Thursday, December 8, 2016

Redlands Palomino Company

By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Laughing Outlaw [AUS] LORCD-080 By The Time You Hear This ... We'll Be: Music's On; Temptation; Losing You; Goodbye Love; This One's For The Heartache; Get On The Train; Devil In My Head; Cold And Blue; Doin' If For The Country; If You're Down; Pony Song; Make Tonight Last; The Same Sky – 04 as Redlands Palomino Co.
Laughing Outlaw [AUS] LORCD 099 Take Me Home: Wasted On You; Take Me Home; Coastline; Please Come Running; Burning It Down; Empty Feeling; She Is Yours; Harbour Lights; Friend In The Dark; Don't Know Why; Pick Up, Shut Up; Take Me Home (Reprise) – 07
Clubhouse [UK] CRUK 002CD Don’t Fade:  Call Me Up; Brass Bed; 1879; Don't Fade; She Rides Home; Settle Down; The Boat; One A.M.; Sleep Song; Sirens – 13-06-11
Clubhouse [UK] CRUK 0016CD Broken Carelessly: In These Lines; Solitary Strangers; Everything I'm Not; Broken Carelessly; Don't Ever Let Me Down; She Can Live Without You; Scattered Earth; Perfect Forever; Floorboard George; Swim; The Big Freeze; Band Song – 14-04-14

Laughing Outlaw [AUS]
LORCD 106 She Is Yours – 07
Clubhouse [UK]
? In These Lines / Sunday – 31-03-14

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