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Maren Morris

Maren Larae Morris, *10-04-1990
By Praguefrank
2004 unknown – Maren Morris (Maren Morris [vcl], Scott Boland [gt], Randy Langley [gt],  Eric Zukoski [bass], Eddie Cantu [drums] + Lloyd Maines, Dick Sims. Producer: Stephen Doster)
001 HIT THE GROUND Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
002 GIRL I SEE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
003 THANK YOU Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
004 THIS LIVIN' Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
005 RAIN Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
006 POPULAR GIRL Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
007 BARRELHOUSE BLUES Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
008 BETTER DAYS Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
009 WALK ON Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
010 HELP WANTED Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101
2007 Bass Propulsion Laboratories, 7141 Envoy Ct b, Dallas, TX – Maren Morris (Maren Morris [vcl], Taylor Tatsch [gt],  Eric Zukoski [bass gt], Cooper Heffley [drums/ percussion], Sara Donaldson [cello], Julie Bonk [piano] + Nolan Thies [bass gt], Heather Woodruff [fiddle], Aaron Wynne/ Julie Bonk [Hammond b-3 organ], Sara Donaldson)
011 DON'T STAY AWAY Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
012 DANGEROUS Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
013 DOWN ON MY KNEES Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
014 ME AND THE MOON Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
015 GOODBYE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
016 CAN'T DO THIS ALONE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
017 WHAT YOU NEED Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
018 OH MARIE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
019 ALL THAT IT TAKES Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
020 HERE I AM Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
021 FRAGILE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
022 LOVE THAT WAS NEVER THERE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
023 SUNKISSED DAYS Mozzi Blozzi MBR 070101
2011 unknown – Maren Morris
024 BORN AGAIN Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
025 THE GUITARS ARE TOO LOUD Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
026 THE WILLOW TREE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
027 RUN TO YOU Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
028 THE LETTER Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
029 BEST OF ME Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
030 MOVING ON Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
031 LIVE WIRE Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
032 NOTHING AT ALL Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
033 THE LIGHT Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
034 TRUTH Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040102
2015 unknown – Maren Morris
035 MY CHURCH 16993-7 / Columbia 16885-2
036 80’S MERCEDES 16993-7  / Columbia 16885-2
037 DRUNK GIRLS DON’T CRY Columbia 16885-2
038 I WISH I WAS Columbia 16885-2
Tracks above issued on EP Maren Morris
2015 Nashville, TN – Dierks Bentley and Maren Morris
040 I'LL BE THE MOON Capitol B0024745-02
2015  [sessions for Rx] unknown – Ryan Beaver and Maren Morris
2015 Azteca Market, Glassell Park, CA/ Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/ Eastside Studio, Nashville, TN/ Grand Victor Sound, Nashville, TN/ Lula Recording, New York, NY/ Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN/ Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA/ The Birdhouse, Glendale, CA/ The Tzudio, Nashville, TN – Maren Morris (Maren Morris [vcl/bck vcl], Derek Wells [gt/ mandolin], Busbee [gt/ piano/ Hammond b-3 organ/ Wurlitzer organ/ keyboards/ synthesizer/ percussion/ programming], Mark Trussell [el gt], John Osborne [el gt] , Hayley McLean [el gt], Fred Eltringham/ Aaron Sterling [drums/ percussion], Eric Darken [percussion], Brad Hill [programming/ bck vcl],  Mason Levy [programming], Laura Veltz, Dave Thompson, Ryan Hurd, Natalie Hemby [bck vcl], Ian Fitchuk [piano/ Hammond b-3 organ])
042 SUGAR Columbia 16885-2
043 RICH Columbia 16885-2
044 I COULD USE A LOVE SONG Columbia 16885-2
045 DRUNK GIRLS DON'T CRY Columbia 16885-2
046 HOW IT'S DONE Columbia 16885-2
047 JUST ANOTHER THING Columbia 16885-2
048 SECOND WIND Columbia 16885-2
049 ONCE Columbia 16885-2

Mozzi Blozzi MBR 040101 Walk On: Hit The Ground; Girl I See; Thank You; This Livin'; Rain; Popular Girl; Barrelhouse Blues; Better Days; Walk On; Help Wanted- 14-06-05
Mozzi Bozzi MBR 070101 All That It Takes: Don't Stay Away; Dangerous; Down On My Knees; Me And The Moon; Goodbye; Can't Do This Alone; What You Need; Oh Marie; All That It Takes; Here I Am; Fragile; Love That Was Never There; Sunkissed Days- 22-10-07
Mozzi Bozzi MBR 040102 Live Wire: Born Again;  The Guitars Are Too Loud;  The Willow Tree;  Run To You; The Letter; Best of Me;  Moving On; Live Wire; Nothing at All;  The Light; Truth - 11
Columbia Nashville 8887516885 2 Hero: Sugar; Rich; My Church; I Could Use A Love Song; 80s Mercedes; Drunk Girls Don't Cry; How It's Done; Just Another Thing; I Wish I Was; Second Wind; Once- 03-06-16

Columbia Nashville ? Maren Morris: My Church;  80’s Mercedes;  Drunk Girls Don’t Cry;  I Wish I Was;  Company You Keep - 06-11-15

Columbia Nashville
88875-16993-7 My Church / 80’s Mercedes - 15

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