Monday, June 11, 2018

A Touch Of Grass (Ohio)

By Praguefrank
1977 unknown, OH -  New Vinton County Frogwhompers Marching, Singing ... Society (Charlie Lewis [vcl/ gt/ fiddle/ dulcimer/ piano/sax], Jimmy Prouty [banjo/ gt/ fiddle], Jim McGraw [autoharp/ dulcimer/ banjo/ trumpet])
001 WHAT AM I DOIN' HANGIN' ROUND? Big Name  MG 1-1001  
002 DEVIL'S DREAM Big Name  MG 1-1001  
003 FOX ON THE RUN Big Name  MG 1-1001
004 GRANOLA OPRY Big Name  MG 1-1001  
005 ATHENS COUNTY Big Name  MG 1-1001  
006 JOY BELLS Big Name  MG 1-1001  
007 YOU DONE STOMPED ON MY HEART Big Name  MG 1-1001  
008 ROCKY RACCOON Big Name  MG 1-1001  
009 WILDERNESS WALTZ Big Name  MG 1-1001  
010 DARK HOLLOW Big Name  MG 1-1001  
011 LOVE WILL COME YOUR WAY Big Name  MG 1-1001  
012 IRISH WASHERWOMAN Big Name  MG 1-1001  
013 SWEET OHIO Big Name  MG 1-1001  
014 THEM TOADSUCKERS Big Name  MG 1-1001
1979 unknown, OH – A Touch Of Grass (Charlie Lewis [vcl/ gt/ fiddle/ dulcimer/ piano], Jimmy Prouty [banjo/ mandolin/ fiddle], Terry Douds [bass])
015 WAY DOWNTOWN Touch 2367  
016 THE VEGETABLE SONG Touch 2367   
017 TICKET TO RIDE Touch 2367   
018 MORRISON'S JIG Touch 2367   
019 THE OLD MAN Touch 2367  
020 THE GREAT HIGH WIND Touch 2367   
021 LET ME BE Touch 2367   
023 IF I WERE YOU Touch 2367   
024 EIGHT DAYS A WEEK Touch 2367   
025 CHILD GROVE Touch 2367   
026 A SUMMER SONG Touch 2367   
027 THE DUTCHMAN Touch 2367  
028 WHY TAKE TIME? Touch 2367   
029 THEM MOOSEGOOSERS Touch 2367  
A Touch of Grass recorded after 1979, incomplete info in albums list

Big Name MG 1-1001 Always Wanted To Be A Big Name Band: What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round?; Devil's Dream; Fox On The Run; Granola Opry; Athens County; Joy Bells; You Done Stomped On My Heart; Rocky Raccoon; Wilderness Waltz; Dark Hollow; Love Will Come Your Way; Irish Washerwoman; Sweet Ohio; Them Toadsuckers – 11-77 New Vinton County Frogwhompers Marching, Singing ... Society
Touch 2367 The Creation Of A Band: Way Downtown;  The Vegetable Song;  Ticket To Ride;  Morrison's Jig;  The Old Man;  The Great High Wind;  Let Me Be;  Pencil Thin Moustache;  If I Were You;  Eight Days A Week;  Child Grove;  A Summer Song;  The Dutchman;  Why Take Time?;  Them Moosegoosers - 79
Mid-Knight MK-CD 1140 With A Little Class: (tracks unknown) -   97

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