Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cam (Camaron Ochs)

Camaron Marvel Ochs, *19-11-1984 Huntington Beach, CA
By Praguefrank

2009 Rubber Room Recording Studio, ?, CA - Camaron Ochs (Camaron Ochs [vcl/ac gt], Jason Shafton  [gt/bass gt], Roberto Hernandez [drums],  Patrick Shipp [drums/ percussion],   Hamilton Ulmer [accordion/ banjo/ clarinet/ kalimba/ piano/ strings]
001 THE TRAVELER Rubber Room 700261291529
002 GIVE THIS TIME Rubber Room 700261291529
003 LULLABY FOR ADULTS Rubber Room 700261291529
004 YOU WERE LATE Rubber Room 700261291529
005 HEARTFORWARD Rubber Room 700261291529
006 HOW'D I GET THIS FAR Rubber Room 700261291529
007 THIS FAR GONE Rubber Room 700261291529
008 HARDER ON YOUR OWN Rubber Room 700261291529
009 DON'T WAIT TOO LONG Rubber Room 700261291529
010 MY OFFER Rubber Room 700261291529
011 LITTLE VOICE Rubber Room 700261291529
012 YOU AND MY ELECTRIC GUITAR Rubber Room 700261291529
2014 Nashville, TN - Cam
013 MY MISTAKE Arista 07049-2
014 BURNING HOUSE Arista 07049-2
015 HALF BROKE HEART Arista 07049-2
016 RUNAWAY TRAIN Arista 07049-2
Tracks above issued on EP Welcome To Cam Country
2015 Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/ Enormous Studios, Venice, CA/ Fool On A Hill, Nashville, TN/ House of Blues Studio, Nashville/ JGL Studio, Los Angeles, CA/ Quad Studios, Nashville, TN/ Tha Castle, Franklin, TN/ The Laundry Room, Los Angeles, CA/ The Rabbit Hole, Franklin, TN - Cam
017 UNTAMED Arista 07049-2
018 HUNGOVER ON HEARTACHE Arista 07049-2
019 MAYDAY Arista 07049-2
021 COLD IN CALIFORNIA Arista 07049-2
022 WANT IT ALL Arista 07049-2
024 VILLAGE Arista 07049-2

Rubber Room 700261291529 Heartforward: The Traveler; Give This Time; Lullaby for Adults; You Were Late; Heartforward; How'd I Get This Far; This Far Gone; Harder On Your Own; Don't Wait Too Long; My Offer; Little Voice; You and My Electric Guitar – 26-01-10 Camaron Ochs
Arista Nashville 88875 07049 2 Untamed: Untamed; Hungover On Heartache; Mayday; Burning House; Cold in California; My Mistake; Runaway Train; Half Broke Heart; Want It All; Country Ain't Never Been Pretty; Village – 11-12-15

Arista Nashville ? Welome To Cam Country: My Mistake; Burning House; Half Broke Heart; Runaway Train – 31-03-15

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