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Arthur Blanch

*01-11-198 Wollun, NSW, Australia
By Praguefrank, Vaclav Zpatecka
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

ALBUMS (incomplete)
W+G [AUS]WG-B-1705 Meet The Blanch Family: (tracks unknown) - 63 The Blanch Family
W+G [AUS] WG-25/5195 Walking In The Sunshine: Walkin' In The Sunshine; There's Something New In My World; Beautiful Queensland; Daddy's Little Girl; There Lives A King; She Taught Me To Yodel;  Born To Sing; Scarlett Ribbons; If Love Was Just A Song; It's Such A Pretty World Today; This Land Is Your Land; It Is No Secret – 68 The Blanch Family
CBS [AUS] SBP 2378632 The Lady And The Cowboy:  The Lady And The Cowboy; Country Kind Of Life; Country Music; Happy Go Lucky Command; Light Of Love; Country Lullaby; A Real Cowboy; I Can Love You; You Bring The Best Out In Me; The Best Cowboy I Know; Readin' Back Home; Hey, Cowboy  - 81 w. Jewel Blanch (recorded at EMI Studios,  301 Castlereagh St, Sydney, AUS)
CBS [AUS] SBP 237843 Too Late for Regrets: Too Late For Regrets; They Never Lost You; Eyes Of A Child; Morning Breeze; That Old Flame; Music Man; The Woman Needs Love; Dreams Of A Country Kid; There's More To Country Than Cowboys; Rose Colored Glasses  - 82
Axis [AUS] AX 1183 The Blanch Family Classics:  Little Child (Daddy Dear); The Strange Little Girl; Mummy's Pretty Clothes; Brother Bill; Keep It A Secret; Gary; Somebody Else Is Taking My Place; Eva Magdalena; The Funny Little Voice; China Doll; Twitterpated; Our Best Man; If I Had Television On My Telephone; How Long Must It Be – 83 The Blanch Family
EMI Australia [AUS] EMX 240253 What Do Lonely People Do: What Do Lonely People Do; Sing A Sad Song; This Broken heart; I’ve Cried A Mile; You’re Playing Hard To Forget; I’m Not Getting Any Better At Goodbyes; Life Turned Her That Way; I’ve Come A Long Way; For Better Or for Worse; Green Light In Your Brown Eyes; I’ve Already Stayed Too long; Maybe I’ll Cry Over You – 84 (recorded at EMI Studios,  301 Castlereagh St, Sydney, AUS)
Sundown [AUS] SUN 0163 Long Way Home:  Long Way Home; A Good Woman's Love; A Woman Ahead Of Her Time; You're Such A Stupid Man; I Should Have Called; Young Blood And Sweet Country Music; Another Pretty Country Song; The Little Man's Got The Biggest Smile In Town; Heart Vs Heart; Simple Little Words- 86 (recorded at EMI Studios,  301 Castlereagh St, Sydney, AUS)
Enrec [AUS] ENC-140 CD You Don't Know Me: You Don't Know Me; Swagman; Best Performance Of The Year; A Bottle A Day; Lovin' Pains; Let Me Be the First To Go; Hello Tamworth; Old Frank; Saturday; There's So Much That I Forgot; Almost Anytime; These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye – 92
Christian Sci. Pub. Society ? Glory To God: Country Style Hymns: (tracks unknown) – 94 (cassette)
Christian Sci. Pub. Society (?) ? Homecoming: (tracks unknown) – 96
Christian Sci. Pub. Society ? Joyful Caroling! Songs Of Christmas: (tracks unknown) - 96
OMC [AUS] OMC-931 Love Walked In: Love Walked In; I Really Don't Want To Know; I'll hold You In My Heart; When The Girl In Your Arms; I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore; You Were Only Fooling; I'm Walking Behind You; You Took Her Off My Hands; Rose Colored Glasses; Dark Moon; My Heart Cries For You; Invisible Tears; No One Will Ever Know; The Doll With A Sawdust Heart; I Remember You; Sweetheart Of Yesterday; Cold Cold Heart; Life Turned Her That Way; Too Soon To Know; Maybe I'll Cry Over You – 07-00
Tamworth Music [AUS] TCD 101 Songs Of Praise And Inspiration - Glory Be To God On High; How Gentle God's Commands; I Love To Tell The Story; Shepherd, Show Me How To Go; He That Hath God His Guardian Made; Rock Of Ages; Give Me, O Lord, An Understanding Heart; Father, We Thy Loving Children; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; In Mercy, In Goodness, How Great Is Our King; There's A Wideness In God's Mercy; I Need Thee Every Hour; Saw Ye My Saviour; No Eye Hath Seen, Nor Tongue Declared; Abide with Me, Fast Breaks the Morning Light; I Walk With Love Along The Way; Dear Lord And Father Of Us All; Onward, Christians Solders; Trust The Eternal; Gracious Spirit, Dwell With Me; Nearer, My God To Thee; The Heavens Declare The Glory; Through The Love Of God, Our Saviour – 01?
Tamworth Music [AUS] TCD 102 The Blanch Family In The 60's: Sing A Little Litt; Maker Of Raindrops And Roses; Born To Sing; There Lives A King; Beautiful Queensland; This Land Is Your Land; It's Such A Pretty World Today; It Is No Secret; Walkin' In The Sunshine; For Pet's Sake Pete; Choctaw Joe; Work On You; Brother Bill; Happy Birthday Jesus; Ship Of Truth; How Long Must It Be; Spin Away; Any Ole Time; Eva Magdalena; Where There's A Heartache; Beautiful Tomorrow – 01
Tamworth Music [AUS] TCD 103 Gems And A Few Jewels: Out Of Step Heart; Long Way Home; Heart vs Heart; The Strange Little Girl; Keep Me From Blowin Away; Woman Ahead Of Her Time; The Little Man's Got The Biggest Smile In Town; Real Cowboy; The Lady and The Cowboy; They Never Lost You; The Woman Needs Love; Dreams Of Country Kid; Can I See You Tonight; What Goes Around Comes Around; A Good Woman's Love; Bring Her Home; Life Turned Her That Way; Almost Anytime; Rings; What Do Lonely People Do; You're Playing Hard To Forget; (I Wanta Stay On) Jumbo; On Account-A I Love You; Little Child (Daddy Dear) - 01
Tamworth Music [AUS] RCD 104 Gems And A Few Jewels (vol. 2): My Country; Australia's Robin Hood; Nobody; I Don't Wanna Cry; Simple Little Words; Music Man; Rose Coloured Glasses; I'm Lonely; I Can Love You; You're Such A Stupid Man; I've Cried A Mile; Send All The Ghosts Away; I've Already Stayed Too Long - 02
Tamworth Music [AUS] TCD 105 Gems And A Few Jewels (vol. 3): Sing A Sad Song; Another Pretty Country Song; Morning Breeze; I'm Not Losin My Sleep; For Better Or Worse; Young Blood And Sweet Country Music; This Broken Heart; Green Light In Your Brown Eyes; I'm Not Getting Any Betty At Goodbyes – 03
Tamworth Music (?) [AUS] TCD 106?  Samplings From "The Early Sessions" - 1952-1962: Sister Of Sioux City Sue; Headin Back Home; The Golden Rocket; Shearin Time; Broken Dreams; It Makes No Difference; Wagon Rock; Please Help Me Im Falling; I Love You Because; I Know One; How She Could Yodel; Pay Me No Mind; China Doll; If I Had Television On My Telephone; Our Best Man; Turn Back The Hands Of Time; Somebody Else Is Taking My Place; There's Something New In My World; Daddys Little Girl; Home – 04-04
Tamworth Music [AUS] TCD 107 Life's Been Good To Me: For A Song; When Your Rock Turns To Stone; Strollin' In The Sunshine; I'd Better Write It Down; Wellingrove Girl; Roots And Wings; With Every Breath; I Just Wanna Make Love With You; It's A Lovely Lovely World; Still They Call Me Love; Back In Baby's Arms; Life's Been Good To Me - 05
Tamworth Music [AUS] TCD 108 What Really Matters: Keep Her While She's There; The Dream; Always Have Always Will; Misty Blue; And My Dad; Don't Feel Sorry; What Really Matters; We Love Who We Love; Happiness; I Need A Night Off; Neighbours; Summer In The Valley; Touch Of The Master's Hand – 01-08
Tamworth Music  [AUS] TCD 109 How Can I Thank You:  Beautiful Life; How Can I Thank You; What's On A Woman's Mind; Only You Did; Just Bein' Me; He Needs To Do Some Work At Home; The High Road; Teachers; I Just Need You; Do What Cowboy's Do; Slowly; Better Day Comin'; No More Songs To Sing – 03-10
Tamworth Music  [AUS] TCD 110 Whatever Floats Your Boat: Whatever Floats Your Boat; Good; It's Usually A Woman; What We Are; Buy That Man A Beer;  Mama's Table;      The Singer; Big Time Lonesome; Different Things; She's Mine - 31-03-14

Festival [AUS]
Fx 5177 Country Round Up: I Know One;  Waggon Rock /  Please Help Me, I'm Falling;  I Love You Because – 59
Reflection [AUS]
RR 101  I've Come A Long Way /  You're Playing Hard To Forget;  I Should Have Called - 83

SINGLES (incomplete)
Columbia [AUS]
DO-4251 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place / The Strange Little Girl – 62 (MX: 7XCT 1172/3)
DO-4278 Our Best Man / If I Had Television On My Telephone – 62  (MX: 7XCT 1265/67)
WG-S-1585 (I Wanta Stay On) Jumbo [Jewel Blanch]  / On Account-A I Love You (w. jewel Blanch) – 63 (producer: Jack Varney)
WG-S-1605 Turn Back The Hands Of Time / How She Could Yodel – 63
WG-S-1606 Don't Ever Take The Ribbons From Her Hair / Round Up Time For Love – 63 w. Bernice Blanch
WG-S-1666 If I Had You On A Desert Island / The Same Old Fool – 63 w. Bernice Blanch
15-16702 Maker Of Raindrops And Roses / Sing A Little, Little Jewel – 64 w. Little Jewel and The Blanch Family (MX: MB-19497/19498; recorded in Hollywood, CA)
MC 5015F The Little Man Got The Biggest Smile In Town / Another Pretty Country Song – 78 (Producer: Jerry Styner)
Ridge Pop [AUS]
POP 479 Maybe I'll Cry Over You / ? – 07-79 (recorded in Nashville, TN)
BA 222925 [Jewel Blanch:]  I Can Love You / [Arthur Blanch:] You Bring The Best Out In Me – 03-82
BA 223058 Rose Colored Glasses / Music Man – 05-83
EMI Australia
EMI 1601 Woman Ahead Of Her Time / A Good Woman's Love – 28-10-85
Sundown [AUS]
SUN 0164 Long Way Home / Long Way Home – 86 (promo)
Enrec [AUS]
ENS 112 Best Performance Of The Year / There’s So Much That I Forgot – 89 (MX: 76115/6, recorded in Nashville, TN)
ENS 127 Let Me Be The First To Go / Let Me Be The First To Go – 91 (promo; MX 77311)

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