Monday, January 8, 2018

Bruce Henderson

*Stillwater, OK
by Praguefrank
SESSIONS also member of Hearts And Minds
1996 Pilot, New York City / Sorcerer, New York City/ A Great Sound in the Bedroom, New York City/ Noble Rot Studios, New York City -Bruce Henderson and the High Plains Drifters (Bruce Henderson [vcl/ld gt], G.E. Smith [gt],Andy York [vcl/gt], Paul Ossola [bass], Shawn Pelton [drums])
001 FEET OF CLAY Paradigm PME 0009-2  
002 HOUSE OF LOVE Paradigm PME 0009-2
003 BIG MOON Paradigm PME 0009-2  
004 WHITE LINES / BLACKTOP Paradigm PME 0009-2  
005 THERE'S A HOLE Paradigm PME 0009-2
006 I CAN DRIVE Paradigm PME 0009-2
007 THE WHEELS ROLL Paradigm PME 0009-2
008 TEXAS OR NEW MEXICO Paradigm PME 0009-2  
009 CITY FOLK Paradigm PME 0009-2   
1999 Coyote Recording Studios, Brooklyn, New York City/ Jake's Kitchen Sink, New York City – Bruce Henderson (Bruce Henderson [vcl/gt/ harmonica], Kerryn Tolhurst [gt/banjo/ steel/ bass/ mandolin], Andy York [el gt], Paul Ossola [bass], Steve Holley [drums/ percussion], Tommy Allen [finger cymbals/ percussion], Soozie Tyrell [fiddle], Charlie Giordano [accordion/ harmonium/ organ], Danny Malone, Christine Ohlman, Tony Shanahan, Curtis Stigers [bck vcl])
010 AUGUST Valley Ent. VE 15091  
011 SPEED RACK Valley Ent. VE 15091  
012 BONE TIRED Valley Ent. VE 15091  
013 I WANTED TO Valley Ent. VE 15091  
014 I NEVER LOST AN ARM Valley Ent. VE 15091
015 LOOK AT YOU NOW Valley Ent. VE 15091  
016 FLATLANDS Valley Ent. VE 15091  
017 WASH IT ALL AWAY Valley Ent. VE 15091
018 RUNNING OUT OF LIGHT Valley Ent. VE 15091  
019 MEXICO Valley Ent. VE 15091  

Paradigm PME 0009-2 The Wheels Roll: Feet of Clay; House of Love; Big Moon; White Lines / Blacktop; There's a Hole; I Can Drive; The Wheels Roll; Swimming Through the Ashes; Texas or New Mexico; City Folk – 20-05-97
Valley Ent. VE 15091 Beyond The Pale: August; Speed Rack; Bone Tired; I Wanted To; I Never Lost an Arm; Look At You Now; Flatlands; Wash It All Away; Running Out of Light; Mexico – 20-06-00

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