl/gt],   Tom Leadon [vcl/ac gt],  Tom Petty [ld vcll/ bass gt], Randall Marsh [drums], Benmont Tench [piano/organ])
01803 CRYSTAL RIVER 515877-2  
2 May 2008 [live] The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA - Mudcrutch (Mike Campbell [vcl/gt],   Tom Leadon [vcl/ac gt],  Tom Petty [ld vcll/ bass gt], Randall Marsh [drums], Benmont Tench [piano/organ])
01804 HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL 515877-2  – 07-11-08
2015 The Clubhouse, Los Angeles, CA/ Shoreline Recorders, Malibu, CA – Mudcrutch
(Mike Campbell [vcl/gt], Tom Leadon [vcl/gt], Tom Petty [vcl/bass gt], Randall Marsh [drums], Benmont Tench [vcl/organ/ piano]. Producer: Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Ryan Ulyate)
019 TRAILER 7-553892/554371-2  
020 DREAMS OF FLYING 554371-2  
021 BEAUTIFUL BLUE 554371-2  
022 BEAUTIFUL WORLD 7-553892/554371-2
023 I FORGIVE IT ALL 554371-2  
025 HOPE 554371-2  
026 WELCOME TO HELL 554371-2  
027 SAVE YOUR WATER 554371-2  
029 HUNGRY NO MORE 554371-2

Reprise 2-455868 Mudcrutch: 
Shady Grove;  Scare Easy;  Orphan of the Storm;  Six Days on the Road;  Crystal River;  Oh Maria;  This Is a Good Street;  The Wrong Thing to Do;  Queen of the Go-Go Girls;  June Apple;  Lover of the Bayou;  Topanga Cowgirl;  Bootleg Flyer;  House of Stone – 25-03-08
Reprise 554371-2 2:  Trailer;  Dreams of Flying;  Beautiful Blue;  Beautiful World;  I Forgive It All;  The Other Side of the Mountain;  Hope;  Welcome to Hell;  Save Your Water;  Victim of Circumstance;  Hungry No More – 20-05-16
Reprise no # The Very Best Performances From The 2016 Mudcrutch Tour: Shady Grove (Atlanta, GA); Orphan Of The Storm (Philadelphia, PA); Scare Easy (Chicago, IL); Trailer (Port Chester, NY); This Is A Good Street (Hollywood, CA); Lover Of The Bayou (Chicago, IL); Beautiful World (San Diego, CA); Save Your Water (Philadelphia, PA); Hungry No More (Boston, MA); House Of Stone (Nashville, TN); Knockin On Heaven's Door (San Francisco, CA); The Other Side Of The Mountain (Philadelphia, PA); Hope (New York, NY); Victim Of Circumstance (Washington, D.C.); The Wrong Thing To Do (Atlanta, GA); Crystal River (Oakland, CA) – 17 (digital, not in sessions)

Reprise 516850-1/515877-2 Extended Play Live: The Wrong Thing to Do;  Bootleg Flyer;  Crystal River;  High School Confidential – 07-11-08

Pepper  (1971)
9449 Up In Mississippi / Cause Is Understood  - 71
Shelter (1975)
SR 40357 Depot Street / Wild Eyes – 02-75 (rev. Feb. 15)
PRO-CDR-494268 Scare Easy – 25-03-08 (CD, promo)
PRO-CDR-513815 Lover Of The Bayou – 08 (CD, promo)
7-553892  Trailer / Beautiful World – 25-03-16

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